Pros and Cons of Standing Desks – Are they Good For Gaming?

Standing desks are a great choice for an office environment as they can have several benefits from wellness to ergonomics.

This is why the demand for standing desks has significantly increased in recent years and nowadays, these desks are in high popularity.

But, when it comes to PC gaming purposes, there are some confusions. And that’s why you are here reading this article. Am I Right?

So, here’s the short answer to why standing desks are better for gaming:

Standing desks are appropriate for computer gaming because they allow you to play games in a position that helps you stay relaxed. They help improve your posture and keep you more energetic by avoiding the extra calories from sitting long hours on a chair.

At a standing desk, you can use your computer keyboard and mouse to play your computer games comfortably, and that’s a better way to stay focused.

Simply put, Standing desks are a great choice for any computer gamer who wants to stay fit while gaming without having to exercise.

Check out this list of Best Standing Gaming Desks.

Let’s take a closer look o the advantages of standing desks. 

1. Provides Healthy Gaming Session

Pros and Cons of Standing Desks - Are they Good For Gaming

If you are an avid gamer who spends too much time sitting on a chair playing console games, a sit-desk can be a bad choice for your health.

Playing games sitting on a chair makes you more depressed, restless and causes fatigue because you’re in a sedentary position. 

You can also experience lower back pain than neck pain, and it’s because you’re always sitting down at desks. 

On the other hand, standing desks can be a great choice if you want to be more productive and healthy throughout the gaming session.

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Since standing allows you to get the most oxygen and nutrients into your system which is really important for your brain and your body.

And you spend time in a standing position, thus they can help improve your blood circulation, prevent yourself from getting tired which can result in more focus. 

This is why standing desks are considered a good investment for those looking to be healthier.

2. Standing Desk Promotes Movement

Gaming is something that engages emotions, movements, and excitement. And when you’re playing your favorite games, you celebrate your victory.

Standing desks allow you to engage in movement throughout the game in a standing position, which is good for both mental and physical health.

But while playing games on a sit-desk, this seems a bit difficult because those desks do not allow more physical activities. 

And due to you being seated on a chair, you’re limited to enjoying the gaming session and celebrating every victory freely.  

3. Keeps You Active Throughout the Session

It is obvious when you’re playing games sitting for too long, you start to feel fatigued and uncomfortable which distracts you from your focus. 

Then you start to be comfortable, change your sitting position, stretch your legs but still you can’t achieve the edge of gaming just because of poor posture. 

But as the standing desk comes with a height-adjustable facility, this can be avoided by using these desks. 

Standing desks keeps you active and focused throughout the gaming by allowing movement, changing the desk height, and stretching your legs. 

And as we already explained how standing desks are beneficial for both mental and health, they can help you get the most out of your every gaming session.

4. Adjustability Gives Ergonomic Benefits

Standing desks are also a great choice from an ergonomics perspective because they can significantly impact your posture whether you’re seated or standing. 

As we know, long hours of sitting or standing may be uncomfortable, the adjustability makes sure you always stay in a relaxed posture.

With a standing desk, you can adjust the desk height, set the monitors at the perfect angle of your eyes, and the keyboard at your elbows height for aligned posture. 

And for standing position, you can increase the desk height, mount the monitors on desk arms, and place the keyboard on a tray to prevent neck, shoulder, and wrist strain. 

5. Enhances Your Gaming Experience

For an enhanced gaming experience, all you require is to be focused, active, healthy, and energetic throughout the gaming session.

And as we’ve explained, standing at a desk is a great way to improve your health, posture, blood circulation while also enjoying console games.

Thus they can make you more alert and energize your mood so that you can have the best gaming experience possible.

6. Gives Your Setup Minimalist Esthetic

Unlike regular gaming desks which have complex designs, standing desks are designed in a manner that gives the setup a minimalist aesthetic

Since standing desks are customizable and take less space when set up, they can help you utilize your room space for betterment.

You can give your gaming setup a bold look with a black standing desk, while with a light-colored standing desk, you can create a professional-looking setup.

However, they can come in different tabletop materials, finishing, and colors, but one thing you never miss with standing desks is their minimalist aesthetics.

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7. Can be Used as a Sit-Desk

One of the key features of a standing desk is its adjustability which gives you the ability to use these desks as a sit-desk.

A standing desk is a great option, especially for those gamers who have difficulty sitting all day on their gaming chair.

Because it allows you to switch the desk height between sitting and standing positions throughout the gaming. 

Let’s take it this way, if you’re gaming at a standing desk, you may feel your feet are tired (soreness) due to standing for too long.

In this situation, you can lower the standing desk height to the ideal height of your chair and use the desk in a seated position.  

This means you won’t experience muscle pain from standing on your feet.

Cons of a Standing Desk

Of course, there are some disadvantages of standing desks that you must be aware of before getting one for yourself. 

1. Standing Desks are Expensive

The first downside of standing desks is that these desks are so expensive as compared to the regular computer desk and gaming desk.

And the main reason is how it is manufactured, the dimensions of the desk, the quality of the materials, and how many features it has. 

Standing desks are expensive due to the materials they’re made of. 

They are often made of solid wood which is more difficult and time-consuming to manufacture than particle board which is typically used for lower-end desks.

However, they can come in different sizes and with different features depending on what you need, which vary its actual cost.

2. No Choice of Desk Shape

When it comes to the choice of desk shapes, standing desks lack this area which is another downside of standing desks.

The problem is that almost all standing desks come only in a rectangular shape whereas regular desks can come in L-shape, U-shape, T-shape, etc.

And this could be the biggest disadvantage for those gamers who are wanting a desk to fit in the corner of their room with multiple PC setups.

It is because l-shaped desks are considered the best desk for corner setup as well as these desks have longer work surfaces to accommodate multiple PCs easily.

So, with standing desks, you get no choice of selection between different desk shapes. All you get is different dimensions, colors, tabletop material, and features.

3. Lack of Special Features

The second downside of the standing desks is that they are made simple with no additional features like headphone hooks, cup holders, shelves or storage areas to accommodate gaming essentials.

But in most cases, the chances are you have to compromise with these features when you buy a standing desk.

Since the gaming setup can have more desk accessories and these desks have less features to hold all of it can make the setup much more cluttered.

This ultimately affects your gaming experience and can lower your productivity.

4. You May Feel Feet Soreness

If you have a newly purchased standing desk and you’ve never used them before then gaming for long hours at the desk could be a horrible experience for you.

This is because your feet may get tired (foot soreness) after standing for long hours and you won’t be able to play games for long sessions as you might think.

In that situation, you’ll require an anti-fatigue mat to relax your feet. Or, if the desk is adjustable, then you’ll have to set it at a seated position.

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Standing desks are all about standing, but they also allow you to sit when you need to take a break and stretch yourself to stay energized. 

They can come in different designs, dimensions, and colors and offer various benefits in terms of health, ergonomics, and boost your gaming experience.

So, if you find yourself spending too much time sitting on a chair and playing computer games, it’s time to consider investing in a standing desk.

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