15 Best Houses In Skyrim

The journey of the Dragonborn in Skyrim is full of excitement, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. However, as the story unfolds, you’ll often find yourself seeking a sanctuary to call your own.

Buying a home, getting married, and adopting children are essential aspects of the Skyrim experience, sometimes even more important than completing quests and side-quests. With numerous houses to choose from, selecting the perfect abode can be quite challenging.

In this article, we’ll explore the best Skyrim houses to help you make an informed decision.

Why Owning a House in Skyrim is Worth the Investment

Before diving into the list of the best houses in Skyrim, let’s examine the benefits of owning a house in the game:

  1. The “well-rested” bonus: Owning a house provides you with a safe and comfortable place to rest and sleep.
  2. A home for your follower and spouse: You can leave your follower and spouse in your house, knowing they’ll be there when you return.
  3. Storage for loot: Tired of carrying all your burdens? A house provides storage for all your loot, so you don’t have to worry about container resets.
  4. Upgradable features: Some houses can be upgraded with Alchemy Labs, Arcane Enchanters, and more.

1. Heljarchen Hall

Heljarchen Hall

The picturesque, magnificent, and stunning Heljarchen Hall is situated north of Whiterun. Acquired from the Jarl of The Pale, this mountainside manor is the perfect abode for any Dovahkiin with a keen interest in property.

Overlooking Whiterun and the Throat of the World to the south, surrounded by verdant fields and hills, as well as mountain forests to the north, Heljarchen is a charming manor any Dragonborn would be proud to call home.

The ample space also makes it an excellent choice for a player’s spouse and children. With its breathtaking landscape views, generous living area, central position in Skyrim, and awe-inspiring sunsets, Heljarchen Hall easily claims the title of the best house in Skyrim.

2. Breezehome (Whiterun)

Breezehome is a cozy and affordable option for the Dragonborn, available for just 5,000 gold, plus 1,800 gold for upgrades. To acquire Breezehome, complete the “Bleak Falls Barrow” quest. With its simplicity and early accessibility, Breezehome is our top choice.

3. Proudspire Manor (Solitude)

Proudspire Manor is the largest and most expensive house in Skyrim, costing 25,000 gold to buy and 11,000 gold to upgrade. This grand mansion offers excellent lighting, an Alchemy Laboratory, and an Arcane Enchanter. Additionally, Solitude boasts a great selection of merchants, making Proudspire Manor an attractive choice for those who can afford it.

4. Hjerim (Windhelm)

Hjerim, available for 12,000 gold (plus 9,000 gold for upgrades), is a house with a dark past. This residence offers a prime location, ample size, and the largest armory in the game. However, you’ll need to complete the “Civil War” quest line or “Rescue from Fort Neugrad” (if siding with the Stormcloaks) to gain access.

5. Honeyside (Riften)

Honeyside is an early-game, budget-friendly house option in Riften. Its convenient location near Riften’s walls is especially useful for vampires. Accessible after becoming Thane of Riften, Honeyside offers multiple storage options and the possibility of upgrading with an Arcane Enchanter.

6. Vlindrel Hall (Markarth)

Vlindrel Hall costs 8,000 gold and provides a decently-sized, clutter-free home with an Arcane Enchanter and Alchemy Lab. However, the many stairs in Markarth can make trips to Vlindrel Hall tedious. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind the stairs, this house might be for you.

7. Severin Manor (Solstheim)

Severin Manor, located in Solstheim, is a polarizing choice. It’s free and fully furnished, but its remote location

and inability to house spouses, children, or housecarls may deter some players. To acquire Severin Manor, complete the “Served Cold” quest. If you’re seeking a free upgrade from the Abandoned House in Markarth, Severin Manor is worth considering.

8. The Abandoned House (Markarth)

Ideal for first-time Skyrim players, the Abandoned House in Markarth offers everything you need, including food, clothes, weapons, a bed, and plenty of storage. Best of all, it’s free! However, you can’t officially own this house, nor can you bring your followers and spouses to live there.

9. Arch-Mage’s Quarters, College of Winterhold

Admittedly, the location may not be perfect, but the captivating interior is hard to overlook, not to mention the stunning views and convenient access to the College of Winterhold.

Upon becoming Arch-Mage by finishing the College of Winterhold questline, this luxurious medieval condo becomes your residence, complete with an indoor arboretum, ample storage, various weapons, armor, magical tomes, and other valuable items befitting the Arch-Mage.

A downside is that your spouse cannot live here, but everyone appreciates some solitude now and then.

10. Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor is the most tranquil house in Skyrim. Nestled in the heart of Falkreath’s forests, this land is celebrated as a haven for hunters.

On this property, you can create a dedicated Bee Farm and personalize your home to your liking, as with all other homes in the Hearthfire DLC.

Once you have established a friendly relationship with the Jarl of Falkreath, you can acquire Lakeview Manor for 5,000 gold.

11. Winstad Manor

The Hearthfire DLC introduced three new customizable homes for Skyrim players to purchase as plots of land and construct to their liking. This proved to be an excellent move by the developers at Bethesda, as these homes became the best in the entire game.

Winstad Manor, purchasable in Hjaalmarch, is located east of Solitude, beyond the swamps. Regrettably, like some of the other houses in Skyrim, its location leaves much to be desired.

Not only is it adjacent to a sprawling swamp filled with foes, but Hjaalmarch itself is a rather secluded region, making other locations more desirable for a home.

12. Shadowfoot Sanctum

Shadowfoot Sanctum, a player home incorporated into Skyrim via the Creation Club, may lose some allure as players may be reluctant to spend five dollars on an in-game dwelling.

However, it boasts an impressively designed interior and offers the most extensive display options for devoted collectors.

Located in Riften, Shadowfoot Sanctum is in many ways a superior alternative to Honeyside. Players can obtain it through the Creation Club or the Anniversary Edition release of Skyrim.

13. Dawnstar Sanctuary

If your aim is to amass wealth and maintain secrecy without sacrificing companionship, the Dawnstar Sanctuary offers numerous unique amenities and features subtle details that enhance its sinister atmosphere.

Upon completing the Dark Brotherhood questline, which involves rediscovering and refurbishing the ancient Dawnstar Sanctuary, you can use it as your permanent residence. Fully upgrading this hideout costs nearly 20,000 gold.

14. Castle Volkihar

Castle Volkihar serves as a player home once you finish the Dawnguard questline siding with the vampire faction. After defeating Harkon, you gain ownership of the castle and can use it as your dwelling.

Equipped with everything a vampire lord could desire, Castle Volkihar features a vampiric feeding room, bed chambers, and storage space.

The only drawback is that your in-game family cannot move in. The castle’s sheer size, unique design, and the appeal of owning a castle make it one of the best player homes in Skyrim.

15. The White Phial

If you’re contemplating post-adventure life and seek more than just leisure, consider investing in a stable business that provides a consistent income. The White Phial is a well-established alchemy shop in Windhelm, benefiting from its central location and loyal customer base.

Upon completing the eponymous quest, the previous owner passes away, and his assistant Quintus Navale assumes ownership. If you marry Quintus, the White Phial becomes yours as well. Equip the Amulet of Mara to claim Windhelm’s most renowned alchemist’s shop.

Spouse-Owned Houses in Skyrim

As an alternative, you can move into your spouse’s house upon marriage. There are eight unique houses obtainable this way, each with its own pros and cons. While it may not be as empowering as owning your own home, it’s still an option to consider.

The Perfect Skyrim Home for You

Ultimately, the best house in Skyrim depends on your preferences and needs. Whether you choose one of the listed options or decide to build your own, make sure to select a home that accommodates your lifestyle, followers, spouse, and children.

After all, as the Dragonborn, you deserve a comfortable sanctuary in the vast world of Skyrim.


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