Origami RDE-01 Gaming Desk Review

As the name “Origami” suggest Origami RDE-01 can be folded. By the first look, it is easy to assume that this gaming desk is made for Origami enthusiasts. Maybe it is, but don’t worry you can use this multi-purpose computer desk for any purpose like home, office use or even setup your gaming station.

This gaming desk is not like those old folding desks where you never place your costly gaming setup because of the fear that it might fall. Manufacturer of this gaming desk know that how valuable all of your gaming setup is. This is why they made a strong folding desk that can easily hold all your gaming hardware without bending or wobbling.

If you are changing the place of your desk often then this might be your desk. This desk does not require any assembly and you can easily fold it and unfold it any time without wasting much of your precious time. The tabletop is removable for lightweight and easy moving.

We have talked about the main feature of this desk. Now let’s dig a little deeper to know more about what this desk has for you.

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Origami RDE-01 review

Origami-RDE- Foldable Desk

Let’s look at the features of Origami RDE-01 gaming desk. So you can make your decision easily whether this is your desk or not.

No Assembly Required

If you’re looking for a gaming desk that requires no time in assembling it and you can easy change its place or take it to your friends home for a gaming session. Then this is the perfect choice for you in the market. After unboxing you only have to unfold the structure and position the tabletop above the structure and put it on the place where you want it. This won’t take 30 to 60 minutes just to assemble like other gaming desks in market.


The base structure is made of powder coated solid steel which prevents it from corrosion even if it is used outside. The tabletop is made of wood.

Easy to store and shift

You can fold or unfold this desk in under 60 seconds. The tabletop can be detached and you can store it easily. Shifting will be more trouble-free when you shift it in two pieces.

This desk weighs just 38 pounds which makes it easy to take it on the road or your friend’s house for a gaming session.

Valuable Bottom Shelf

There is a bottom shelf on this desk which can be used as a foot rest or you can put your CPU on it. The bottom shelf is specially designed to fit your legs and feet so it won’t get in the way of your natural sitting position. 

Weight Capacity

A lot of gaming desks fall short when it comes to the maximum weight capacity. Luckily, this folding desk can hold as much as 100lbs of weight on top. It can undoubtedly hold all you gaming hardware.

Color Options

Origami RDE-01 gaming desk comes in four (Black, Bronze, Platinum, Turquoise) different colors that you can choose from. You can choose a color that fits perfectly with your interior.


This gaming desk comes with a one year warranty that covers any manufacturing-related issues.

Origami RDE-01 review


While there are many other options for gaming desks, it’s difficult to find a desk as convenient as Origami RDE 01 PC desk. Considering the fact that you can set up this desk in less than a minute, it’s an incredible choice if your primary need is flexibility. Origami RDE-01 won’t require and tools to assemble this desk.

This gaming desk does not compromise on quality like many other foldable desks in the market. You can put as much as 100lbs on the tabletop. This might not be a best looking desk but it is perfectly designed for its intended use. This gaming desk is highly popular among customers who want a foldable desk.

6.8 Total Score

  • Foldable and Mobile
  • No Assembly Required
  • Plenty of space
  • One Year Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • No drawers
  • Not as strong as permanent desks
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