How to Manage Cables on a Glass Desk – Tips

Managing cables of a computer setup can be a difficult task but it becomes even difficult when you have a glass computer desk. A glass desk doesn’t have any cable grommets and creating new grommets or adding screws under the table for a cable tray is also not possible.

A glass desk is also clear and all the cables underneath are visible, which looks pretty bad. On the other hand, a typical desk with an MDF top can be easily modified for a perfect cable management.

Most of the wooden desks come with pre-built cable grommets but it they don’t, you can easily make new holes if you have the equipment.

Open and visible wires make your setup look messy and cluttered. In this article I will share some tips on how you can manage your cables on a glass computer desk.

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1- Velcro Ties & Velcro Straps

You can use velcro ties and velcro straps to keep the cables held together and make a bundle. This is the first step of cable management.

You can get a pack of Velcro ties or a cut-to-length velcro roll. For a regular user I would recommend velcro ties. They come cheap and you can easily find them on Amazon.

This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to make your setup look neat.

2- Cable Sleeve

As the glass desk don’t have any cable grommets, you should arrange all the cables in a way that they meet at the rear center of the desk

Now you can cover your wires using cable sleeves to give it a clean look. Cable sleeves are also cheap and easy to use. They also protect your cables from damage.

You can also use Spiral Cable Wraps but I won’t recommend as it takes more time and does not look very good.

3- Cover the Wires Using Cable Raceway

Now you can use a cable raceway to pass through the cables. They come In different sizes and colors and you can get yours according to how many wires are passing through.

Raceways also have adhesive double sided tape that can be used to attach them to the wall or under the desk.

4- Run Power Cords along with the Desk Frame

With a multi monitor setup and a large L-shaped desk it is difficult to arrange all the wires to the rear center.

If your desk has a tinted glass and there is some space between the glass and the metal frame then you can run wires along with the desk frame. You can attach the cables with the frame using velcro ties. However, most of the glass desks are not tinted and hiding cables along the frame doesn’t look good as you can see through the glass.

At this point you should arrange the cables on each side of the desk to the center and then use raceway on the wall to hide the cable towards the power plug.

5- Use an Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Most probably you are using an extension cable to plug-in all your cables. In that case you can add an under desk cable management tray to hold the extension.

You can use this under desk cable management tray, which can be placed under the desk using adhesive and doesn’t need screws. Although, it comes with screws if you want to use them on a wooden desk.

6- Wireless devices

A final solution to this problem is to use wireless devices. It won’t completely solve your problem but it will surely make less mess. You can use a wireless mouse, keyboard, speakers, or a mouse pad with wireless charger.

Final Words

I know cable management is a pain but if you want to take your gaming setup on the next level then follow the tips above. You can apply these simple tips to create a clean looking computer setup. You don’t have to be so creative or spend a lot of time to manage your cable problem.

These simple hacks are cheap and easy to apply. I hope you liked the tips and found this article helpful.

Video Tutorial on how to cable manage a glass desk

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