Top 10 NEW Games Releasing in August 2020

August looks pretty flush with beautiful game releases, and I’m pretty excited to see how some of them come out. With the start of this month, let’s check the top 10 new games releasing in august 2020.


This one is a game about being shipwrecked on an island with some reasonably obvious Breath of the wild Influences that I’m not upset to see, take root in the entire gaming world. In some respects, I feel like somebody said ah man I like a breath of the wild, but I wish there were more boats in it. Mostly, you have to use the island’s resources and then build ships to go to other islands and use their resources. All while looking into the past of these islands via the ruins you’ll find on them. Frankly, it seems like a great spin on the little sub-genre of an open-world game that breath of the wild has made. 

It is taking a little bit of influence from The Wind Waker, with all the boating and islands. With the bit of injection they give the survival mechanics, it sounds like a pretty intriguing title. Windbound is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox one and switch, which is where I’ll be playing it on August 28th.


The “campaign mode”, anyhow the survival mode has been out for quite a while. It’s also free to play in case you’re not willing to wait. But Hellbound is nothing like Wind bound. It’s an old-school style FPS with a couple of modern conveniences such as looking up and down and much better graphics. Hellbound is very much like doom in pretty much every way. It’s kind of nice to have a more old-school style, straightforward gameplay, even though I love the two new doom games.

Given how bound survival mode of spin will hype you up. It’s one of those games where you just feel powerful playing, and I’m pretty stoked they’re making a campaign mode. It’s one of those things where it’s just exactly what needs to happen. Hell bound’s campaign is coming to PC August 4th. As I said, survival mode has been out for quite a while, it’s free. You can play it right now and you should.


The title sounds like it would probably be like a diablo-style game. But no, Immortal Realms is a strategy game and I think that is great. We do not have enough vampire strategy games, thanks to them. But on top of that, this game has a lovely and unique art style with lots of colors, which manages to capture a sort of vampire gothic awesome vibe. But honestly, I’m just stoked about this game, personally. To give a little bit of information on how it plays or at least how we understand it, we haven’t played it yet. 

It’s turn-based and card-based like if you remember older mike magic type games, that sort of where it’s drawing its inspiration. Just between the facts that it’s a vampire version of that, a vampire strategy game or just that genre at all is excellent. There is also some management element of it as you take blood from villages to power everything, because hey we’re talking about vampires, vampire management. Immortal Realms Vampire Wars has come to PC August 28th it looks very intriguing.


I think you already know that Total war is perhaps one of the biggest most well-deserving of accolades strategy series out there. They’ve taken on a lot of both fictional and non-fictional eras and conflicts. I think it’s a lot of fun they’re taking on troy. 

It is, of course, the first total war game set in the Bronze Age. This is going to be an epic exclusive for a year, and it’s an outstanding deal if you want total war saga epic on day one, because, for the first 24 hours on the epic game store, it’s free. You can claim it and have it for free, and it’s the full Total War Saga Troy. I think that’s great.

Say what you want about the epic store, but that’s a pretty good deal for the consumer, a free game. I enjoy the Total War Saga, and I will be claiming my free Troy version when it comes to PC on August 13th.


It promises to go in a new direction. It’s more arcade looking for me than previous project cars games. I mean there’s some fantastic beautiful graphics at play, but the racing we’re looking at definitely has the vibe of a more arcade experience, and I’m okay with that, I enjoy arcade racing.

I’ve noted that although I enjoy simulation racing as well, I probably prefer arcade racing a bit. So I’m okay with this. Project Cars 3 is coming to pc PS4 and Xbox one on august 28th.


We have previously seen on PS4 Horizon Zero Dawn. The complete edition is now landing on PC. Though I’d argue it, probably has something to do with how successful the Death Stranding was. And I don’t mean sales-wise, I mean Horizon Zero Dawn runs on the same engine by guerrilla games. To put it simply, both of these games look just beautiful on PC and I’m interested in playing Horizon Zero Dawn with the ability to customize the graphic settings.

I mean this is a beautiful game anyways but playing it on PC with a lot more control over the graphics, I’m very excited and interested in it. It’s a phenomenal game, perhaps one of the best examples of the open-world game. If you didn’t play it on PS4, then you should try it on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition lands on August 7th.


We’ve heard some new information about from an interview with one of the devs, who talked a lot about how this game does a lot with the clinching game, claiming that it’s more fluid and more locomotion based. I mean, the way he describes it is of course very abstract. It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what that means until we have our hands on it. But, I’ll say it sounds good to me.

UFC is, of course, a pretty tightly controlled game so to have it more based in locomotion and all that I think should be a pretty good improvement. We haven’t had a lot of sporting events this year, and sports game like this is welcome, and I think this is going to be fun for a lot of people. UFC 4 is coming to PS4 and Xbox one on august 14th.


It’s been a while since a Serious Sam Game came out. Serious Sam 3 hitting Microsoft windows on 2011. These are over-the-top games, there’s no real way to put it other than that, you fight hordes of enemies with absurd huge weapons, and it’s fun it’s a lot of fun. What we’ve seen of the gameplay looks big. 

Again there’s no other way to describe what you’re going to get other than just absurd explosive action with huge weapons against hordes of enemies. There’s just something really specific to how Serious Sam does it. This is a series that has worn its doom and quake influences on its sleeve. But also, kind of goes like what if Duke Nukem went insane. 

They’re fun games, and I’m stoked they’re coming back, and I’m excited about it personally. Serious Sam 4 is coming sometime during August. They haven’t given us a day yet, but it’s coming to PC and stadia for over-the-top action. This is where you got to go this month.


The newest in the series that inspired fallout itself. Wasteland 3 is set in post-apocalyptic Colorado, which is quite frozen. The team that developed this game also did Torment Tides of Numenera, and in truth, I think it’s very promising looking. 

You essentially are going to be building a squad, building a base and this game promises to let you answer the question “Will you be Colorado’s saviour or its worst nightmare”? I’m intrigued as to what kind of story they’re intending to tell, and of course, I’m down for a squad-based strategy game from the series that inspired fallout. 

Wasteland 3 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 28th. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

We haven’t had a new edition of in a very long time. This is a just flat out beautiful looking game. It’s hard to say anything else about how it looks gorgeous. But, it also incorporates a lot of map data that Microsoft has access to, claiming to give us the ability to fly around the world in an accurate fashion and I like the sound of that sounds like a lot of fun to me. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve played a flight simulator game. However, I have to say that it’s not paced like your average game. It’s trying to make an accurate to life flight simulation, but I’m pretty much of the mind that sounds good, that sounds like a lot of fun to me. There’s a lot of aspiring pilots out there. I think I would agree as well Microsoft flight simulator is coming to the pc on August 18th.


I have a couple of bonus games for you as well. 



Skully is kind of a rolling momentum-based platformer, which also gives you the ability to transform into various monsters with different skills. This game looks like a reasonably intriguing title with its style to it. There’s not a lot of platformers that manage that nowadays. 

RPG Maker MZ

RPG Maker MZ

How can we miss this? RPG Maker MZ is also coming this month. Suppose you’re interested in making your full-blown JRPG. This is probably the most comfortable and most flexible way to do it, and it allows you to do it in a manner that gives you not only like traditional controls, but you could export to a smartphone and do it with touch controls. It’s an excellent package of stuff if you are interested in RPG.

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