Can ELO Boosting be Considered as Cheating?

The general procedure of ELO boosting is relatively straightforward in terms of approach. Though, the methodology that the ELO boosters undertake might be slightly different depending on the situation. Regardless, it serves a similar end goal of benefiting and prioritizing the needs of a customer.

ELO boosting helps to assist your lol accounts in accomplishing your preferred objective in League of Legends, whether it be to advance to a satisfactory ranking, improve overall KDA ratio, or unlocking the end of the season rewards. But at the same time, one person’s meat might prove to be another’s poison. In this case, the imbalance in the matchmaking comes as a consequence of the ELO boosting.

League of Legends boosting is an entirely legitimate practice all over the world, excluding South Korea. But then again, the issue is that the Matchmaking framework of Riot Games guarantees that the equally rated players match against each other, removing the risk of unequal and unbalanced ranked matches. In this respect, ELO Boosting contradicts LOL’s matchmaking system because the ELO booster plays a game whose ranking does not balance the ranks of all the other players in the game.

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Riot Games further added anti-cheat machines directly into the gameplay to address such vulnerabilities. The security parameters are high, and your account constantly remains under threat of issuing a report with ELO boosting, whether it is a temporary suspension for two weeks or even a permanent ban in some situations. The most common explanation why most players end up getting a report is the sudden rise in the game’s overall statistics in a short period and the spamming of single champions to achieve substantial winning streaks.

ELO Boosting

However, League of Legends boosters make sure to counter such issues and prevent a similar outcome from occurring by playing the game in a way that does not trigger the anti-cheat system. Overall, compared to the past, ELO boosting is much safer and trustworthy, which is the reason behind its popularity uproar in recent years. 

One of the prominent alternatives is the introduction of Duo Queue boosting that features the customer playing alongside the booster. This way, one can learn and experience the world of someone on a professional level in terms of skills and game knowledge. Of course, it is similar to playing alongside an experienced friend or teammate as well. Still, not everyone gets to have such luxuries in life, so one way or the other, League of Legends boosting can become an excellent platform for a better gaming experience.


Boosting ELO certainly has its benefits and drawbacks simultaneously. It may be seen by some as advantageous and worthwhile, while others disrupt the gaming experience entirely. Both may be correct, but it depends only on whether most communities benefit or lose it. ELO boost could be an excellent way to raise the game’s overall standard. League of Legends boosting can become an excellent learning curvature to help players explore LOL’s higher-level domain beyond their realm of understanding and help develop the necessary skills to attain that level simultaneously.

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