Top 5 Best Gaming Headset 2020

Whatever game you play; every gamer wants a best gaming headset to enhance their gaming experience. Just like gaming speakers a good gaming headset plays an important role in multiplayer games. With a crystal clear sound, you can pin point your enemy gunfire which gives you an edge over other gamers. Whether you are playing games, listening to music or traveling, headset are a must have product.

In this article we are going to review best budget gaming headsets in 2020. I made this this based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II is one of the best gaming headset available on the market. The design looks great and the build quality is premium. This headset has many features that’ll make your gaming sessions more enjoyable than ever. The body of this headset is made of aluminum for long lasting. Large 53mm drivers provide high quality audio which gives you an edge in gaming. Interchangeable ear pads, choose between leatherette and velour ear cushions for the sound profile and style that suits you.

It works amazingly on all major gaming platforms such as PS4, Xbox one, PC and mobile devices. It has the 7.1 virtual surround sound features for precise audio location. The mic is detachable and this makes the headset more appealing for casual use. Your ears can get a little bit warm after long gaming sessions but they still manage to keep the temperature balanced.

This headset has a dedicated inline remote cable with a USB connection which gives you control over the mic and the volume and also you can activate the Dolby 7.1. The microphone works pretty great and It can focus just on your voice without a problem. These are not so portable because they are a bit bulky.

There is a simple pouch in this headset that comes in the box which will shield the headphones from minor scratches. This headset is flexible enough to not snap from over extension and that’s a great thing. It has great bass treble and mid accuracy.

This gaming headset has passive noise-cancelling to block the outside distractions and it does a great job. Overall it has a great performance and I can say that it’s one of the most selling best gaming headsets on the market.

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is a great gaming headset that has exceptional audio quality and great build quality. It’s very comfortable and the best thing about this headset is that it comes at a very reasonable price. The design of this one is great and it looks so premium. It weighs around 13 ounces. The gaming headset is compatible with mobile devices PC, PS4 and Xbox.

It has a frequency response from 100 Hertz to 20 kilohertz. It has a 7.1 Dolby and DTS headphone surround sound. It has the advanced onboard equalizers and Pro G drivers which allow customizable audio for serious gamers. You can plug in two devices, one 3.5 millimeter connection and one USB to play music and answer calls without interrupting your gaming.

This gaming headset is fully customizable, you can choose from millions of lighting colors, program 3G keys with your favorite game macros and set customized audio EQ. The microphone works pretty great and it includes an LED light to let you know when you’re on mute settings. It also is foldable so you can fold it whenever you don’t need it for a better audio experience.

This headset manages the temperature pretty well because it ensures that your ears won’t get sweaty even in long gaming sessions. The noise cancelling is also amazing because you won’t hear a thing from the outside. Thanks to the amazing build quality of this headset.

Overall this gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets available on the market. Because it has an excellent sound quality and it gives you a better gaming experience. Thanks to the many other features that the G633 has.

Logitech G430

Logitech G430 gaming headset

We have another Logitech product on the list, Logitech G430. Just like Razer, Logitech too has done a great job when it comes to gaming headsets. This headset has an excellent sound performance, great design, solid build quality, that’ll help you a lot in your intense gaming sessions. It comes at a very reasonable price and it has a lot to offer for that price.

It’s not very portable but it is a pretty nice headset for gaming. The mic works very well and overall it’s a nice choice for anyone who wants to buy a great gaming headset with lots of great features that doesn’t cost too much. This gaming headset feels so comfortable and you can play long gaming sessions and still won’t feel any discomfort.

The foam padding, the adjustable headband and the swiveling ear cup make it very easy to wear for hours without a problem. It delivers a nice gaming experience and you can hear enemies in a game from miles away. This gaming headset also has exceptional music performance, you can enjoy plenty of music on this one.

The gaming headset weighs around 10.6 ounces and it has dimensions of 9.8 by 9 by 4.3 inches. You can easily adjust the volume or mute it with the audio controls that are located close at hand for quick audio adjustment. The cable length 10.5ft. Headset frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz. The G430 comes with Dolby and DTS headphone X surround modes.

The ear cups can rotate 90 degrees and they’re designed to be slimmer and lighter. The ear pads are covered with sports performance cloth for a sport touch comfort. You can also adjust the mic to pick up only your voice and that alone is amazing the overall performance of this gaming headset is amazing and if you want to buy a nice gaming headset with lots of great features make sure to check out the G430.

Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X gaming headset

Razer Kraken X is a great gaming headset and the lightest one weighing only 250 grams. As you may know razor has done a great job when it comes to gaming sets lately and one of the best Razer headsets is the Kraken X. The best thing about it is that it’s not that expensive and has many great features that any gamer would love.

The build quality is amazing and the sound quality is top-notch. This lightweight headset is build for all day comfortable gaming and you can play for hours. Razer Kraker X has a very nice design, the ear cups are pretty large and circular, that may cause a little bit of temperature during long gaming sessions but overall they look great and provide a nice gaming experience.

This gaming headset has a more stable fit than most the other Razer headsets. The plush memory foam cushions with eye-wear channels are very nice and provide nice sound isolation throughout their gaming sessions. They have a nice 7.1 surround sound for accurate positional audio across any game.

Kraken is fitted with custom-tuned 40mm drivers, capable of software-enabled surround sound. Also the cardioid pickup pattern records the sounds from a tighter angle. It has a 3.5 millimeter connection which is great and you can connect your PC, Nintendo switch, PS4, mobile devices. Another great thing about the mic is that it can reduce background and ambient noises for better communication.

It also includes an analogue volume control wheel and mic mute switch on the headset. It also very flexible and is built to last. You can’t remove the microphone but in my opinion that’s just a minor disadvantage this gaming headset has. Overall this is one of the best gaming headsets available on the market in this price and you should definitely consider taking a look at this one.

You can also get these in white color.

Corsair HS50

Corsair HS50

Corsair HS50 is one of the best budget gaming headset. It has an amazing sound quality and pretty dine looking design. The build quality of this gaming headset and the metal construction, ensure you long term durability. The adjustable ear cups and the plush memory foam provide exceptional comfort for plenty of hours of gameplay. It has a very great crystal-clear microphone which is removable.

The audio quality is just what you need for a nice gaming experience. It has a specially tuned 50 millimeter neodymium speaker driver which immerses you in an amazing sound quality. It has easy accessible ear volume and mute controls. It’s compatible with PS4, PC, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and mobile devices. It weighs around 0.72 pounds and the ear cups are large and most ears can easily fit within without adjusting the drivers.

It has a pretty nice travel accuracy and the base is also pretty good too. This headset has great imaging. This headset has great noise cancellation. It also has good leakage performance which is spread between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The microphone of this headset is pretty great at noise handling because it’s able to fully separate ambient noise from a speech, which is amazing.

Overall this gaming headset is a very good one because it has a very nice sound quality. If you’ve decided to buy one, make sure to take a look at the Corsair HS50. Play with the confidence because this is discord certified headset, and also tested for drivers and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound

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