Top 5 Addictive PS4 Games to play with your Partner

Are you a fan of PS4 gaming who is also keen to meet a partner? How about someone sharing your passion for games? You must check out the possibilities offered by digital dating. Algorithms will steer you towards other site users on the same wavelength.

The secure communication channel makes it easy to develop chemistry. And gamers often congregate in the chat rooms and swap stories. Assuming you go down this route and meet someone via online adult dating, how about ideas for games to play on dates? Here are our top five addictive PS4 titles.



What could be more addictive than a good old first-person shooter game? One that you can enjoy with a partner, or participate in as a multiplayer event. We are on Earth, 60 years into an uncertain future.

Before the so-called Omnic Crisis, humankind co-existed with omnics – robots developed to have sophisticated artificial intelligence. Now hostile robots are threatening to take over.

The UN’s answer to this situation is developing a force, Overwatch, to take on these omnics. Players are assigned roles in two teams, six shooters each. You can choose from a diverse set of default characters, described as ‘heroes.’

Now you are deployed on missions according to a map. As you carry out these objectives, new characters can be added to the unfolding storyline

Rocket League

rocket league

In contrast to our first date night distraction, Rocket League is a soccer game with a unique twist. Two teams operate cars powered by rockets, with the object of steering a ball into the other team’s goals.

With excellent graphics and exhilarating gameplay, the plot may not be as labyrinthine as many other PS4 titles, but it is immense fun to play. It has won numerous awards, attracting global playing figures approaching 50 million.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The back story to this futuristic shooter game involves the sinister forces that appeared in the first instalment, Destiny: Rise of Iron, where enemy aliens known as The Fallen have breached defences ringing humanity’s last secure stronghold.

This time around, the Red Legion has launched a major assault on this Last City, attacking the Guardians HQ. With intriguing layers of play involving distress signals beaming throughout the galaxy, and space stations capable of destroying whole planets (just like the Death Star from Star Wars!) this game will have you addicted.

Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars

This hugely enjoyable PS4 game is the sequel to the successful Deliver Us The Moon, launched in 2018. The latter took the form of a post-apocalyptic thriller, involving a solitary astronaut send on a mission to the Moon to escape the Earth’s fate.

This twist involves a new central protagonist, Kathy Johannson (whose name is mentioned briefly in recordings in the original). After her spaceship crash lands on Mars, she reactivates a robot companion to assist her in planning her eventual escape.

Both games have received critical praise for the strength of their graphics, particularly ray-traced effects, while the gameplay will have you wiling away many hours.



This free PS4 game is all about the Tenno, an ancient warrior race who are reanimated after remaining in suspended animation many centuries into Earth’s future. They awake to find themselves at war with rival factions.

Here you can choose from a range of weapons of varying abilities and strengths, in captivating scenarios. The action moves effortlessly from various levels to a creative open-world region, but just like any other shooter game, the core element involves blasting your enemies to pieces!

As well as shooting skills, you’ll need quick reflexes when protagonists get involved in melees. There are also role-playing opportunities.