6 Best Gaming Headsets for Big Heads 2022

Unable to find a gaming headset for your big head? Believe it or not, many people in this world have heads bigger than an average human being. It might not look like an issue to us in normal circumstances, but it can be annoying when the headset is too tight.

Getting a headset that fits like a glove is as important as finding a fantastic game for an excellent experience overall. An amazing gaming experience cannot be fulfilled without an immersive sound.

We have tested and reviewed some of the best headsets that will not only fit your head perfectly but sound great too.

Best Value for Money
HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable...
Best Design
SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone: X v2.0...
Best Sound
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm...
Best Mic
Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation Comfortable and Durable with PRO-G 50 mm...
Best Value for Money
HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable...
Best Design
SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone: X v2.0...
Best Sound
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm...
Best Mic
Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation Comfortable and Durable with PRO-G 50 mm...

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless

The box comes with a manual, some paperwork, Razer stickers, a little bag to carry your headset, a detachable 3.5 cable, a detachable micro USB charge cable, a USB dongle to use your headset wirelessly, and a detachable microphone.


Putting this headset on your head gives you a nice comfortable feeling. It has a light clamping force and is definitely good for big heads. You can keep wear them all day long and they won’t bug you. 

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro is suitable for people with a big head and gamers with glasses will also benefit as it puts very little pressure on the frame. However, for gamers with small head, it might be too loose.

The ear cushions are very soft and plush with a nice sports material on the outside. Inside is the pleather line, which helps lock the sound inside. The headband is also made up of soft sports material.

The ear cushions are big and fits over the ears perfectly, but they are a bit shallow, and my ears touch the drivers. Good thing is that the drivers also have soft padding. One minor disadvantage of ear cushions is that they are fixed and can’t be replaced

The ear cups are adjustable but there’s no dedicated swivel. However, the arm brackets are adjustable in and out. The earcups will adjusts right with the shape of big heads.

The headset feels incredibly lightweight at 320 grams.

Once you out these on, you wouldn’t want to take them off because they are that comfortable. There are no pressure points and the ear don’t get hot. The top of my head feels nice without any pressure. Comfort is the best thing about this headset and its a big win for people with large heads.

Build Quality

This headset is mostly made of plastic except the little metal arms on the sides. The metal arms are thick enough.

For a basic stress test, I could twist and bend them without any cracking noise (obviously not too much). But when I pull the headset to its full length, it puts pressure on the plastic brackets joining the ear cups.

Another thing to notice is when you extend the headset to the full length and ear cups to the limit, the wire coming from the headband into the ear pad gets a little pull. So be careful when extending it to the length. 

Of course, we won’t be doing this, but the possibility is there. I have used many headsets with the wire exposed, but never had any problems. 

The only thing that concerns me are the little brackets on the outside attached with the metal arms. They get constant pressure when fully extended.


It has a power button, mic mute, and mic active button on the rear side of the left ear cup. Below that is the charging port, a 3.5 port and a microphone port. On the outside of the ear cup is the volume wheel.

The battery life is good with this one, and you get up to 24 hours of use. However, it also depends on the volume and settings apply. 

The wireless dongle can be used with almost all the devices except Xbox. You can connect with Xbox using 3.5mm cables with the Xbox.

Cable and wireless connection both at the same time would have been better, but unfortunately when you plugin the cable it disables the wireless connection. I like to listen to music while playing games, but it is not possible with this headset.

You can walk around the house without any connectivity issues. The connection quality is good and the sound is crystal clear.


It comes with Razer Triforce Titanium 50 millimeter drivers with a frequency range of 12 to 28,000. The drivers are great and the frequency is range is good too. That’s a frequency range you get from professional headphones and not from gaming headsets.

Just like HyperX Alpha S, it has a chamber for each different sound. The bass, mids and highs perform on its own rather than coming from same place.The drivers sound amazing, and the headset is extremely pleasure to use.

The quality of bass is good and sounds very natural. The highs are very crisp and potent. The sound of gunshots, footsteps and the environment are all very clear. 

Reasons to Buy
  • 20+ hours battery life
  • Comfortable for large heads
  • Improved Mic
  • Amazing sound quality
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not compatible with Xbox One
  • Expensive

Logitech G PRO X

This is the newer version of G Pro X that we had last year. Now we have the G Pro X Lightspeed which is their wireless version with an award winning design.

In the box you will get your wireless adapter, your detachable microphone with included windscreen, USB-C charging cable, replacement ear pads, pleather, claw films, a Logitech bag and then of course your headset.


First thing i want to talk about is the ear pads. Both ear pads are big with plenty of depth in there so my ears don’t get pinched by them or touch the inside of the driver at all. They’re both also very nice and plush.

Now going with the pleather ones, they’re going to hold the sound a lot more but they’re also going to hold in that heat and spice up your ears. This is reason I prefer cloth ones as these are very breathable.

The cloth ear pads are cozy but unfortunately you will get some outside noise and if you got a noisy environment around you, you are going to hear everything. Fortunately, you can easily change the ear pads.

The headband has a lot of plush going all the way around. Inside the leather it has memory foam so it’s not too soft and not too firm and holds its position well.

As far as adjustability, Logitech G Pro X is flexible and really holds its position. The ear cups can go in and out but there is no swivel. I like ear cups that can swivel but that’s all personal preference.

If you’re curious about if this headset will fit your head or not? It expands quite a bit and it’s not really tight. The clamping force is right in the middle, not too loose or tight. So, if you got a big head or small head i really think this is going to fit perfectly.

Build Quality

The design is quite regular and I’ve seen this in a few headsets. Even the previous models like the wired G Pro or G Pro X were pretty much the same. The ear cups are made of plastic with a little metal Logitech logo.

The build quality is quite good and you won’t have any worries stretching or twisting this headset and it goes quite easy again with that medium clamping force.

One thing worries me about the design are the little brackets that the arm goes into and then you got the little plastic notch that’s screwing it on. Because when I put it down the pressure goes on to those brackets no matter how I set it down unless you’re putting them on a headphone stand. I think overtime this can affect the brackets and they might get loose or crack.


On the left ear cup you have your mic mute and mic active button and whenever you mute it or activate it you get a different tone so you know if it is muted or active.

Right below, you have your volume wheel, which it is butter smooth and whenever you get to the maximum or minimum volume it beeps and give you an indicator because the wheel continuously rolls.

Going further you have your power switch, a USB-C charging port and then in front of that you have your mic port for your detachable microphone. It has a nice twenty plus hours of battery life and the batteries never died on me when used overnight. It has a 42 feet of range with no lag or no stutters.


I tested Logitech G Pro X with multiple devices like PC Macbook Pro, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch using wireless connection. Unfortunately, it does not work with Xbox One but compatible with every other device wirelessly by simply plugging in in the dongle.

One missed opportunity is that there’s no 3.5mm jack and you won’t be able to use it with devices having 3.5mm port. So if you’re on Xbox One it’s not for you. This is primarily a PC or Mac headset and i wouldn’t really say this is a console headset.

It comes with 50 millimeter drivers with a frequency range of 20 to 20,000. Many headsets have a similar frequency range  but with the Logitech G Pro X even, the sound is  is so natural and crisp. The bass isn’t overtaken, highs are so potent and it’s great sound overall.

Logitech G Hub Software

With Logitech G Hub Software you have so many options to adjust from. You can control the volume of each zone, turn on the surround sound, you have preset equalizers, you can create your own equalizers. etc. With all the options you can tune it, you can really dial it into your preferred liking.

The software super cool and innovative i love the options you have. You can tune up the enemy’s footsteps in games and the environment is so immersive. The sound is very detailed on every device that i tested. You can also download different presets online.


the more important thing on this headset is the detachable mic. It is quite thick and moldable with included windscreen. Someone like me who doesn’t use a mic that often on a headset, i love having a detachable microphone.

It has a Blue-Voice feature which automatically adjusts your voice and makes it crystal clear. This is how it sounds like with the option on and off.

If you’re looking for the best mic on a gaming headset then this is what you should have.

Final Words

If you are a content creator, broadcaster, or live stream games then you are not going to have a better option than Logitech G Pro X. I have tested many headsets and honestly you’re not going to have a better option microphone than this.

Is it worth the high price tag? Hell yes! It depends on who is getting these. It is worth the price if you are getting it for its amazing features, premium built quality, style and high-end sound quality.

Reasons to Buy
  • 20+ hours battery life
  • Exceptional mic with Blue Voice
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Detachable mic
  • Lot’s of customization available using Logitech G Hub Software
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not compatible with Xbox One
  • Expensive

Logitech G935 Wireless Surround Sound LIGHTSYNC RGB

The Logitech G935 gaming headset is quite a fantastic headset which is aimed to provide a valuable listening experience to users who like to indulge in gaming a lot. When someone plays a high-concentration game, they function adversely when external sound hits their ear. To cancel the external sounds effectively, this headset works with quiet efficiency.

This headset is a fantastic option of listening to music on the go due to its excellent sound quality and low noise inference. Often, a headset works more precise with some devices and not so good with the other devices. It is because they are not compatible with them. These headphones have high compatibility, which allows a user to connect it with varying headsets without really interfering with its sound quality.

These headphones are wireless and work quite effectively when a headset is connected with Bluetooth to any device. Its 50mm pro driver is an efficient way of getting enhanced sound quality without compromising on the tune. It also has light sync and some customizable features which can be availed once an official website of the brand is downloaded on the phone.

This headset is completely padded with thick foam to make it comfortable for long hour wear. It has an amazing fabric lining applied to feel good against the human ear and not irritating. The double padded ear pads promote comfort, which makes it high for long gaming hours.

It is a wireless range that works better indoors, and it has an enhanced mic that works by using an efficient function of noise cancellation. It has a 12-hour battery life and a secure charging mechanism for fast battery recharge.

  • Excellent sound
  • Good Noise cancellation
  • Double padded ear-pads
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flawless wireless connectivity
  • Expensive
  • Average battery life
  • Dated design

Acer Galea Predator 300

The Acer Galea Predator 300 headset is an efficient headset designed specifically for users with big head sizes. It is often quite challenging to find a headset that perfectly fits the users with a bigger head. However, Predator 300 fits perfectly on a large head and is designed to keep users indulged in whatever activity they are doing.

This is an excellent gaming headset with decent sound quality. It is available in two colors, black and white. Acer Galea Predator 300 is equipped with 400mm bio-cellulose driver with rubber surround. The design of this headset is very comfortable, and it stays comfortable for long hours of use.

It looks quite appealing with a logo printed on each earcup, and predator is written on top of the headband. You can adjust and suspend the headband. This headset is quite big and suitable for gamers with big heads. The cable has a TPU jacket, and the 3.5mm jack is gold-plated for maximum durability.

The sound quality of Acer Galea Predator 300 is good enough for an entry-level gaming headset. But if you are looking for something extra-ordinary, then you might look at some of the high-end gaming headsets. It gives you a cinematic sound experience with clear highs, resounding lows, and rhythmic bass.

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  • Durable build
  • Decent sound quality
  • Looks Good
  • Average mic

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition

There are several different headphones available in the market, and all headphones function in a similar yet distinct manner. Headphones play a different role for various people depending on the purpose of its use. Most people who are deeply involved in gaming use headphones for blocking the external noise. It means loud and fast headphone works fine and suits their agenda.

The Beyerdynamic DT 880 white gaming headset is just like its name, dynamic and provides excellent sound. It has unreal noise cancellation abilities, which makes it highly functional for gaming use. This headphone comes in black and silver, giving it a posher look when you wear it outside. This headphone comes with an external wire plug, which makes it a dual-purpose device.

The sound quality of these headphones is impeccable, and it allows the user to enjoy any kind of music without interfering with its quality. These headphones are best for people who have a bigger head size because it has an adjustable rod attached to it. The rod can be moved to adjust it according to the user’s head.

This headset comes with an extensive warranty that ensures it’s fixed when it is damaged within the warranty limit. The headset’s quality is phenomenal as it is made with high-quality material to add to its longevity. These headphones are quite durable as they are made of high-quality and sturdy material.

The flexible headphones allow it to be carried too far away destinations without it getting damaged. These headphones are essential for anyone who is looking for a durable headset and useful in-built features.

  • Adapter
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durable design
  • Treble overemphasis
  • Pricey
  • Needs amplifier for best results

Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision

Philips is a world-class electronic brand that is highly suitable for people who want to invest in good quality products. The headphones are quite durable and long-lasting from the brand. Headphones are in vast demand these days as people have longer commutes due to the city’s expansion.

People look for headphones that look sleek and have a bright outlook while still providing quality sound. Headphones get damaged pretty quickly as they are fragile and have a small life. Hence, people hesitate from investing in expensive headphones. It has a 50mm neodymium, which is known for its quality sound delivery.

This headset is quite efficient in delivering what the user requires efficiency. It is entirely black, and it has quite a sleek outlook. It provides a full spectrum sound, which sounds like a full-blown music party of a single person. These headphones work well for people who love to have their game nights and enjoy massive games.

The online competing games like Apex Legends require full concentration and attention to win the game proficiently. The sound thrill of the headphone allows the user to enjoy and concentrate on the game without external disturbance. The I.5-meter wire gives enough room to the user for movement when playing games or listening to music indoors.

The double-layered cushion earpads are incredibly comfortable for more prolonged use. They do not hurt the ears of the user if worn for a long time. It has 32-ohm impedance as well as 200 Mw power input for with 101 dB sensitivity. The speaker is sturdy and has exceptional sound. It has an outstanding high-frequency response and excellent sound inference for added clarity.

  • Comfortable design
  • Durable build
  • Good audio reproduction
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Open-back design, so they leak a lot

Buyers Guide & FAQ

How to choose a headsets for big heads

Headphones may not seem like a big deal for anyone, but they can be quite expensive if buying professional ones. It is crucial to pay attention to little elements when buying headphones to make sure your money is not wasted. Below mentioned are some of the things which a user may pay attention to when purchasing headset:

Headset compatibility

Often, users buy headphones without paying attention to their level of compatibility. Compatibility plays a vital role because if the headset is not compatible with the devices you own, it is of no use.

When buying a headset, it is essential to note its compatibility with multiple external sources such as MAC, XBOX, PS4, and mobile phone, etc. You should pick a headset that runs across multiple platforms with ease.  This factor can make or break your investment.


Comfort comes first is the agenda of many of us, but we rarely pay attention to this factor when buying electronics. A headset is something that is going to remain on your head for hours. If you are going to use something you are going to wear for hours, you have to make sure it is comfortable and worth using for longer.

Some headsets can be a real pain as they slip off the head again and again. It can be annoying for a user during a game; you have to make sure you get your hands on an adjustable one. The internal padding and lining cloth’s softness also play a vital role in adding to the headset’s comfort.

Glass wearing gamers

About half of the world’s population suffers from weak eyesight, which can hinder a lot of people’s activities. The thing which is most ignored while buying headphones is whether or not they are comfortable for people who wear glasses.

Many headphones come up with glasses of friendly design each year, and they specifically mentioned glasses friendly. If you are a glasses wearer, you must not ignore this factor when buying headphones. The pressure of the ear pad can ruin the comfort of glass wearers.

Connection type

There are various types of headsets available in the market, and all work on diverse mechanisms. When users are looking to buy a laptop, they should make sure to pay attention to the connection type.

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Notice whether the headphone intriguing your interest is wireless, wired, or Bluetooth. It is specifically essential because it helps a user in evaluating whether or not a headset will work for their desired platform or not. Many devices such as laptops do not have Bluetooth options, and if you get a headset that has Bluetooth connectivity type, then it is useless.

Surround stereo vs. sound

The surround stereo and surround sound are relatively new concepts, but they are prevalent amongst various people due to their widespread popularity. These two factors play an essential role in enhancing the sound quality.

Surround stereo is a separate channel connection to both the ears to add character and depth to the sound. The surround stereo is quite amazing when you listen to deep intense music. The surround sound is also an efficient means to enhance the user’s concentration by providing background noise of the game.

In gaming, it helps in making a user feel like they are part of the game. A user can opt for both or two when buying the headset for added sound quality.

Headset isolation

The headset isolation is the ultimate deciding factor for most users if they want to buy it or not. If you are buying a headset to play games, then you require a headset that fits perfectly. It is essential to look for a headset that has a useful seal around the head.

Look for foam and internal material, as well as the grip they provide. A loose or ill-fitted headset can cause a lot of irritation and aggression during intense games.

Build quality

The establishment quality of a headset plays a vital role in deciding whether or not a headset is worth investing in. The headset should be built using supreme quality material, which a user can observe by looking at the individual piece.

The headset should be double padded to form tight yet comfortable ear pads for more prolonged use. There are many cheap headsets in the market made with low-quality plastic. Those can cause a lot of hardship for the user; hence, it is necessary to invest in quality products that will last longer than anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What gaming headsets do the pros use?

The pro gamers always look for quality headsets that can satiate their desire for a high-quality item. Most pros prefer using headsets from brands that give more emphasis on sound quality as well as the manufacturing quality of the product.

The gamers mostly use HyperX cloud II, SteelSeries Arctis pro as well as HyperX cloud alpha. If you are looking for a headset, make sure the headset is of good quality and has impeccable sound features.

What is the best brand for gaming headsets?

Multiple brands offer good-quality headsets at a decent price. However, some features may not be compatible with the platform you may want to use it for. You should pay special attention to the buyer’s guide before taking the plunge.

The best brand for headsets includes Philips, SteelSeries, HyperX cloud, and Logitech, etc. These brands offer supreme quality, sturdy, and extremely comfortable headsets.

What are the cheap gaming headsets for big heads?

Various headsets come at a steal price, and frequent sales make them even cheaper. The headsets that are considered dirty lie within the range below $50.

This range includes HyperX cloud II, HyperX Cloud Alpha, Logitech, Philips, Turtle Beach, etc. These brands frequently go on sale to provide enticing offers to the users.

What are the best console gaming headsets for big heads?

Multiple brands are now making headsets for diverse people with different head sizes. The top headphones for big heads include HyperX Cloud II, HyperX Cloud Alpha, SteelSeries Arctis 7, RUNMUS gaming headset, Beexcellent gaming headset, Philips precision stereo, Turtle Beach Stealth 600, SteelSeries Arctis 3, Beyerdynamic DT 800, and Logitech G935. 

How to stop ear problems while using gaming headsets?

Excessive use of any product can cause malfunctioning, and a user needs to use a headset moderately. It is recommended to use the headset on low volume and take it off at regular intervals.

Final verdict

Some people can have real issues when it comes to discovering a headset that fits all their gaming and comfort needs. However, it is impossible to find the perfect one if you do your research and explore sufficient options. When purchasing a headset, it is essential to note all the factors that may cause you later on. List down all your needs when it comes to headset purchases and goes for the one that fulfills your maximum needs.

Maria Garcia

She has spent countless hours on Battlefield 1 and almost 500 hours on Apex Legends. In fact, she has a FB page and live streams her gameplays on Facebook gaming.

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