Top 5 Best Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors 2020

Best thing about 144Hz monitors is there are in the budget and perform very well. You don’t need a high-end 4K gaming monitor to play better. You can simply buy a mid-range graphics card that supports G-Sync or FreeSyn technology and you will be able to run games at 144Hz smoothly.

In this article, we are going to review the Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion and according to their price, quality, durability and more. 

MSI Optix G24C

MSI Optix g24C
Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors

The MSI Optix G24C is an extraordinary (24”) curved non-glare frameless gaming monitor. This monitor delivers terrific gaming performance thanks to the superb response time and the 144 Hertz refresh rate. It has many brilliant gaming features and comes at a very reasonable price. The design of this gaming monitor is simply amazing. The bezels are pretty thin, and overall, this one looks very cool with borderless design. Connections include HDMI 1.3 ports, a dual USB 2.0 hub, a DisplayPort 1.2 and of course a headphone jack.

It has a joystick, a button combo that controls all monitor functions and moves very smoothly. G24C has a solid build quality, and the stand is also well-built and is very durable. It has a height adjustment of just over 2.5 inches. The overall performance of this monitor is pretty good and has many great gaming features that any gamer would love. The resolution of 1920 by 1080P and a one millisecond response time, which optimizes your experience for fast-reflex games such as first-person shooters.

It also features the adaptive sync to keep the screen tearing away from the monitor. Aspect ratio of 16 : 9 is great for gaming. You can choose between seven different visual modes, media viewing general computing and more. 178° wide-angle anti-glare screen and 75 mm x 75 mm VESA pattern for wall or arm mounting create a comfortable viewing experience from any position.

The on-screen display enables an FPS front sight overlay which is excellent for helping your overall aim. It has 20% more gamut coverage than other standard gaming monitors which is incredible, and it helps you more during long gaming sessions. It has a high-quality contrast VA panel, which is amazing and has a three thousand to one contrast ratio. Unfortunately, it does not have speakers. You get a pair of red LED strips around the back which looks pretty cool.


Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors

BenQ ZOWEI XL 2411P (24”) is another great monitor that was very popular in the last few years. Professional gamers have recommended this one because it has a great response time.

The image quality is excellent and also has 1ms response time to eliminate input lag and ghosting for optimal gaming experience.. On top of that this monitor is not that expensive, which makes it even more perfect. It has a lovely design, but the bezels are thicker than most other gaming monitors, the stand is big, and it supports the display well. It has a great range of motion which makes it easier to place in a perfect viewing position.

Even though the exterior panels are all made of plastic. The build quality of this monitor is pretty decent. The dimensions of this monitor are 559 (Hightest) / 429 (Lowest) x 570 x 219. Dimensions with wall mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base)‎- 347x570x59.97.

It has a pretty good gradient handling, and reflection handling is also incredible. Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance visual clarity and customized color settings, giving players the advantage on the battlefield.

The backlight of this monitor is completely flickering free. It does not support any of the variable refresh rate technologies, but the Zowei still has an excellent native refresh rate. Even at 60 Hertz, this monitor has an outstanding low input lag for a better experience, you should enable the instant mode. It has one DisplayPort, one DVI port, a headphone jack and one HDMI 2.0 port.

The bad thing about this monitor is that it has terrible black uniformity because you may notice the clouding in dark scenes. It has an adjustable height stand that can be operated with the touch of a finger. Overall, it’s a fantastic gaming monitor, and if you’ve already decided to buy one, you should check out what BenQ has to offer with this one.

Sceptre E255B-1658A

Sceptre E255B-1658A
Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors

The Sceptre E255B-1658A (24.5”) is a best budget gaming monitor with 165HZ refresh rate pushing beyond the standard 144Hz. It has a beautiful bezel design that looks amazing. With an amazing response time and a great overall performance, this Sceptre monitor manages to be in our top 5 list. A lot of monitors at this price range have a pretty simple design, but this one has a beautiful design.

The edgeless design makes this monitor look more premium. It has a nice wide stand base that keeps the monitor in place without breaking the clean aesthetic. The build quality of their monitor is amazing. It’s a very durable monitor that can last you for years. There is also a pair of speakers built into the bottom back of the display, which isn’t that loud, but they deliver great sound quality.

It has an HDMI 2.0 port, HDMI 1.4 port, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a headphone jack. It has great image quality, and it offers 8-bit color support for 16.7 million colors. It also has a static ratio of 1,000 : 1 and a peak brightness of 300 nits. Overall, this monitor has a pretty great performance and comes at the resolution of 1920 by 1080 and offers some great gaming adapted features that every gamer would love. The dimensions of this monitor are 21.96 x 15.94 x 7.35 inches.

This one is a solid budget gaming monitor, and if you cannot afford to buy a better high-end gaming monitor, you should check out Sceptre E255B-1658A.

Viotek GFV22CB

Viotek GFV22CB
Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors

There are a lot of 144Hz gaming monitors, but If you want a cheap one that has excellent image quality and is very durable, then Viotek GFV22CB  22” monitor is one of them. It has a great design, and the display is good enough. It’s a great monitor for anyone who wants a budget gaming monitor with amazing specs.

It has a large via tech logo on the back and one in the center on the bottom bezel. A red light glows from the center of the back, and you cannot change it, but the OSD allows you to turn it off if you want to. It has a 0.7-inch thick display and the bezels of 0.3 inches on the side and 0.7 inches along the bottom. Ports are located on the back of the screen.

It has three HDMI ports, one DisplayPort 1.2 and a headphone jack. It has a pretty good performance too. The color accuracy is perfect for a budget gaming monitor like this one. It has a VA panel and getting a high level of color accuracy is just brilliant. GFV22CB has a fast response time and 1920P by 1080P resolution. It has a 144Hz monitor refresh rate, which is perfect for any gamer. AMD FreeSync and G-SYNC compatibility for liquid-smooth action.

It has low input lag, and it handles reflections pretty well. Overall, the performance of this 144 Hertz gaming monitor is superb. The speed and the accurate color reproduction that the Viotek GFV22CB delivers for a very reasonable price is fantastic. Overall, this 144 Hertz gaming monitor is one of the Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors available. 

Acer XFA240

Acer XFA240
Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitors

Acer XFA240 is an excellent budget gaming monitor with great features. It has a superb response time, and the image quality is top-notch. The design is good, and the performance is excellent. The rear chassis is made with pebbled plastic, and the build quality is excellent. The horizontal grooves run from side to side, and the Acer logo is in the top right corner.

Overall, it doesn’t look premium, but it does not look cheap either. The power supply is internal, and you get an IEC power cord to provide the electrons. The bezels are about 0.55 inches wide, and they sit nicely on the anti-glare screen. This monitor is based on a TN panel with a 350 nit’s peak brightness, 8-bit color depth, 160 degrees to 170 degree viewing angles and a one thousand to one static contrast ratio.

It has a beautiful 1920P by 1080P resolution which provides clean and sharp images. It has a 144 Hertz refresh rate and one millisecond response time which is brilliant for a budget monitor like this one. The on-screen display delivers a full set of gaming options and calibration controls. It has a beautiful image with good color saturation and fantastic contrast.

The adaptive sink and the high frame rates work perfectly and provide excellent gaming experiences. It delivers a correct SRGB GAMA with a gamma a little bit below 2.2 and 6500k color temperature. The input lag of the Acer XFA240 amounts to 6 milliseconds which is good enough for professional gameplay. This one too has a low blue light filter which prevents eyestrain and eliminates the harmful blue lights.

The game modes of this monitor include three customizable profiles, and you can edit and save your settings. It also has the endpoint feature which consists of customizable crosshair overlays. Over all the Acer XFA240 is a fantastic monitor for those that want a 144 Hertz gaming monitor, that doesn’t cost too much and delivers impressive performance.


Which 144 Hz monitor you choose depends on your personal preferences. All of the above reviewed 144 Hz are good with minor distinct features.

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