Dark Souls 3 – Estus Shard Locations

It is essential to upgrade your Estus Flask and bonfire using the Estus shards. These shards will help you survive in the Kingdom of Lothric. Each upgrade can help you survive a little more in each battle with the enemy.

You will find these shards one by one as you progress through the game. Some are well hidden and need to be found, and for some, you will have to fight the enemy horde.

There are a total of eleven Estus shards in Dark Souls 3. This article will share how to get all of the Estus shards in Dark Souls 3 and their locations. 

High Wall of Lothric

Starting with the high wall of Lothric. Make your way through until you reach the room where you get the selkie, and on an anvil, you will find your first Estus shard.

Firelink Shrine

To get the Estus shard in the Firelink shrine, you will first need to purchase the tower key from the hag merchant sitting at the shrine. Head outside and go up the tower until you reach a bridge that overlooks the entire shrine.

Then you’re going to want to drop down onto the roof of the Firelink Shrine, follow around the rooftop until you find a window that allows you to go inside, and up on top of the rafters, you will find a corpse with the Estus shard on it.

Foot of the High Wall

In the undead settlement, make your way through until you see a bunch of worshiping undead around a tree. Kill this big mob of creatures, and by the tree will be your next Estus chard.

Road of Sacrifices

On the road of sacrifices, start from the crucifixion woods bonfire, head towards the ruins until you find two crucified undead. Once you kill them, keep heading back until you reach a corner with your Estus shard lying in it. 

Farron Keep

Start at the keep ruins bonfire, head outside, and turn left. Keep going forward until you see a bridge to your right, and just the left of the bridge will be the head of a statue fallen down with a slug next to it, and on the corpse, you will find an Estus shard.

Cathedral of the Deep

In the Cathedral of the deep, you will start at the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and head towards the graveyard. On your way, you will see some enemies praying by a gravestone, kill them and take the Estus shard right next to their bodies.

Catacombs of Carthus

In the smoldering lake, you’re going to want to start from the bonfire and follow the path. There will be many enemies in your way, so clear them out and head down this path until you reach a hallway with a hole in the ground.

You’re going to need to run across and leap to make it to the Estus shard. Your jump has to be very well-timed, but don’t feel bad if you mess it up a few times. Once you make it across, pick up the shard from the corpse.

Lothric Castle

Once you’ve beaten the dancer of the Boreal Valley and have the dancer’s bonfire unlocked, head up the ladder in the Wall of Lothric. Head left until you reach an elevator, ride that elevator up and jump out about halfway up, head outside, turn left, and your Estus shard will be sitting there on the bridge.

Irithyll Dungeon

In the ear Irithyll Dungeon, you will eventually end up outside the building in a bridge-like area. Continue down the bridge and through the next doorway, into your right will be a mimic chest. Kill that mimic and pick up the Estus shard off of its body.

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Anor Londo

In Anor Londo, near where you open up the castle’s front door after defeating that rat dog creature. Head back inside, and to your left, there will be a chest containing an Estus shard.

Grand Archives

In the grand archives, once you reach the long road leading up to the twin Prince’s fight, turn around and head up the stairs that lead to the rooftop. Walk onto the other rooftop that continues across all the way until you reach the back of this rooftop, where you will find the Estus shard sitting on a corpse.