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Write For GPCD

At GPCD, we provide an opportunity to gamers and PC enthusiasts to “write for us.” If you are someone who is passionate about gaming/PC accessories and components with creative writing skills then you are in the right place.

Being a good reviewer is not an easy thing to do. But if you think you can write detailed reviews which can benefit our audience, then give it a try.

We welcome writers to contribute PC/gaming (niche-related) content.

Be sure to read our guidelines carefully before writing for us. Make sure the content meets all the guidelines in order to be considered.

To Write for Us, you can email us at shana@gamingpcdesks.com

Why Write for

If you write for GPCD you get:

  • You can link back to your work profile, which can lead to more opportunities.
  • This will help in building relationship with your clients.
  • If you don’t have a website or planning to start one, then writing for us will add to your experience and you can see how your content performed.
  • If you are capable of writing long-form detailed listing reviews (For example: 5 best AIO liquid coolers for PC) then we can also add your special affiliate links. Depending on how the content performs, you can earn from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars from a single article.

Categories and Types of Articles We Welcome

At GPCD we welcome contributors to submit articles on Gaming and PC related topics. In some cases we can also accept tech-related articles but mainly we post PC/gaming content.

We accept informational as well as commercial content. However, you need to approve your topic first so we can make sure that it is not posted on the website before.

  • Informational Articles: 700+ Words
  • Commercial Articles: 2200-4000 Words
  • Single Product Reviews: 600+ Words
  • Comparison (A vs. B): 1200+ Words

As of now we are not placing ads on our website but in the future you will also be able to earn from the informational articles.

Pitch of the Article

As we welcome the writers from different niches to write for GPCD. It is necessary for us to make sure the pitch we follow for the content is well researched, informative, unique and with out any grammatical mistakes.

Before sending the article, make sure to run your piece of content through a grammar checking tool like Grammarly.

Guest Writer Guidelines

There are few guidelines a contributor should follow while contributing an article to GPCD. We have made a list of “Do’s and Don’ts“. Please make sure to follow these guidelines.


  • The article should be unique. You request topics to write.
  • We limit 1 link per article to your work profile (no personal website links).
  • Content should have sub headings and proper alignment.
  • Image size should be at least 1280 X 720 pixels.
  • We appreciate if you check with the content on Grammarly to avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Make sure the topic is related to the categories mentioned.
  • Article you write should be well researched and mention the sources if necessary.


  • Don’t send the article/post which has been published elsewhere. Please check the with plagiarism before sending the article to us (we will check every article we receive for plagiarism).
  • Don’t send the article/post which is promoting your product or service. When you write an article, make sure it is truly informative and non-promotional

How to Submit Your Article

Once your article meets our guidelines, you can send it to shana@gamingpcdesks.com.

Requirement to send:

  • Name the word file as the title of the topic.
  • Your single work profile link (Upwork, Fiverr, etc).

Key Note – Procedure & Terms

Once we receive an article, our team will check the content for the plagiarism, article tone, and all the other guidelines.

If the article has the quality content and meet all the guidelines, then it will be forwarded to the editorial team.

Our editorial team will check with the queue and schedule the article as per the queue. Once the scheduled article is published, the article link will be sent back to the quality team.

Our quality team will check the content alignment, technical SEO, and link placement. If everything is in place, then the article link will be sent to you.

Become an Affiliate

If you want to become and affiliate then we will add links to your content with your own affiliate ID. You will be notified with your progress by the end of each month. You will also be paid at the end of every month.

Write Reviews at GPCD

You can write reviews of the following products:

  • Everything related to gaming
  • Gaming Chairs, Gaming Desks, Mouse, Monitors
  • Everything related to PC
  • PC Cases, RAM, CPUs, GPUs, etc
  • Software
  • Routers
  • Speakers, Headphones etc