Should you build a gaming PC or buy one?

Many people are interested in building and purchasing a gaming PC, and they are so enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, there are also inexperienced PC users who find it difficult and tiring to find the best gaming PC in the market, so building a PC for them is more than complicated. Are you also confused whether you should build a gaming PC or buy one?

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to building your PC over purchasing a prebuilt model. It’s all about what a person prefers or what a person wants in a gaming PC. In this article, we will investigate whether it’s smarter to build your gaming PC or to get it straight from the store.

What is the more inexpensive deal?

Most likely, Prebuilt gaming PCs like Skytech Archangel are way more expensive than building a PC. This is as obvious as you don’t have to pay for building a PC and for the profit value related to prebuilt PC. 

As a rule, the more expensive a prebuilt PC is, the more extra you have to pay for it. This is why it is less costly to build your own PC. However, you yield both the time and fewer chances of harming the PC. On the other hand, you choose to assemble a PC from the beginning and saving money instead of purchasing a prebuilt design.

Which is the fair deal?

It depends on how much money you can spend, whether you have time, experience with hardware, and how much knowledge you have about GPUs and RAM, etc.

Every PC gamer wants to have a gaming PC that is worth their money. The prices of gaming PC vary in the market depending upon the hardware used. The demand for specific components of PC compared to production and supply affects the price in the market.

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For example, once huge bulk of video cards for processing power were utilized by cryptocurrency miners to do their tasks during the crypto mining mania, that escalated the price rates of GPUs drastically that results in building a PC much more expensive than buying from the market. 

The other factor of increased expenditure of building a PC is that RAM of instruments like mobile phones has the same components as the components used in manufacturing PC elements. 

So it should be understood that first, you have to look at the present market condition, before having a PC. By considering this, you can have a strong reason for what option you should opt for (build a gaming PC or buy one).

build a gaming PC or buy one

Is buying a PC from the market a profitable deal?

There are many models available in the budget, except some of the powerful, expensive models. Most of the time, price doesn’t always satisfy the customer. The most important thing is whether the requirements of the client are fulfilled or not? 

If a client wants a high-end version of PC with sheer qualities, then there is only one choice to build his PC. If a person wants a cost-effective PC and wants some general qualities, he must go for the prebuilt version of PC. 

It must be noted that building a PC comes with advantages and disadvantages both. So it’s only the choice of the user what he is going to do. 

In this article, we have mentioned the pros and cons of manufacturing a PC, give it a read, then decide what is best for you.

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Advantages and disadvantages of building a PC


Custom-built: building it by personal preference

The first advantage is that, according to your preference and specifications, you can decide that your PC would consist of components with specific quality, performance, and design. 

You can build your PC in a case you think would be comfortable and stylish for you. Most importantly, you can set the PC’s performance according to your requirements and budget and play your favorite games.

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No extra assembly expenses

Though it sounds so complicated to build a PC by assembling the components yourself. But it turns into a less tough job by looking on the internet, which is full of videos and articles on which they tell how to build a PC from scratch. 

It all results in less cost, but you need some time to do it. In the end, all the time and effort pay the price, and you would surely be satisfied with your PC and the money spent.

Sense of accomplishment and connectivity with PC

The thought of building a PC comes up with a lot of excitement and thrill for some users. Users do it passionately, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment by setting the motherboard, incorporating the CPU in a case and inserting RAM in the memory case, etc. And in the end, when a PC runs without any complication, it gives them sheer joy.



We have explained it earlier that building a PC is a tough job as it takes time and takes more time to learn how to do it from the start at the moment. And some times, some tools are not available that are required to assemble it. So reaching out for all the tools and components requires a lot of time that not anyone can afford.

Possibility of ruining PC components

Yes, no knowledge about PC components assimilation can lead you to the damage of components. Sometimes small things like electricity impair the parts. And then one cannot even ask for support like warranty, because it’s only the user (time and money). It is mentioned in warranty cards that the user’s negligence or mistake is not the seller’s responsibility.

Assimilation errors

Sometimes due to less knowledge, the user spends on components that are not compatible with each other and cannot be assimilated together. So you should gather vital information before reaching out for certain components. This would unquestionably save time and effort. Sometimes user assembles a component in the wrong place, which results in improper or no function of a PC.

build a gaming PC or buy one

Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a Prebuilt PC



It is just convenient, easy, and fast to buy a prebuilt PC as searching for a PC model on the internet. Yes, you get the readymade version of your product at home, as it’s the manufacturer’s job to find out the components, think of the structure and performance of a PC, then assemble it and then lastly, send it over to you. Your only task is to order it and then receive, and connect it to the plug and download the specific software.

Compatibility of parts

As we have described earlier, for manufacturing a PC, you have to search for the specific parts that are compatible with each other. 

But it’s no more of your job to find the parts when you buy from the market. So, there is no probability that the wrong parts are assimilated together, as manufacturers sell it after proper testing. 

Warranty Card

Contrary to manufacturing PC at home, purchasing PC from the market comes up with a warranty card. As if any part of the PC is unfunctional when you receive it, you can order for replacement.


No personal preferences

Though the electronic market has grown so much and has a variety of PCs, ranging from low price to very high price, there are various designs and excellent performance. Now the user does not have to spend so much on the low quality of the prebuilt model. So it comes up with a lot of conveniences but still what comes in the market is what you can purchase. Often, the user wants a specific component in one PC, so sometimes a product of user’s demand is not available in the market.

High cost

As we know that building a PC is not a very easy job, it takes time and requires knowledge. So the experts consume a lot of time to make a PC model with proper functioning. Experts have to maintain an appropriate setup to avoid any damage. All the maintenance results in an increased cost. Experts are also paid well for their complicated jobs, so it is evident that the price of prebuilt PC is high.  

No warranty for in case of dissimilation

After purchasing a PC, if you modify it, resulting in any damage. Then the user cannot claim the warranty because it is explicitly stated in the warranty card that if a user wants to customize or modify a product, then the product is no more responsibility of the manufacturer. 

So, the user has to use the prebuilt PC as it is. So, you cannot improve the performance of the prebuilt PC due to such risks (but its no rocket science). Also, the user cannot open up a PC to clean it, as it exploits the warranty rules. And even sometimes, when a user needs a replacement, the warranty card is expired.

Final Take

Choosing an option whether to build a gaming PC or buy one, it all depends upon the choice and the money that one can spend on.

Manufacturing a PC saves a lot of money if it is done right. And also is according to your demands and preference. But on the other side, there are prebuilt PCs in the market that are inexpensive and also give you excellent performance. Many games and software can be run smoothly on these PCs, and you don’t have to consume time and energy.

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