Top 6 Competitive Matching Card Games for 2 Players

Are you tired of the same old games at gatherings? Looking for something a little more competitive between two players? Look no further than our list of the best matching card games! Whether you want fast-paced rounds or deep strategic play, our six selections will provide hours of entertainment and friendly competition.

As long as you know how to match cards in sets, sequences, and runs, you can effectively play these card games and show everyone your card-matching prowess! If you’re ready, let’s get started with our list of the best matching card games for two players below.

Card-Matching Games for 2 Players

Outsmart your opponents and win every round by melding and matching cards. Some of the best games include:

Egyptian Rat Screw

Egyptian Rat Screw

A two-player card game that’s extremely fun and will feel the room with laughter is Egyptian Rat Screw. It’s a matching card game with the elements of Slapjack, which means you have to watch out for the slap rule! The objective is to get all the cards in your corner by drawing cards and doing the slapping action.

To fully understand the basics of this two-player card game, below are some things to remember:

  • The dealer deals an equal number of cards to each player.
  • The first player must play their top card to the center pile and place it face-up on the table.
  • The play continues until a player throws any face card of an Ace, which means they become the challenger, and the next player is the challenged.
  • The challenged player must throw a face card or an Ace to win.
  • If they fail to throw the right card, the challenger takes all the cards from the center pile.

The slapping rule in Egyptian Rat Screw comes in depending on the combinations. For instance, if a player throws two cards of the same rank, the first person to slap it wins and takes the pile. The same goes for four-of-a-kind combinations, three consecutive pairs, or any other unique combinations.



A game that can be played by two, three, or four players is Cribbage. However, most online Cribbage games offer two-player games since it’s what it was traditionally designed for. This matching card game is one of the oldest known games and uses a Cribbage board with pegs to keep score. Pen and paper is fine if you don’t have the board and pegs.

Some basics to remember when playing Cribbage:

  • The objective of Cribbage is to earn points by forming certain combinations of cards
  • Each player is dealt six cards, with two discarded and placed face down on the table
  • The winner is determined if they reach either 121 or 61 points, depending on the agreed-upon score
  • Players earn points by making different card combinations

If you want to try your matching skills, play online Cribbage and challenge other players or an intelligent AI. It’s the best way to test your capabilities in this game, especially if you want something classic and timeless to begin with.


One of the oldest families of classic card games is Rummy, which involves matching cards in sequences and sets to score points or discard cards. It has numerous variations, but the rule differences are subtle and have the same essential game elements that make them easy to master.

The basics of the game include:

  • Players must make combinations of valid sequences and sets
  • Players must improve their cards using the discard cards or drawing cards from the draw pile
  • Calling Rummy refers to a player with a hand consisting only of melds

Basic Rummy is popular on its own. However, several of its variants also made a mark in history. For instance, Gin Rummy and Indian Rummy are two of the most well-known variations of Rummy, with the former being an American variant of the old two-player game that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Double Solitaire

Double Solitaire

If you’re tired of the same-old Solitaire game, why not double the fun with Double Solitaire? Surely, you’re familiar with patience games, which are purely about making combinations and matches of cards. Double Solitaire is the same but with two players instead of one!

To play Double Solitaire, players need to understand its basics, consisting of:

  • Four main sections: Table, Pile, Talon, and Foundations
  •  52 cards are used, with 26 for each player.
  • Each player builds their own set of Foundations and Table piles in alternating order
  • Players must clear their board before their opponent to win

Once you play Double Solitaire, you’ll realize Solitaire is not so bad after all! Time to elevate your experience by playing it in real life or online against an AI or other online players worldwide!

Phase 10

Phase 10

Phase 10 is a more modernized version of Rummy, but it’s more commercialized since it’s a trademarked game. It became famous when Mattel distributed it, but the objective of the two-player card game has stayed the same. Players must form combinations of valid sequences and sets to win the game.

To understand how Phase 10 works, here are some basics:

  • Each player is dealt ten cards hidden from others, and the remaining cards form the draw pile.
  • Wild cards can substitute any card in any set or run
  • Players must complete all ten phases to win

Phase 10 is an action-packed game that promises hours of entertainment. If you don’t have an opponent, online versions are available if you want to challenge yourself or an AI player. Better yet, play with a friend or more during game nights by purchasing the physical cards!



The last game on our list is Canasta, which is believed to have descended from 500 Rum. It’s a card game where creating melds is the key to winning. Melds consist of three or four cards of the same rank. Remember that sequences aren’t valid melds in Canasta, thus setting it apart from other Rummy games.

Canasta basics to keep in mind:

  • Wild cards: Jokers and deuces can be melded with natural cards
  • Melds: Valid melds consist of two natural cards of the same rank and not more than three wild cards.
  • Canasta: Canasta is a meld with seven cards with at least four natural cards

Knowing its game mechanics can be quite a chore, but you can play Canasta on your mobile device or PC for a more immersive experience. It’s the best way to understand the game better, especially if you need a group of players.

Enjoy Matching and Melding Cards Against an Opponent

Matching games are meant to be relaxing, but you can turn it into a competitive challenge by challenging another person. Whether it’s Egyptian Rat Screw or Canasta, the basics stay the same: understand the game mechanics and create sequences and sets of valid cards to win. Always play fair and resist the urge to cheat! Get ready for a good match and enjoy playing these classic card games against an opponent today!


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