6 Tips to Make PDF Books Easier To Read, Use & Share

Reading and sharing PDF files has become increasingly popular with the rise of e-readers, tablets, and smartphones.

According to Statista, there are currently 634 million users of e-reading apps worldwide. And that number is only going up. Users love digital books because they’re more convenient and cheaper than print books. They take up less space and are accessible from practically any device with an internet connection.

PDF Drive is a leading pdf book database that offers the latest titles from educational books to leisure reading titles. The main downside is that most PDF documents aren’t as user-friendly as printed books. The lack of formatting and navigation tools makes it harder for readers to access certain sections or find particular pages quickly.

How do you make a PDF file easier to read, use and share? Try these six tips:

Tip 1: Use a Good PDF Reader

The first step to making a PDF document easier to access is using a good PDF reader. While you could use a simple PDF reader, like the ones built into most devices, you’ll get more out of the book if you use a reader designed for reading.

These apps let you highlight, bookmark, and take notes on the pages. They come with a variety of formatting, navigation, and annotation tools. They also allow you to customize and optimize the reading experience. You can read longer documents with fewer eye strains.

If you’re reading a book you plan to share with others, make sure it’s compatible with the reader they use. It will help you avoid compatibility issues and readers’ frustrations.

Tip 2: Change Page Color, Layout, And Font

It’s time to personalize your reading experience once you have your reading tools. Most readers customize their reading experience by changing the page layout and color. It can help you focus on the content and find important sections faster.

You may also want to use different font types and styles to make your book easier to read. It’s especially true when reading an academic or scientific document. A different font type or size will make the content easier to follow. It’s a good tip for non-native readers who want to improve their language skills.

You can also use a different font type to highlight or emphasize certain sections. You can read in portrait or landscape mode on page layout. It will change how the text and images on each page. Many readers prefer portrait mode because it’s easier to follow the words on the page when you’re reading on the go.

However, landscape mode is often better suited for documents with graphs and charts.

Tip 3: Dictionaries & Translation Tools

If you’re reading a non-English book, you can use built-in dictionaries and translation tools. These tools are handy for a better understanding of technical terms and words that aren’t encountered in everyday language.

They can also help you engage in academic discussions with non-native English speakers. The best PDF readers have integrated dictionaries and translation tools. However, you can also use a separate dictionary app to highlight a word or phrase.

Some readers like to add notes to non-English books to keep track of complex sections. It will allow you to keep track of key points without writing directly in the book.

Tip 4: Bookmark The Last Page You Have Read

Bookmarking the last page you’ve read can save you time if you’re reading a long book. You can bookmark the page you’ve read last in almost any PDF reader. It is handy when reading a book with many cross-references.

If you come across a reference you want to read later, bookmark the last page you’ve read. You can easily find your place when you read the book later. Bookmarking the page you’ve read last is also an excellent way to track your reading progress. It will help you stay motivated to read longer books without feeling overwhelmed.

Some readers like to carry around a printed copy of their book. If you do this, you can use sticky notes or a bookmark to bookmark the last page you’ve read.

Tip 5: Increase Text Size

If you have trouble reading smaller text, you can increase the text size of your PDF book. Most readers like to increase the text size by a few percentage points. It will make the letters bigger without shrinking the margins.

You can increase the text size on almost any PDF reader. You can also set the book to always start on a page in landscape mode. These settings can help you improve the reading experience and turn your book into a more interactive reading experience.

Smaller text sizes may be necessary if you’re reading a non-fiction book heavy on statistics and figures. If that’s the case, you may want to use a separate app to increase the text size. It will help you get the most out of your reading experience.

Tip 6: Utilize A Better Device Brightness

How do you make your PDF book easier to read at night? You can make the reading experience more comfortable by adjusting the brightness of your device. Most readers like to read with a dim or dark background.

It will let you focus on the content without being distracted by the brightness. It is especially true for readers who read in bed. A bright screen can be a source of light pollution, which is bad for your sleeping schedule. You can adjust the brightness of your device to make the screen darker.

Most reading apps will let you adjust the brightness in the settings menu. You can also use a separate app or program to change the brightness of your screen. It will give you more control over the reading experience.


Reading and sharing PDF files has become increasingly popular with the rise of e-readers, tablets, and smartphones.

However, the lack of formatting and navigation tools makes it harder for readers to access certain sections or find particular pages quickly. These six tips can help make a PDF file easier to read, use and share. Try these tips to make your PDF experience more enjoyable.

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