5 Traditional Card Games for Friends to Play Together

Do you love game sessions with your friends but are tired of the same old board games or darts? Or maybe you’re looking for something new that everyone can enjoy together? Look no further! Here, we’ve curated a fantastic selection of classic card games that have been providing entertainment to friends and families around the world for generations.

Whether you’re an experienced card gamer or a novice just starting out – you’ll be able to find an age-old favorite here that will become a must-have at any get-together with family and friends. If you’re ready, read on as we give you five well-loved classic card games to play with your best friends!

Play Card Games Designed for Multiple Players

Classic card games come in different game mechanics and playing styles, but what most of them have in common is the ability to bring together a group of players for hours of fun. The games below are specifically designed for multiple players, making them perfect for social get-togethers or even for a casual game night at home.


The first game on our list is Rummy, a family of card-matching games that revolves around making sets or sequences to score a point. The more sets and sequences you make, the higher your chances of winning. Rummy is played with two to six players, making it an ideal option for a small group of friends or family members.

Rummy has many variations with subtle rule differences sharing the same goal. The changes in some of their mechanics make a particular variation unique. Some examples include:

  • Gin Rummy
  • Canasta
  • Contract Rummy
  • 500 Rum
  • Indian Rummy

Rummy is an enjoyable choice for those who want a lighthearted game that’s easy to play and memorize. Even your beginner friends will get the hang of it immediately! If you’re also a newbie, you can practice your matching skills with Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game to help you ace every round.


Another game that’s ideal for groups is Hearts. It can accommodate up to six players, although it’s best played by four. It uses a standard deck of 52-cards and the goal is to have the lowest score by the end of the game!

When playing Hearts, remember the values or scoring of the cards. Cards from the Hearts suit are equal to one point, while Queen of Spades is 13, the total is 26 points. Once all players have their cards, the play begins. It always begins with 2 Clubs.

If the next player doesn’t have a card from the Clubs suit, then they can play other cards. Hearts and the Queen of Spades shouldn’t be played unless these cards have been discarded by other players, which happens if they don’t have any cards left in their hand.

Crazy Eights

One of the easiest games on this list is Crazy Eights. This shedding-type card game plays two to seven players and is the BEST game in the Eights Group. Here, the goal is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in their hands.

Some basics you should remember:

  • All 8s are trumps or wild cards
  • Players must follow the suit or denomination
  • Stockpile is used if a player can’t follow suit
  • Use the 8 cards to specify a suit or number the next player must follow

With its straightforward gameplay, Crazy Eights will bring tons of laughter during your gathering. If you want to give yourself a bit of practice before playing with your friends, you can try Crazy Eights 3D for an immersive experience!

Old Maid

A traditional game for kids and adults is Old Maid, which is all about avoiding the Old Maid card. It also used to be a gambling game where the player with the Old Maid card had to follow a bet, such as buying their friends a round of drinks.

Two to 12 players can join a round of Old Maid, and the goal is to match all cards in your hand by two (pairs). For example, if you have two cards with the same denomination regardless of suit, you must place them in front of you. All players are dealt the same number of cards before the game starts.

Once all players have discarded all pairs, the remaining cards will be offered to the player on your left, and so on. They will get a card from their hand without them knowing what it is, and they will try to match it with one of their cards. If it isn’t a match, it will be added to their hand, and the game will continue until one player is left with the Old Maid card.

Get ready to scream “Old Maid!” and hope that you don’t end up being stuck with the card! For virtual fun, try playing the Old Maid card game with single or multiplayer modes for a unique twist!!

Go Fish

Another game for kids (and adults who want a simple yet enjoyable game) is Go Fish. It’s playable by two to ten players and follows the standard matching rule – make pairs from your hand.

Some basics to better understand Go Fish:

  • Each player is dealt with a specific number of cards (five cards for four-five players or seven cards for two-three players)
  • The player to the left of the dealer will look at his opponent and ask for a specific card (any from Ace to two)
  • If the player has it, they’re obligated to give it to the one asking; if not, the player will say “Go Fish,” referring to the stockpile (fish pond)
  • If the player pulls a card from that pond, and it matches with one of his cards, he places it down.
  • Otherwise, the turn moves to the left side until someone gets four or five pairs (depending on the number of players)

Go Fish is an excellent game for kids since it’s uncomplicated, and players can memorize it quickly. If you want to teach your kids this card game, let them try Go Fish: The Card Game for All for All on their tablets or smartphones during screen time!

Gather Your Friends for Endless Card Game Fun

Get a taste of the classics and introduce your friends who haven’t played them before for some old-school fun! You can mix the games and make different variations, such as combining elements from Rummy and Go Fish or Poker and Crazy Eights. With enough creativity and players, you can have the best time with your lifelong friends!


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