Top 3 Best Gaming Headsets for Streaming

In this article I’m going to review my top three favorite gaming headsets for streaming plus a few decent mentions. For each one I will go over them in detail, talk about all the important features that you would really want to know.

The list is in the descending order.


Cooler Master MH670 Gaming Headset

It’s The Cooler Master MH670 wireless gaming headset. The box includes a manual, warranty card, a braided USB charging cable that also comes with an adapter to an angled USB-C, a USB dongle for using it as wireless, a pouch for headset and 3.5 cable.


Starting off with comfort the ear cushions are incredibly plush, super soft, big and deep. My ears don’t touch the drivers but if you’re worried about yours touching the drivers there is a nice soft piece of foam inside. The headband is also pretty plush.

As far as fit and adjustability the ear cups completely swivel, go all the way flat, and ear cups go in and out. The ear cups are very light and they bounce around when you tap them but when it’s sitting on your head it does hold its position. So it’s not going to budge on you mid game.

Build Quality

Now going right from comfort into build of this headset. It’s pretty much all plastic minus that metal reinforced headband. The plastic feels heavy duty and premium in the hand. The headband is very flexible, you can pull it and twist it without damaging the headset.


Talking about the functions on the headset they’re split up between both ear cups. On the left ear cup you have your volume wheel, mic mute and mic active button, 3.5 port for detachable 3.5 cable, and a microphone jack.

On the right ear cup you have that 7.1 button to activate or deactivate it, charging port and power button. 

As far as using the wireless you can use it with PS4, MAC and PC but no wireless on the Xbox. You will have to use the 3.5 cable with the Xbox.

One disadvantage of the 3.5 cable is that when you plug it in, it cuts off that wireless mode. So, if you want to listen to music while gaming, it’s not going to happen.  


These headset come with 50 millimeter drivers and a frequency range of 15 to 25,000. My experience with the sound was not the best. I think they’re tuned wrong or something, I’m not sure. The highs were just so prominent that they took everything over and the bass felt dim.

I tried changing the settings and EQ adjustments but i wasn’t able to get it right. If i raised the base then the base was just too soft and just rounded out and kind of sat there and the highs were still doing its thing.

Reasons to Buy
  • Well balanced and crystal clear audio
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent battery life
Reasons to Avoid
  • Trouble fitting 3.5mm jack into phone with case
  • Tight ear cups

HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

You’re probably familiar with these from the original Cloud 2, one of the top selling headsets of all time. Now a few years later we get the wireless version and they do not disappoint whatsoever. Design-wise it’s practically the same as their Cloud series. 


All black with the red accents on the ear cup and the yoke stitching in the headband looks really nice.  The ear pads and head band have memory foam and their premium leatherette from HyperX feels so nice and comfortable.

This headset fits nicely over head and the weight distribution on this is just unrivaled. Adjusting the ear cups may be problematic as they can’t be moved a lot sideways.

Build Quality

This headset is super flexible and durable with the all aluminum frame. However, the joints and adjustable mechanism are made of plastic. You don’t need to worry about breaking them easily but be cautious.

The braided cable with 3.5mm and sound card are high quality and heavy duty.


Inside the box you will get a mesh pouch for your headset, two set of ear cups (velvet and pleather), a mic, an airplane adapter, a 3.5mm cable and a sound card that you can attach using the USB port. The cables are also pretty long.

You have your power, mic and mute button on the back of the left ear cup. You have the USB-C port for charging and the volume dial on the right ear cup. The mic itself is removable.

Be advised that it only works with the PC and PS4 but not with Xbox. With the sound card you can control volume -+, mic -+, activate the surround sound (it lights up red when its activated) and has a mic mute switch. Battery life of HyperX is very good at 30 hours.


HyperX Cloud II features 53 millimeter drivers that are specially tuned and always sound super clear. These are very good sounding drivers with a little bass port up top so it doesn’t get overly muddy and gives you a nice solid punch.

Since this is a wireless headset, I was concerned about the downgrade in sound quality but they still managed to make these sound absolutely incredible. With 53mm drivers the sound stage is so expansive but everything still feels controlled.

The 7.1 surround sound really brings a punch to the overall sound quality. It enhances the volume with clear lows, mids and highs without overpowering one another.

The high ends are a bit harsh in some instances mainly with the music and i wish they had the ability to be EQ’d in their software. Unfortunately they don’t but besides that they sound pretty good.

One of these trade-offs to having the higher end frequencies is the fact that your ambience and the world around you does sound a bit more sparkly. For example, I was able to hear birds in certain spots in battlefield where i didn’t usually hear them.

I can hear a tank cranking in the distance and the rocks are getting caught up in it. Battlefield has a great sound design overall and that’s one area where it might be a bit too sparkly but it makes it sound really lively.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Extra pair of pleather ear cups
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lackluster bass
  • No software for customization

Logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset

This is the newer version of G Pro X that we had last year. Now we have the G Pro X Lightspeed which is their wireless version with an award winning design.

In the box you will get your wireless adapter, your detachable microphone with included windscreen, USB-C charging cable, replacement ear pads, pleather, claw films, a Logitech bag and then of course your headset.


First thing i want to talk about is the ear pads. Both ear pads are big with plenty of depth in there so my ears don’t get pinched by them or touch the inside of the driver at all. They’re both also very nice and plush.

Now going with the pleather ones, they’re going to hold the sound a lot more but they’re also going to hold in that heat and spice up your ears. This is reason I prefer cloth ones as these are very breathable.

The cloth ear pads are cozy but unfortunately you will get some outside noise and if you got a noisy environment around you, you are going to hear everything. Fortunately, you can easily change the ear pads.

The headband has a lot of plush going all the way around. Inside the leather it has memory foam so it’s not too soft and not too firm and holds its position well.

As far as adjustability, Logitech G Pro X is flexible and really holds its position. The ear cups can go in and out but there is no swivel. I like ear cups that can swivel but that’s all personal preference.

If you’re curious about if this headset will fit your head or not? It expands quite a bit and it’s not really tight. The clamping force is right in the middle, not too loose or tight. So, if you got a big head or small head i really think this is going to fit perfectly.

Build Quality

The design is quite regular and I’ve seen this in a few headsets. Even the previous models like the wired G Pro or G Pro X were pretty much the same. The ear cups are made of plastic with a little metal Logitech logo.

The build quality is quite good and you won’t have any worries stretching or twisting this headset and it goes quite easy again with that medium clamping force.

One thing worries me about the design are the little brackets that the arm goes into and then you got the little plastic notch that’s screwing it on. Because when I put it down the pressure goes on to those brackets no matter how I set it down unless you’re putting them on a headphone stand. I think overtime this can affect the brackets and they might get loose or crack.


On the left ear cup you have your mic mute and mic active button and whenever you mute it or activate it you get a different tone so you know if it is muted or active.

Right below, you have your volume wheel, which it is butter smooth and whenever you get to the maximum or minimum volume it beeps and give you an indicator because the wheel continuously rolls.

Going further you have your power switch, a USB-C charging port and then in front of that you have your mic port for your detachable microphone. It has a nice twenty plus hours of battery life and the batteries never died on me when used overnight. It has a 42 feet of range with no lag or no stutters.


I tested Logitech G Pro X with multiple devices like PC Macbook Pro, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch using wireless connection. Unfortunately, it does not work with Xbox One but compatible with every other device wirelessly by simply plugging in in the dongle.

One missed opportunity is that there’s no 3.5mm jack and you won’t be able to use it with devices having 3.5mm port. So if you’re on Xbox One it’s not for you. This is primarily a PC or Mac headset and i wouldn’t really say this is a console headset.

It comes with 50 millimeter drivers with a frequency range of 20 to 20,000. Many headsets have a similar frequency range  but with the Logitech G Pro X even, the sound is  is so natural and crisp. The bass isn’t overtaken, highs are so potent and it’s great sound overall.

Logitech G Hub Software

With Logitech G Hub Software you have so many options to adjust from. You can control the volume of each zone, turn on the surround sound, you have preset equalizers, you can create your own equalizers. etc. With all the options you can tune it, you can really dial it into your preferred liking.

The software super cool and innovative i love the options you have. You can tune up the enemy’s footsteps in games and the environment is so immersive. The sound is very detailed on every device that i tested. You can also download different presets online.


the more important thing on this headset is the detachable mic. It is quite thick and moldable with included windscreen. Someone like me who doesn’t use a mic that often on a headset, i love having a detachable microphone.

It has a Blue-Voice feature which automatically adjusts your voice and makes it crystal clear. This is how it sounds like with the option on and off.

If you’re looking for the best mic on a gaming headset then this is what you should have.

Final Words

If you are a content creator, broadcaster, or live stream games then you are not going to have a better option than Logitech G Pro X. I have tested many headsets and honestly you’re not going to have a better option microphone than this.

Is it worth the high price tag? Hell yes! It depends on who is getting these. It is worth the price if you are getting it for its amazing features, premium built quality, style and high-end sound quality.

Reasons to Buy
  • 20+ hours battery life
  • Exceptional mic with Blue Voice
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Detachable mic
  • Lot’s of customization available using Logitech G Hub Software
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not compatible with Xbox One
  • Expensive


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