LGBT-Friendly Xbox Games to Play With Your Romantic Partner

Are you a lesbian single who also loves playing your Xbox? Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a romantic connection – someone to go on dates with, who also shares your gaming passion? Your best bet is to go online.

By signing up for an LGBT dating outlet, you’ll come across all sorts of interesting women looking for women. Taking advantage of the discreet messaging channel will allow you to chat about favourite games.

Algorithms will also help narrow down your search by suggesting the most compatible females. You’ll find it easy to click in the digital environment. When you get around to arranging a get-together, how about some suggestions for LGBT-oriented Xbox games to enjoy together? Here are some top recommendations.

Monster Prom

What could be more appropriate for activities to enjoy with your LGBT partner than a dating simulation game? This 2-dimensional outing can be played in single-player mode (taking turns to fight over the console!) or more competitive multiplayer mode.

As a dating simulation, you can also get immersed in some full-blooded romance. Players can assume the role of one of four pre-set characters, students at Spooky High. With a choice of different monsters, the most LGBT-friendly aspect of this Xbox title is that you can also play as any gender you prefer.

There are options for straight, gay or lesbian dating, and the unfolding storyline is randomized at the start of each new venture, meaning things never get boring or taken for granted.

Throughout, you will be presented with choices that can impact the relationships between the protagonists; ultimately influencing whether or not you will be swept off your feet and taken to the high school prom.


Celeste is an excellent Xbox game for you to play because it is all about empowerment. The object of this intriguing adventure is for players to take control of a young girl named Madeline. Like many LGBT individuals, she suffers from anxiety issues and is also prone to depression.

It therefore becomes symbolic of her battle to overcome personal adversity to scale a mountain – the titular Mount Celeste. But attempts to conquer the summit are hindered by various characters, including Badeine, a personification of her sense of self-doubt.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale-type Xbox game you can play either on your computer or in mobile format. Before gameplay, you can choose the protagonists you wish to control, selected from a choice of so-called ‘legends.

The object then becomes to defeat these other rivals in combat, with the added twist that the playing area is on an island, and this begins to shrink as time wears on. Soon choppy waters begin to encroach on your territory.


In this addictive Xbox game, you are in charge of a fire lookout, Henry, posted in Shoshone National Park. You communicate with your colleague, Delilah via walkie-talkies, and as the game gets underway, hints of mysterious occurrences at the park many years before.

The wonderfully-rendered background to this game was based on one original painting, and this venture has also won various awards. If you are looking for an Xbox game that is decidedly quirky, this is one you should certainly try out.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a puzzle-solving series that you and your LGBT partner can spend hours enjoying. Much more cerebral than games involving shoot ‘em up action, players get to solve diverse puzzles that can take the form of ‘fetch quests.’

During exchanges of dialogue, options will appear that can cause the game to branch off in different directions, making for intriguing storylines.


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