5 Best RPG Horror Games of All Time

Gaming is a passion and there are so many genre of games to play. Role playing games are quite popular among the gamers and Horror is one of the most interesting genre of gaming. The combination of Horror genre with RPG takes the spine chilling fun to the next level.

In this article we are going to combine these two qualities and review 5 Best RPG horror games of all time.


A Cthulhu game published by Bethesda and Ubisoft that didn’t suck, well surprisingly yes! Call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth faced a long development cycle, and though it didn’t see much success, the sheer terror of its gameplay cannot be denied. 

As a private detective who travels to Innsmouth tomb to investigate a missing person’s case. Players very quickly become involved with the cosmic entities like Dagon and Cthulhu. 

Though there is combat, the game relies more on sneaking and surviving and mixing an indelible and grimy atmosphere with the deepest depths of madness. 


It didn’t seem possible to up the ante further, but tango Game Works did just that with The Evil Within 2. Set in a new but still nightmarish world called beacon. Sebastian is now seeking to rescue his daughter, but what are these new horrors?

Revamped controls with tighter shooting mechanics, a more open world, light survival mechanics and heaps of horrifying creatures makes The Evil Within 2, an even bigger terror show than its predecessor.


Pathologic 2 is a complicated game. It’s a reimagining of the first game and divided into three parts. The first part focuses on a surgeon who travels to the town of Gorkhon at the behest of his father and is almost killed.

For the next 12 days, players have to do everything to solve the mystery of the town choosing who to trust while also struggling to survive. It may seem oppressive, but Pathologic 2 story is more interested in grinding you down through sheer terror than sudden scares.


After Resident Evil 6, Capcom found itself at a bit of a crossroads. How could it breathe new life into Resident Evil? The answer was going first-person and upping the gore with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. 

The story follows Ethan winners as he discovers his wife, Mia is alive. Thus he travels to Louisiana and runs afoul of the Baker’s battling deadly creatures and struggling to survive. 

Despite its perspective, Resident Evil 7 felt like a fitting return to the survival horror style of gameplay that made the series famous.


It may be a hack and slash action RPG (like Souls), but Bloodborne is still terrifying. Its cosmic horror influences are plain as day even before confronting entities like Amygdala or Everetts. 

However, the underlying tale which sees Yharnam descending into madness while blood consumption McCobb executions, Lovecraft and entities lurk in the shadows is equally as unsettling. 

The real kicker all of this only serves to draw you back into the game, again and again, seeking more answers.


What is RPG horror game?

RPG stands for role playing game. It is a type of game where the players act as the main character of the game and make fictional in-game decisions. There can be multiple endings of the game based on your in-game decisions. There are interacting scenes where you are given different choices and you choose one of them.

The game progresses based on the decisions you made or the choices you select. As we are talking about the horror RPG games, players think of them as they are in that same terrifying situation, which makes the game more interesting and horrifying.

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