5 Brain Games for Android to Sharp Memory

Games are not only played for having fun; rather, you should know that you can also play them to sharpen your mind. It doesn’t matter what your age is, as you can play mind games on your mobile to enhance your cognitive skills and mental energy.

Today we are living in the era of mobile phones, and so you don’t have to purchase heaving gaming consoles; instead, you can install mind games apps on your mobile phone. There are hundreds of brain training games that you can play on your mobile, but here in this post, we are only going to list the game apps that are free and extremely helpful.

Best brain games for android users that can sharpen your memory!

Memory is the one thing that wears off as we age. This is why you would see that an old person always faces memory loss issues. To avoid these issues, you need to train your mind and strengthen your neurons. The best way to train and strengthen your mind at home is by playing brain training games. Some of the best game apps have been mentioned below in this post:

1. Brain Games – Puzzle for Adults

Brain Games - Puzzle for Adults

This is a very brilliant brain games application that you need to install on your device. On this mind games app, you are going to find more than 25 different puzzle games. You can play these games all in one place whenever you want. The application is available for free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to get this app on your android mobile.

The different games on this app include puzzle games, musical games, and logical games. Playing these games can help you increase not only your memory skills but also your thinking skills, logic, and reflexes.

2. Crossword Puzzle 


Crossword games are not new; rather, they have been in play for the last many decades. This is an old-fashioned game which you can see in newspapers. In the past, people used to play crosswords in newspapers, but today, you can install a crossword game app on your mobile and solve daily puzzles. You must know that brain games like solving puzzles can benefit your mind. You can easily strengthen your nervous system and enhance your cognitive plus analytical abilities by playing crossword puzzles. While you are playing this game, your mind would be 100% active and would enter its creative mode. You can enjoy long-term mental health benefits if you play this game on a daily basis. 

3. Sudoku


Sudoku is another game that can help you train your mind. This mind game is of numbers and is commonly played in newspapers. You would be familiar with this game as it came as a pre-installed game in windows operating systems. Today you can install the Sudoku application on your mobile and enjoy different levels on a daily basis. Playing Sudoku helps you improve both your short-term and long-term memory skills. The reason that Sudoku polishes your memory is that in this game, you need to carefully arrange numbers in the right trail. This game requires a lot of concentration, focus, memory, and multi-tasking skills. The Sudoku games are available for free, so you should surely get them on your device.

4. Elevate


This is another famous brain game application that you need to have on your mobile. You would see the promotional ads for this game on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. This game has a simple interface and is well designed. On elevate, you are going to find more than 30 different brain games. The games on this app are listed in different categories. These categories include memory, cognitive skills, precisions, processing speed, and comprehension. You just need to pick the category and start playing different games in the category. If you want maximum mental strength and memory, then you need to have this mind game app on your mobile.

5. NeuroNation Memory Games

NeuroNation Memory Games

This game app is another option that you have for improving your memory skills and mental strength. The memory games available on this application can help you improve concentration skills and memory retention. Some of the games offered by this app are free, and some of them come with a paid version. The paid version is also affordable, so you don’t have to worry about any added weight in your pocket. You can find word-building games, puzzles, and many other interesting mind games on NeuroNation.

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End words

These are the top five mind games that we would suggest you install on your mobile and play whenever you want. These games would not only help you improve your memory skills but would also help you keep yourself safe from the risks of mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia!

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