Curved vs. Flat Monitors: Things to Know Before Buying a Monitor

Curved gaming monitors are very new and thriving technology, but they are already taking a fair share of the market and taking over flat-screen monitors. Buying a proficient monitor is a real task. You have to look for specific characteristics in a monitor like a price, size, resolution, refresh rate, display quality, etc.

Especially with every year, new technology and new designs taking over the old, making it harder to decide what to buy. Today, many famous companies have launched curved monitors with competitive specifications. 

We can say that curved monitors are the future and ready to replace the flat monitors, but are they worthy of it? Let’s find out.

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Curved Displays: From Movie Screens to Your PC Monitors

People love watching movies in the cinema on a giant curved screen. This gives the audience an immersive viewing experience. Most of you may know that screens in cinemas are not flat but curved. The concave surface of big screens provides the viewer with a sense of uniformity, wherever the viewer sits, the viewing experience is the same. So it does not affect the visual experience of a viewer sitting at the extreme left or right corner.

You can observe curved screens in different other platforms where a broad audience is present. Curved displays are getting popular in every area. Starting from TVs, improving their visual quality, and moving to PC monitors. Gamers who can afford a curved gaming monitor are enjoying the era of curved screens. Curved monitors are rapidly taking over flat monitors.

Larger Screen and Optimal Curvature for Immersion

For the best viewing experience, you should consider the viewing distance and monitor screen size. Curvature (denoted by xxxxR) for example, 4000R, 3000R, 1800R, and 1500R. “”1800″” are the common radiuses and shows the radius, with “”mm”” as the units of measure. The smaller the radius, the larger the bending. Therefore, the smaller the curvature number, the larger the magnitude of bending: 3000R is more curved than 4000R, and 1800R is even more curved.

The magnitude of bending in TVs does not have to be larger than monitors; they are often viewed from a distance compared to monitor screens. While monitors are displayed directly from a closer range, a more considerable bending in monitors gives immersive and more comfortable viewing experience. “”Gold standard curvature”” for monitors is 1800R and is featured profoundly by almost all the major companies.

With time, screens are getting bigger with a lot of advancements. With the bigger size and advanced features, they are also more affordable than before. Gamers always seek the best monitors that give them a more realistic and comfortable experience to stay ahead of everyone. Curved gaming monitors are getting popular amongst players as flat screens come with a few problems, and curved monitors have overcome them.

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Curved vs. Flat Monitors

Curved vs. Flat Monitors: The Benefits of Curved Monitor

Less Eye fatigues

In this age of the internet, today’s generation spends most of their time in front of screens. Whether in the office, cafe, or at home, they are always looking at a digital display. In a survey, it was found that Americans spend 10 hours in front of a screen daily. So, screens are part of our lives now. And no one can deny or alter this attitude. As screens have become more vital, we have to consider the best possible ways to have a comfortable experience.

Technology has come up with many screens that put less strain on eyes, and curved monitor screens are amongst them. Gamers mainly spend more time looking at the screen and experience more visual and fast-paced motion activity. That’sThat’s why gamers feel more stress on their eyes and experience discomfort.

  “”A questionnaire concluded that out of nine factors, the score of “”eye pain”” was far higher for the flat monitor gamers vs. the 1000R curved monitor gamers after gaming.”

Curved vs. Flat Monitors

More Immersive: Better Viewing Experience

Curved display screens are applauded for constant viewing distance as the screens of curved monitors from both sides have a slight arc that gives the visual experience similar to the human eye. Curved monitors show close to the realistic experience and more immersive.

While flat monitor screens are disparaged due to inconsistent viewing distance, i.e., the distance from the center of the screen to the user is different from the distance from sides of the monitor screens to the user. The user cannot have a comfortable and realistic visual experience from flat surfaces. So, the visual experience while sitting in the center is usually distorted, but curved monitor screens rescue viewers from such distorted understanding.

Better Color Consistency and Viewing Angles

Curved screens come with color consistency throughout the net. Due to curved shape, it eradicates inordinate viewing angles. The edges of the screens give the same incredible colors it provides at the center of the screen.

While again, Flat monitor screens also do not have color consistency just like distance, solely because of its flat shape. As the color throughout the screen varies, the color is uneven and spotty at the corners or sides. But do not worry, a curved monitor saves all the users again.

Better Game Awareness for Fast-Paced Games

Gamers using flat screens must have experienced that they sometimes could not gain the whole gaming experience as they have to move their head just to find out what’s happening at the extreme sides. And what a user looks at is? The blotch and inconsistent colors.

As we already know that gamers always seek for a realistic visual experience. But flat screens, in most cases, ruin their experience. While curved monitor screens give them close to reality visual experience and enhance their gaming experience for fast-paced games. So, without a doubt, a 1800R curved monitor is the only best choice for gamers.

For pure comfortable and entertaining experience, Indulging time and cost on curved monitors is a big yes. Who knows, you end up having a three curved monitor and start to enjoy the multitasking and incredible visual experience.

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Wider Field of View

Curved monitors offer a larger field of view, and you can see more areas in the game. This helps you in being aware of the situation around you. Wider angle gives you an advantage in online gaming because of a more viewable area. 

You should at least opt for an ultra-wide 21:9 monitor for the visible difference. Smaller curved monitors don’t have that much of a difference in gaming. That is why a 21:9 screen is recommended.

Disadvantages of Curved Monitors

Curved gaming monitors are best when it’sits the only monitor you are using. For multiple monitors, it won’t give you the best results. A mounted curved monitor won’t look good as much as flat-screen looks.

You will have to sit right in the center for the best viewing experience. Otherwise, sitting off-center can make things look distorted.

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Curved monitors are relatively costly, and curved gaming monitors are ever more expensive. This is the biggest drawback of buying a curved PC gaming monitor. If you look at the benefits it gives and the money it costs, it is better to buy a flat-screen monitor. But if you have and spend a few hundred bucks is no big deal, buy them without a doubt. Only the 30 inches or bigger monitor have any real benefit, but this size tends to be more expensive.

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Curved vs. Flat Monitors

Why Not Curve Your Next Monitor?

Maybe most of you don’t know before reading this article about how fantastic are curved monitors. , Especially gamers would have come to understand how their gaming experience can reach another level. Now you are thinking of grabbing which company’s monitor? We have the answer too.

In the last two years, MSI has come up as an incredible and next-level market for monitors. MSI adds perfection, absolute quality, demanding characteristics, fantastic design, and vast color on their monitors. MSI gives fierce competition to other companies now. Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor or latest 4K Gaming Monitor – Optix MAG321CURV- an excellent 4K resolution (2160p) pairs perfectly 1500R curved display are the best choices for gamers. These monitors guarantee that great gaming sessions by discarding visual withdraws like screen tearing.

You can choose the best-curved monitor on “”WhyNotCurved”” on the official website of MSI. Writing out the specification you want will give you the list of monitors that suit your requirements.


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