New World Housing Guide and Buy New World Gold

Everything you need to know about Housing in New World.

New World is an MMO with a lot of content. There are many things the players can do to bide their time. There are combat activities and hunting activities that can be participated in. New World has activities that are mostly cosmetic as well. However, some features are cosmetic and beneficial. This is where the Housing feature comes in.

Housing is a worthy investment if you wish to gain access to various features and benefits. We will discuss more on that later on. However, players interested in Housing will need to buy a house and meet some other requirements. Luckily, it is easy to get meet these.

Enough rambling let’s get right into the New World Housing guide.

What Is New World Housing?

Housing is a cosmetic aspect that allows players to place constructed décor and furniture. It also offers practical benefits, such as additional storage space. Players may purchase and decorate their homes with a variety of furnishings, trophies, and even pets they find while traveling. There are 4 different tiers of Houses that the player can buy. Each tier increases in gold, but also offers more benefits.

You will need to also pay Property Tax. You will need to pay the Property Tax every week, or you will lose a bunch of features and benefits that came with the house. The Property Tax rate is based on the territory’s controlling company. Property Tax has a base value as well. It is 10% of the value of the house. So a 10k house will have a weekly Property Tax of 1k New World coins. As I stated earlier, you then have to worry about the controlling company which can increase the property tax. Before buying a house make sure you have the means to be able to pay it every week or it might turn out to be a bad investment.

New World Requirements To Buy A House

Buying a house requires the player to meet a few requirements first. However, this won’t take too long and it will come naturally just by playing the game. The first requires to be level 15. The second requires the player to have at least 10 Territory Standing in a zone. When both of those requirements are met, you will be able to purchase a house. However, you will only be able to purchase a house in the zone you have at 10 Territory Standing or higher.

Features of Buying A House in New World

There are a lot of reasons for buying a house. If you want to spend time just decorating your new home, then you can do that as well. However, there are some gameplay features to take advantage of to make your time a little bit easier.

Fast Travel

Buying a house allows you to teleport to it at a moment’s notice. This is very useful if your house is near an objective you need to get to. Fast traveling costs some form of currency, but fast traveling to your home costs nothing, not even New World gold. However, you can only use this feature every few hours. So make sure to use it when it is necessary.


Trophies are a type of furniture and decoration that may be placed in your house. Active Trophies provide players with persistent buffs and other advantages that improve their characters’ characteristics. A total of 5 trophies may be placed per house, even if it is a higher-tier house. Examples of trophy buffs include an increased chance to find rare items, increased damage to certain creature types, more luck, and bonuses to skills.

Storage Space

Owning a house will allow you to place a Storage Chest in them. Each house tier only has a limited amount of space for Storage Chests, with higher tier houses allowing you to place more. So, if you want more space for your materials and New World items, a house and Storage Chest is a must. If your Furnishing skill is high enough, you can craft bigger Storage Chests to be put in your house.

First Purchase Discount

It is important to know when buying your first New World house, you will receive a discount. It is a 50% discount on any house you purchase. This is true for higher tiers as well. So, if you haven’t bought a house yet, it may be best to save up New World gold for a higher tier.

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In short, Housing isn’t necessary, but it is helpful. Housing can provide you with some small buffs and some fun entertainment, only if players are willing to spend some New World gold. Housing doesn’t require much investment to get started either, so it can be worth it in the end. However, if you want the higher-tiered houses, you will need to shell out even more New World coins. Continue to pay your property taxes and you will continue to have passive buffs applied.

I hope this Housing guide was helpful. Do you plan on buying a house in New World? Let us know in the comment section.