How to Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung Tablet – The complete guide!

Typing and working on a tablet can be hectic and tiring, the best solution is to connect your android devices to a wireless keyboard.

Mostly, the keyboards support Windows and Mac OS, according to Logitech. However, Logitech also guarantees compatibility with Chrome operating system. The keyboard comes in two variants, one is the charging option, and another is the battery option. The article highlights how to connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung tablet.

A wireless keyboard is one of the luxurious facilities that you can achieve.  It tends to give the best working experience without consuming a lot of space. As all laptops and tablets are compact, a wireless keyboard will deliver the best surfing experience.

Samsung tablets come with several specifications that can be perfect for editing and writing. However, if you require a better user experience, you can attach a Bluetooth keyboard.

How to Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung Tablet

Regular keyboards can be difficult to use, and the best solution is to use a Bluetooth keyboard. The best thing about a wireless keyboard is that it operates within long distances of approximately 30 feet.

Setting up a Bluetooth keyboard can be straightforward and easy. It is as simple as turning the keyboard off and then restarting it with a shorter distance to the tablet.

Sometimes the connection would ask for a password or a pairing code. However, some Bluetooth keyboards may not be so simple. These Bluetooth keyboards do not require cables, and it is hassle-free.

The Samsung tablets and Bluetooth keyboard usually offer an instruction booklet, which undermines some instructions. If that seems a bit difficult, then this guide is here to help you out! Don’t worry!

Here are a bunch of instructions that will help you to know how to connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Samsung tablet.

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Instructions to connect your Bluetooth keyboard!

  1. Select the app’s icon on your tablet.
  2. In the application panel, select the settings icon.
  3. Now, in the settings, select wireless and networks.
  4. Now, you can select the Bluetooth option, and click on it, now it enables. If the Bluetooth is on, it will show green or blue ticks.
  5. Now, you can tap on the Bluetooth settings and select a nearby device.
  6. The next step is to switch on the keyboard.
  7. Now, you will see a connect button on the keyboard and press this button until the connection button blinks.
  8. The device name will eventually appear on the screen.
  9. Now, by tapping on your device, you will find a pairing code.
  10. Now, type the pin code that appears on the screen and press enter.

If you want to achieve connectivity, then precisely follow these steps and you can connect the tablet easily.

That is it!

Your Bluetooth keyboard connects to the Samsung tablet. Now, if your keyboard is still not connected, here are a few steps that you need to follow.

Another option is resetting!

You can even reset the Logitech wireless keyboard if it is not connecting. Steps to reset your keyboard are as follows:

  1. The first step is to connect the keyboard with a USB (receiver).
  2. Now, you need to look out for the reset button, if it comes with a reset button, press the button on the USB receiver.
  3. Now, press the reset button below the Bluetooth keyboard.
  4. Now, reset the keyboard and tablet.

Yes, these solutions will definitely work, but if that’s not the case, try some of these steps to connect the keyboard.

Pairing laptops through F11 keys!

These F11 keys can be of great use in connectivity. It is one of the fastest fixes if you are coming across connectivity issues. It works simply, and press the F11 keys until the tablet picks up the connectivity with the keyboard.

Yes, it is a shortcut when all connectivity options stop working! It is the most easiest and quickest way to connect to the tablet. Well, if this trick doesn’t works then there are some other options stated below.

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Another option is trouble-shooting!

Another way to connect is trouble-shooting. You can simply trouble-shoot the keyboard software to your tablet. It will automatically solve the issue, and connect it.

Trouble-shooting can be one of the best ways to achieve connectivity with the help of few clicks!

Updating the keyboard’s software!

Another option is to update the keyboard’s software. If the reset options are not giving results, then try updating the software. There are chances that the keyboard’s software is outdated.

You can update the software and connect it again to the tablet. This software is available on the Logitech website. You have to select your keyboard from different options. Now, download the software from this website, and you are good to go!

Most importantly, if the keyboard’s software is not present, it means that you don’t need to update the software. After updating the software, you will achieve compatibility and connectivity. Now, you can start working on your tablet and enjoy the ultimate user experience.

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Less connectivity due to old batteries! & wireless interference.

Sometimes connectivity issue occurs due to old batteries. Try to change the old batteries and replace them with new batteries, and your connectivity issue will resolve in no time.

Yes, another device can disrupt the signals, and it may lead to connectivity issues. Different messages from different wireless devices can deliver weak signals and low connectivity. You can disconnect other devices to achieve connectivity or move away from other devices and reconnect the keyboard. It will connect for sure!

The reason is that most of the devices generate signals, and the interruption can weaken the signals of the keyboard. Once the keyboard connects, you can connect different devices, now the interference would cancel.

If you are still facing some issues, the best way is to reach out to your customer support. You can let customer support know your connectivity issue if these techniques are not working on your devices.

Yes, customer support will resolve all your issues without trying out different ways and techniques of connectivity. The customer service is quite responsive, so you would not be wasting a lot of time. You can start working on your Samsung tablet in no time!

Another way is to go to the website and write down your issue regarding the Logitech mechanical keyboard. Customer support will reach out to you.

Logitech also offers an application. You can find solutions by selecting your device from this application, and it is the most accessible way compared to the website. The website and application consist of tremendous solutions that will solve all the problems and issues.

Final Verdict

The guide comes with different solutions and possible connectivity issues, and by the end of this article, you will know how to connect your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to Samsung tablet. You will also analyze the causes of connectivity failure. If these options do not work, then go for customer support!

Have a good time working with your tablet in less space and more creativity!