How Fortnite Account Owners Can Get Free Items In Collision

The Collision event is just a few days away, and it’s looking like a one-time gig.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is ending, and Epic is doing a one-time in-game event called Collision to conclude the season with a bang. The Collision event will finally decide the fate of the Zero Point, and it’ll open its curtains at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on June 4.

If you’re thinking of joining in on the fun with your Fortnite account, the Collision playlist set will go live 30 minutes before giving players like you time to group up into squads and prep for the fight. Best of all, everyone who participates will get a free goodie bag!

All players who will log into the game with their Fortnite accounts after 8 am (on the day of the event) will receive an exclusive lobby track and loading screen that you can’t find on the Fortnite Item Shop.

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Collision is A Huge Deal

Collision is looking like a massive deal in Fortnite. According to Epic Games, the event will be live on all platforms. Players on PC, consoles, mobile, and even cloud gaming services can participate in the event. Plus, the days leading up to the Collision are filled with surprises.

For example, one of the cool features available to players days before the said event is the gradual reveal of the Crew scheduled the release in June (when Chapter 3 Season 3 arrives). Moreover, you can also try out the Mecha Weapons Team Outfits exclusive to the event.

Fortnite Collision Event

What the Collision Event is All About

No one truly knows what the event will entail for now, but we know it’ll focus on the battle between The Seven and the IO, which will likely lead to an explosive end.

Throughout Chapter 3 Season 2, players have experienced the war between the two factions. From battles playing out all over the island to various map changes, it looks like Collision is a culmination of the heated war, and it’s about to reach its climax.

For now, the only thing that Epic Games has shown related to Collision is a teaser video that featured the Mecha Team Leader bear. The Mecha Team Leader bear was last seen in 2019. The video also included audio files that allude to an all-out war between The Seven and the IO, so expect the Collision to be chaotic.

If you remember the past events that Fortnite had, we’re used to large-scale, single events. Remember the in-game concerts of Ariana Grande, Marshmello, and Travis Scott? What about Galactus’ attack on the island?

They’re undoubtedly fond memories, but you have to be there to experience them because it likely won’t happen again in the Battle Royale.

Wrap Up Your Quests Before Collision Begins

If you’re one of those players that still haven’t completed the quests for this season, make sure you finish them before June 4. Once Collision begins, all your unobtained rewards and unfinished quests will disappear. The quests for the current season are:

  • Trade-in Battle Stars to obtain special rewards from the Battle Pass
  • Prowler’s Special Quests
  • Obtaining all Omni Chips to unlock the Omni Sword Pickaxe

Thankfully, Epic Games clarified that you could use your unused Battle Stars for the next season. But as far as Omni Chips and collectible Bars go in Fortnite, they’ll automatically disappear if you don’t use them once the Collision event goes live.

Players could use their Bars during the Bargain Bin Week, where you can trade-in your Bars for rewards at lower prices. Fortnite’s Bargain Bin Week has already begun (May 31), making this the perfect chance for you to get Exotic items with a deep discount.

One-Time Big Time

Since Collision is a one-time event that’ll decide the fate of Zero Point, replays of it won’t be available for those who can’t make it. If you want to relive the glory of the moment at some point while playing the game, you’ll need to record and archive the event yourself.

If you’re too lazy for that, there’s always someone on the internet willing to post the whole thing on social media for everyone to watch down the road.

The Future Awaits

If you have the Battle Pass, you only have a few days left to complete it and get Doctor Strange (including his alternate costumes in the bonus tier). We recommend doing as many missions as possible to get the most out of your money.

In any case, the next season of Fortnite promises to be another wild and exciting ride for Fortnite. Are you going to participate in the Collision event with your Fortnite account? Let us know down below.

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