Top 5 Best Standing Gaming Desks

Standing gaming desks can be great for your health, and it decreases the health risks that sitting increases. Sitting for too long daily can cause many problems like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Gaming is a passion that requires sitting for longer sessions.

World Health Organization report says that physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death among people. It all counts whether you sit for driving, watching TV, working in office, while eating or playing games.

A study conducted in 2013 showed that there is an average increase of ten heartbeats per minute while using a standing desk. This is equal to an extra fifty calories burnt every hour. According to Mayo Clinic’s, sitting for too long without any break causes a slower metabolism, which links with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Sitting for too long without any breaks is not recommended at all. Professional physicians advise that you stand up and walk every thirty minutes for a better circulation of blood in your body.

A job that requires more time sitting or sitting while gaming for a long time; this causes more delays and overtime problems. The best solution for you to overcome this situation is to have a standing desk, so you could still work or game while you are standing.

People often complain about back pain, muscle cramps, and numbing. Sitting for too long is the root cause of all these problems. Studies suggest that standing desks can help you maintain proper body posture and core strength. It will lower this risk of back pain and these health-related issues.

In this article, we are going to review the five best standing gaming desk that you can buy.

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AIRLIFT S3 54″ Standing Desk

AIRLIFT S3 54" Standing Desk​

Airlift S3 standing gaming desk is an excellent value for money. If you are looking for a desk with a relatively lower price, then Airlift S3 is an excellent option, unlike other expensive option. This downside of this desk is no cable management, and it is only available in 54″ variant. You can buy keyboard trays and monitor arms separately.

The Overall structure of this desk is strong and stable. This desk is equipped with a dual-motor electric system which takes this desk from 25.6 inches to 51.4 inches high with 1.5 inch/s speed. The base frame is made of high-quality steel. The structure is designed to withstand up to 264lbs of weight. Airlift S3 won’t have any problem supporting multiple monitors and heavyweight CPU.

Three-stage telescopic legs provide maximum stability. You may experience a little wobbling at the highest point, but it is negligible. This desk has a memory controller attached with four preset memory settings. The curved design lets your forearms stay in a comfortable position, and smooth edges help protect your wrists.

 Even though this desk needs a little bit of assembling, but it’s not so difficult. You can set it up in under an hour if everything goes right.

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Vari Electric Standing Desk 60”

Vari Electric Standing Desk 60​

Vari Electric standing gaming desk is an excellent choice for any tall person. If you are a tall person and need a standing gaming desk according to your height, then this is a great option. You can adjust the height of this desk from as low as 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches high, which is enough for even a 6.5ft person. Vari is a rock-solid deck, and it is very stable at any height. Vari 60 inch is a premium desk, and the quality is very high. The commercial quality construction means it is built to last.

Three programmable settings let you quickly save your preferred height. The powerful motor takes this desk from sitting to standing very swiftly and smoothly without making much noise. The desk features a steel frame and a steel crossbar joining both legs, which increases the stability. There is a cable management tray included to keep your cables and cords organized.

The best part about Vari standing desk is that it is straightforward to assemble in just under 5 minutes without any special tools. You need to attach the legs to the tabletop and its ready for use. Vari standing desk comes in several heavy-duty finishes that can suit any style.

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ApexDesk Elite Series

Apex Elite series Standing desk

ApexDesk Elite is a premium standing gaming desk designed for professional-grade use. The design is very ergonomic for the better posture of the user. It is available in two sizes, 60 inches or 71 inches. This desk has quick height adjustment and excellent stability. Quality of this desk is premium and looks excellent. The top is made of MDF with a spill-proof laminated finish. This robust desk can hold up to 225lbs of weight. ApexDesk can be great for those who play games for a long time.

Height can be adjusted from 29 inches to 48 inches high with a high speed of 1.5 inches per second. You can quickly change the height going from sitting to standing in a few seconds. Even at the highest point, the desk doesn’t wobble much.

ApexDesk tabletop is available in five colors, and the structure can be black or white depending on your choice. The large surface of the desk provides ample room for gaming or work. Six-button controller comes built-in with the desk. You can save four customized settings for the desired height of the desk.

The assembly of this desk is easy, but still, it takes time to assemble this desk. We recommend getting help from a friend would be better than assembling it on your own. If you are six feet tall or more than the height of this desk won’t be much for you but if you are less than 5’10” then you won’t have any problem. The sound of the electric motor is measured at 60 decibels which is quite low.

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UPLIFT Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

UPLIFT Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

Uplift standing gaming desk is available in four different sizes ranging from 42 inches to 80 inches wide. This desk was rated “best standing desk” by wirecutter and Forbes.

The tabletop is 1-inch thick solid bamboo, which is sturdy, attractive and environmentally friendly. The base frame is made of solid steel which makes it durable. Height of Uplift V2 can be adjusted from 25.5 inches to 51.1 inches high with a speed of 1.5 inches per second.

The sound of motor during motion is 50 decibels. The design of legs is 3-staged for maximum stability. The sturdy frame can withhold a heavyweight of 335lbs, which is more than enough. You can easily set up your gaming station on this desk.

Desk includes an advanced keypad with one-touch height adjustment. The program allows you to save various height setting. You can set minimum and maximum height of the desk, and you can also lock the keypad from accidental touch. The frame of the desk also includes a wire management tray.

Assembly of this desk is a bit tricky, and it will take some time to assemble. Uplift V2 comes with seven years of warranty.

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Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top

Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top

Jarvis has a sleek looking design. Jarvis Bamboo standing gaming desk is excellent for environment-friendly and ergonomic design-conscious desk users. Just like Airlift, this desk is mid-tier electric standing gaming desk. Jarvis is one of the most popular selling desks. The most important part of a standing desk is its mechanism and electronics that make it height adjustable and this desk has its parts made by Jiecang, which is a famous brand in china.

The movement of this desk smooth, but there is a low humming sound coming from two motors. Motors of this desk can quickly move the heavyweight above the desk. There is a slight wobble in the desk when it goes above 40 inches of height. It is essential to fully tighten all the adjustable, so the desk doesn’t wobble as much. The height can be adjusted from 22.25 inches to 48.75 inches with a speed of 1.5 inches per second. The noise level is 50 decibel while in motion.

Uplift V2 comes with a Motion-X-Board which is a balance board. It gives you the freedom to tilt rock and swivel while you stand comfortably. This can help you burn extra calories while gaming or working.

Jarvis can desk hold the maximum weight of 350lbs, which is more than enough for all your gaming hardware. The assembly of this desk is pretty straightforward. It can take up to 30 to 90 minutes to assemble this desk. This desk comes with a seven year warranty.

Why do you need a standing gaming desk?

The logic is very simple; you need more energy when you are standing rather than when sitting. The blood circulates more to keep your body and mind active. But when you are sitting, your body feels tired and sleepy. Standing will make you more productive, energetic, and help you accomplish more work than sitting.

What to look for in the best standing gaming desk?

When searching for a standing gaming desk, try to look for a desk that changes its height automatically rather than manually. It should be easy to adjust the height with preset height settings. Buy from a reputed brand, so the quality is not compromised. You don’t want a standing gaming desk whose motor needs repair soon.

 One of the most important things is the stability of the desk. If it’s not stable and wobbles when you increase the height, then it’s not a desk to consider buying. Make sure to check how much it wobbles on the highest point. The desktop should be spill-proof and easier to clean.

If you are a tall person, then make sure you buy a desk that has height adjustability according to your height. If you have heavy gaming hardware, then make sure you choose a desk with maximum weight load capacity and lock brake mechanism. Don’t forget to look for the cable management system for a clean look at the desk.


Working every day for a long time is trying, and working or gaming in front of a PC on a lousy desk is even more stressful. It is better to invest in a standing gaming desk rather than a regular gaming desk if you value your health. The above list is specially made for health-conscious gamers to have more information and ideas about the best standing gaming desk in the market right now.

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