The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Hosting Your Own Custom Video Game Server

There are plenty of dedicated game server hosting services out there that can help you open up your own custom game server hassle-free. However, this isn’t the only option. You can build your own custom server without having to purchase hosting plans from service providers. Building one on your own has both benefits and drawbacks which you should be aware of before taking any further steps. Read on and familiarize yourself with what hosting your own custom video game server entails. 


  1. You own the hardware

When you rent a dedicated server from a provider, the hardware remains their property even after you pay an x amount of monthly fees. On the other hand, when you build a custom game server on your own, in your own space, you get to keep the hardware even after you stop operating your server. Plus, reselling your hardware also becomes an option when you host your own custom video game server yourself which can help you recuperate costs once your server is no longer operational. 

  1. Higher customizability

When you build your own custom game server, you’ll have total control over what hardware and software you’ll include in your setup. You can choose lower specifications if you’re only planning to host basic multiplayer games that do not require as much computing power or if you’re only planning to host a 20-slot server. This will essentially help you reduce costs. You also have more freedom when it comes to addons and mods that you want to include in your server. Plus, you can choose any third-party security software to keep your server safe. 


  1. Technical knowledge

You will need to know a lot about computers and server hosting in order to successfully create your own custom game server. You have to determine what specifications you’ll need in order to support the resource demand of your hosted game. For example, if you’re planning to host an Arma 3 server, you’ll probably need a minimum of 2.4 Ghz for your processor, 2 GB for your RAM, and 32 GB of storage space (HDD/SSD). 

  1. No Customer Support

If you ever decide to build a custom game server of your own, you should accept that most of the time, you’ll have to do troubleshooting yourself. Or, you can always hire a team of technicians that can help you configure and maintain your server. Of course, this will incur additional costs. 

  1. Large initial investment

Building a custom game server will need a lot of funding for the purchase of hardware, software (anti-virus, firewall, server management tools, etc), regular maintenance, and future upgrades. An entry-level server will cost around $1000 to build. This excludes fees for regular maintenance. 

  1. Daily server monitoring

A rental dedicated server is monitored by the hosting provider to ensure that it stays up 24/7. This, however, isn’t the case with a custom game server that you built yourself. You’ll have to do the monitoring yourself. You have to ensure that the incoming traffic isn’t too much for your server’s specifications and that the network is stable enough to allow smooth gameplay among your player base. There’s also the risk of being attacked by griefers or getting infected with malware. You should be ready to deal with these problems anytime to keep your server up and running 24/7. 


Building your own dedicated server is a difficult task that will need a lot of time to prepare for, money, and technical knowledge. Making a mistake along the way can render your efforts and investments useless. Before taking this path, you should make sure that you’ve done all the research needed and that you’re ready to commit to the impending responsibilities. At the end of the day, spending your money on a hosting plan instead can be a smarter choice. No, you won’t get to keep the hardware, but you’ll be able to just focus on hosting your own server stress-free.


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