7 Best League of Legends Champions for Newbies

Intro: The League of Legends is a complex game with over 100 champions. It can be overwhelming for new players to try and learn all of them. So, we have compiled a list of the best League of Legends champions for newbies. These champions are easy to learn and play, making them perfect for beginners. Remember that this list is subjective, so you may prefer other winners over these. But, these are a great place to start if you are new to the game. Let’s get started!

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1. Shyvana

Shyvana League of Legends

Shyvana is another melee fighter champion. But unlike Pantheon, she can hold her own against ranged champions because of her ability to deal damage through auto-attacks and powers. She’s also versatile since you can build tank mid laners for her or carry style, depending on the situation. Shyvana is an easy top-lane champion that requires no skill shots to play. She can also be used in the jungle if you choose, but she’s best suited for the top lane. Her abilities allow her to deal with high amounts of damage and always stick to her target. Because she has so much mobility, it is complicated to get away from her when being ganked.

2. Garen

Garen League of Legends

Garen is a melee warrior champion. He has pretty good AoE damage and can easily take on two or even three enemies at once. Garen’s best starting item is Doran’s shield, which will give you some armor, health regen, and health. It also lets him stay in the lane longer without having to go back as often for health. However, avoid purchasing boots early as Garen is a man of grit and determination, not speed. In the lane, try to take advantage of the brush by hiding in it and waiting for an enemy champion to come close. Save your Judgment for when you can hit at least two enemies with it for maximum damage output. Your Decisive Strike will help you get away quickly if you need to retreat.

  • Nasus:
Nasus League of Legends

Nasus is an excellent beginner champion because of his Q (Wither). Withering slows enemies, making it difficult for them to chase or escape. If you have trouble landing against an enemy champion, use Nasus’ Q to give yourself some breathing room. This longhaired hunk of manliness is an easy-to-play champion with excellent damage output. Nasus has a high range, so his abilities are best used from a distance. Try to harass your opponent in the lane by hitting them with Siphoning Strike whenever it’s off cooldown. Because all of Nasus’ abilities are close-ranged, use Spirit Fire to protect yourself while farming minions. If you see your enemy champion at low health, use Wither to decrease their attack speed and movement speed before finishing them off with Siphoning Strike.

4. Pantheon

Pantheon League of Legends

An easy-to-play melee champion with potent swindles and strong damage output. Pantheon is an excellent pick for beginners because he doesn’t need any mana to use his abilities, only cooldowns. Start the game off by buying a Vampiric Scepter so you can harass your enemy during the landing phase. An excellent choice for new players, Pantheon is a melee assassin champion. It means he can dish out high amounts of damage, but he’s also squishy. Pantheon is challenging to master because his stun, which he relies on for damage, can be blocked by minions. It means you have to time it perfectly to stun your opponent. Because of this, Pantheon is best used against melee champions that are weak early game. You should also avoid using your leap strike to farm unless it’s completely safe.

5. Annie: The Dark Child

Annie League of Legends

It is an easy champion to play since her abilities are really on short cooldowns. She’s good in the jungle or mid-lane but is usually supported. She can stun multiple targets with her Q ability and deal tons of damage on another power. Annie can also be used as an AP carry if you want to build her that way. Annie is one of League of Legends’ most iconic and simple-to-play champions. She has only a few abilities, but they’re easy to understand and execute. You also don’t need many items to keep up with other players since her scaling is quite good without them. Her combo is the same every time, so you don’t need to learn multiple combos for different situations.

6. Morgana

Morgana League of Legends

Morgana is a well-rounded champion who works in the mid-lane and jungle. Her abilities are very straightforward and do not require much practice to master. Morgana’s Q spell will stun targets when it hits them, allowing you to do a lot of damage in these 1 vs. 1 situations when ganking. Morgana is another champion that can be played as a mage or support. She has one of the best crowd control abilities in the game, making her great for beginners. Plus, you don’t have to buy many items on her since she already scales well even without them. If you’re looking for a simple champion to play with high kill potential, Morgana is a great choice.

7. Caitlyn

Caitlyn League of Legends

Caitlyn is an AD carry with crazy long-range and tons of damage. Her Q spell is a skill shot that allows her to hit faraway targets while still having the ability to fire through multiple units to hit one specific enemy. It’s elementary to get used to how this ability works, making it great for newbies. She’s good at poking down her opponents from a distance with her long-ranged abilities. One of Caitlyn’s best abilities is her net, which slows any enemies caught in it. Depending on the situation, she can use this ability to escape or trap enemies in place. Caitlyn’s passive allows her to deal extra damage with her basic attacks. As long as she hits an enemy champion twice within 5 seconds, they will take additional damage from all of Caitlyn’s abilities afterward, making it useful for killing enemies. She’s great for new players looking for an easy champion to pick up and play with.


So, if you are starting in League of Legends, we recommend trying some of the champions on this list. They are all easy to learn and play, perfect for beginners. Remember to have fun, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t win every game! There is a lot to learn in LoL, but you will become a master player in no time with practice.

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