5 Tips for How To Be Better In World of Warcraft

If you’re like me, you might be a little tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel in Azeroth. You want to level up your character and be the best in the game, but you are unsure what steps to take about WoW gold, classes, and professions.

You’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a while now, but you can’t get ahead no matter how hard you try. You’re stuck in a rut, repeating the same tasks day after day with no improvement in results.

Read on if you want more tips, tricks, and strategies to help you dominate in the World of Warcraft. In this article, we share five tips that will help you become better at the game and skyrocket your rank!

#1. Get Yourself Acquainted With the Game – Mechanics and Lore!

The number one tip for getting better in a game is to learn more about it. That is a factor many players dismiss right off the bat and ignore. But it is essential to know more about the story, the lore around which the content will spin. 

After that, you have to start the game and pay attention to the in-game mechanics. Most gamers know that there are patterns and mechanics in everything, no matter what game you play. Once you face some of the enemies more than once, you will be able to deal with them quickly. And that is a must as many have similar mechanics – learning to understand them will be great when you embark on raids with your friends!

Tip: Learning mechanics works exceptionally well for the dungeon raid – it is worth learning them!

#2. Select the Most Suitable Class

Selecting your character class correctly is a must thing to do! So many players just pick something that seems cool or simply a class that may fit their character’s looks. But that is incredibly wrong! It is good to make an in-game avatar you would like to enjoy playing as. But at the same time, it is essential to be able to utilize the class you choose correctly.

For example, you can’t have a tank’s playstyle and pick a mage. As a result, you will run into enemies and most likely die and kill your team. 

When selecting a class, you have to rely on your strong sides. Pick something that covers them or uses them and focus on developing character within that class. For example, you fight a straightforward and reckless battle- be a tank. If you like more strategic plays, choose the mage class.

Note: You can check each class beforehand to see if there is the best fit for you by clicking that trial character box!

#3. Use or Not Use Boost – Make the Right Choice!

That is a good tip and question at the same time. Suppose you are someone who knows about the game and has experience playing previous versions of World of Warcraft and suddenly wish to experience the Shadowlands. Then you go to pick and use character boost. That will send your character straight up to a higher level, saving you time and allowing you to progress faster.

On the other hand, if you have no experience in the game and can’t cover, tip one from the list. Then it is better not to use the character boost. That is because you will not be able to understand the game correctly, and if you already know too little about it, you will feel lost later when you are introduced to the lore and story.

Although the decision is entirely up to you, we advise you against character boost if you have no experience. Do not skip content that has been built over the years to enjoy the last expansion because you will simply miss on a great masterpiece!

Tip: As we said, the decision is up to you, but following the story from point 1 to the final will always be the best you can do!

#4. Join the Game Communities

The fourth tip we can give you is to stay in touch with any game communities related to the game. Especially in topics you would love to explore! It would be best to keep yourself updated, be it for in-game news like events or new patches. You can also learn in-game knowledge about the quest, boss mechanics, etc.

Information was and always will be one of the things that can determine how good you will do in an endeavor you take. The same goes for your journey in Azeroth. If you want to stay on top and do well with your character, keep yourself updated with anything happening. 

An additional plus to these communities is that they often seek people to join their activities. So by being there and communicating, you may score yourself an opportunity for a raid or rare mob fight!

#5. Consider Storing Gold and Using it Efficiently!

The last and probably one of the most valuable tips will be to save up your gold and use it only when necessary to power up your character. These shiny coins can be used to exchange almost anything in the game. 

You can buy services, hire people, get information, buy gear, consumables, and even mounts and other help with your things. Serving these many purposes, gold coins are of extreme importance. For that reason saving it up for the right time and something to spend on is essential – unless you have excessive amounts of it!

Note: Although there are many ways of getting gold nowadays, wasting it is still not recommended!


Suppose you have read the whole article. Now you know the most prominent five tips to consider before starting your journey in Azeroth. If you have noted them, all that is left is for you to embark on it and explore World of Warcraft. Create a strong character and make tons of good memories with friends old and new!


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