Overlord Season 4: Latest News (July)

Are also waiting anxiously for the latest overlord season 4 to be released? Me too! Overlord is one of the isekai series, a Japanese web animated series directed by Minoru Ashina and produced by Puyukal. This series have overwhelmed the Japanese market in modern times. It was released back in 2015.

Like many other isekai series, Overlord was first started as a web novel. Eventually, it grew famous enough to made it into a novel series, which has become successful enough for the franchise to secure a manga and an anime. At this moment, Overlord has three seasons developed by Madhouse, covering nine out of the thirteen light novel series that was released until now. This is why fans wonder about a hypothetical fourth season since seasons two and three came out within a little time between each other.

The Storyline

In a quick summary, its hero is a man who plays a lich called Momonga in an MMORPG. He presides over one of the strongest guilds in the game, which even managed to create its own dungeon filled with evil NPCs called the Great Tomb of Nazarick during its hey-day. It is a story of a person who is stuck in a virtual reality, living his last moments and waiting for servers to shut down. However, this happened long ago, which is why the man is the only member of his society signed into the game when the server went offline.

The man wasn’t signed out when the servers went offline but alternatively brought to a fictional world. Furthermore, Nazarick was also brought along with him. At the same time, its occupants are converted into full-fledged characters whose personalities are as nasty as one would expect based on the write-ups provided to them by their creators. This is where, Momonga sets out to explore the fictional world where he has found himself, trying to discover what happened. He also has to make sure that Nazarick remains safe and sees his guildmates who are transported to the fantasy world too.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

At this moment we are not sure about the release date and fans have to wait a bit longer. Like everything else the COVID-19 has its effects on Overlord too, creating a delay in the progress. We don’t have any exact dates about when it will be released. There are rumors about the next Overlord season 4 to be launched in the mid of 2021.

Third season was ended with Aniz trying to help save people that were also stuck with him in the game. Meanwhile, fans that are interested can check out the Overlord light novels and the Overlord manga. Currently, the twelfth volume, “Overlord 12: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” of the Overlord light novels were released in English in June 23th 2020.

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