10 Best Modern RPG Games That are Always IGNORED

Some RPGs get instant mainstream recognition and some kind of remained sleeper hits. Here is the list of best modern RPG games that are always ignored. This list isn’t in any particular order because these are all excellent games and they’re predominantly games from 2010 and onwards.



If you combine an Elder Scrolls game with God of War, that’s what this game is, and it’s a game that works well. It has this cool combat system where you accumulate fate points which allows you to shift into reckoning mode which is kind of a bullet-time mode and then there’s finishing moves that are beyond cool. 

There’s also a lot of fun in the class building in this game. But part of the reason this game never really got the kind of attention it deserved is that it was made by a company that was mainly just a vanity project from some executive. The retired executive got up one day and said I want to start a video game company, and it just so happened. This guy was friends with NYT best-selling author RA Salvatore, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and elder scrolls oblivion lead designer Ken Ralston. He asked them if they all wanted to be part of it and they were like, yeah sure.

I’m sure he paid them pretty well too. He got 75 million dollars as a loan to start this company. But, they made this game, and they filed the company for bankruptcy and it never really had the kind of support it needed. THQ Nordica recently bought the rights and is releasing in September. Maybe they will market it in a manner that gets at the attention it kind of deserves. But if not, still play this game, it’s the one you will surely enjoy if the description sounded interesting.

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It’s a game we’ve talked about before because it’s kind of a strange one but a really interesting one. It billed itself as the espionage RPG and although there are a couple of minor flaws in how the combat in this game works. The cover system was a little inconsistent, and it didn’t feel like anything had particular weight. 

This is a game that comes together as a much better package than any of its singular elements. Particularly it has an exciting story and outstanding role-playing systems in place. The way dialogue works in the game is very interesting. You’re not given a lot of time to make dialogue choices and it kind of always had specific consequences in the game. Some choices that you may not even realize had huge consequences. 

In the end, some of its imperfections work to its advantage as it’s a game that has so much charm and evident love put into it. It’s something that kind of has to be revisited. You can kind of see some of the recent days x-games influence in it, and honestly, if Microsoft has any brains, they’ll try to get a sequel or at least a remake of some kind of alpha protocol to get made, now that they own obsidian, that would be great.


Yes, it is pretty successful. But will be able to bring it up at Thanksgiving as you are too Dark Souls? Probably not. But it kind of deserves that, and that’s why we’re bringing it up in this list. If you talk to a critic about divinity original sin, they will rant and rave about how amazing it is. But is it a household name? No, and it should be because, among the types of games, it is sort of isometric Baldur’s gate style. Kind of 90s CRPG type game. 

It’s probably the best one in recent memory, and there were some perfect ones in recent memory. It just let you customize so much about it. It gave you so much freedom to sort of build your character and build within systems. It had such a great story that I just think it deserves to be one of those games that’s much bigger than it is, even though it’s not like a small game that we have never talked about before. 



There is a small exception as its 2009 when this game came out. Demon Souls kind of has always lived in the shadow of its more successful successor Dark Souls. There’s also a remake of Demon Souls coming sometime in the future, that’s probably going to be frigging amazing and might get this game the kind of recognition it deserves. 

But Demon Souls is kind of a weirder Dark Souls. It’s just a little stranger, a little goofier, not necessarily thing that it has like a sense of humor or anything, it’s still pretty grim. Demon Souls laid so much of the groundwork for Dark Souls as well as had its cool systems like character tendency and world tendency. This would change how difficult the game is, depending on how you treated NPCs and how many times you died and having different tendencies could unlock different areas of the game. 

I mean, it was just an exciting game. I cannot wait for the remake personally.



It is kind of a Diablo-like game set in an apocalyptic fantasy world, and it got a lot of praise as being kind of a “spiritual successor to Diablo 2”. The unique points of the game are to rebuild the world, where you’re kind of going around Diablo in your way through a bad post-apocalyptic situation to put back together with a world that is on the brink of humanity’s extinction.

You rebuild structures, rescue people and secure resources and stuff that isn’t generally thought about in these types of post-apocalyptic games. You do all this stuff like a badass who was just ploughing there with this huge Diablo 2 style quests. In short, it’s just a great game.

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An open-world RPG where it also brings a lot of survival elements. This is a game that just had a fascinating look at it. It’s not like particularly detailed or anything. But was willing to go different, as far as color schemes and character style. It has this distinct spell casting system that’s in-depth. It had an exciting co-op which you could do online or as couch co-op split screen.

Honestly, I would just call it kind of like a different experience for an RPG because it takes so many of the things that you think about an RPG and just does them differently. In some ways, it’s even hard to describe because it would just sound like describing an RPG. But, rest assured it’s a different title that does all of the things it does very well. It’s still worth the 40 bucks on Steam, and I would go for it.



It is a game that tried to do a lot as far as kind of being Witcher without the mysticism. Set itself during the times of the Roman Empire and tried to be as historically accurate as is possible for a game. So, you have to keep in mind that it still has to be fun on some level, so some things aren’t entirely historically accurate. 

The combat and the story are really good and in-depth. They tried to use its historical setting to the full extent. It also threw a lot at you, and it was pretty difficult at times to handle that. This made it harder for it to get the mainstream recognition it deserves. But this game was a lot of work and so much went into it. The final product is one of those games where you’re just like ‘I’m frustrated, but I can’t put it down’.

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It is a game you’ve probably never heard of. It got very little attention to how good it is. Let’s just say what this game is. It is a beautiful, incredibly unique, dungeon-crawling, turn-based, kind of JRPG, kind of CRPG, just overall different game that at the same time seems incredibly familiar in every way. I wouldn’t call it directly a JRPG, but it’s very inspired by it.

It’s also very inspired by D&D, and if you just looked at how the dungeons look, aside from the art style, you’d probably think it was a diablo clone. But it’s so colorful, beautiful, and the gameplay is so exciting. This is a game that you have to play if you haven’t heard of it. Battle chasers night war is a fantastic game that deserves way more recognition than I got.



It had this bizarre colonial RPG which was set in a fantasy world. You go to an island to colonize it, but you either end up on the side of the natives or yourself, which sounds pretty straightforward. But again this is also a game steeped in mysticism. Honestly, this is just a beautiful game that does such an exciting job and has a kind of grim content.

Colonization is pretty violent and awful and makes you make decisions about it. This is one of those games that you have to play to understand just how enjoyable it is. It’s not something that you would look at and go “oh well” because it’s super fun. It seems pretty involved when you take a glance at it, and it is. 

It’s also a lot of fun and what it makes the player confront within themselves. Honestly, I kind of wish more people had to, and maybe that’s just me saying something should be more popular because it makes you consider things and make decisions for yourself that a lot of things just don’t. It’s just a fantastic game, you should play if you haven’t, I loved Greed fall.



It is a hack and slash that comes to us from Capcom and although, the graphics are kind of outdated and might turn a few people off. However, the game itself is really why you’re playing it, not the graphics. 

It’s an open-world action RPG that is integrated so well like you’re upgrading armour, you’re upgrading skills, you’re sort of trying to develop a character that has this straightforward usefulness to it; that’s an oversimplification. This game has so much detail in its gameplay that you would be forgiven for not even noticing the story. But the story is pretty interesting as well.

It takes a little while for the story to get going. But I think they do a good job making you sort of getting into the gameplay mechanics before the story picks up because you do need to understand this game. I think that that’s kind of a pacing choice that makes it a little less accessible to a mainstream audience. But once the game gets going, it’s something that’s of a quality that deserves more attention.

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What do you think about the list of best modern RPG games and which games are you willing to play? Just don’t leaver right away as we have some bonus games for you as well down below. 



Even though it was technically a pretty big success. Could it have been a bigger success? Probably, I mean, it was the most successful launch in Bioware history, but it’s also a game that’s just kind of disappeared. 

A lot of RPGs of its caliber, we’re still talking about years later. But it also came out around the time when a lot of other big titles came out. I think those games clouded our memory of it a little bit. It was a huge game which got a huge response immediately. Maybe, let’s talk about it more nowadays. I’ve loved that game. 



It was actually kind of a JRPG derived idea. It was a cool game. It was a side scroller that at first glance would seem to be like a platformer of some kind. But it is not in any way. It’s kind of an in-depth JRPG type game with an active time battle system. Like if you timed moves well you could knock enemies turns back and that was just awesome.



It is a kind of a JRPG as well although there’s not a lot of battle stuff in it. It’s more of an adventure game that uses a more JRPG framework than a typical adventure game. It’s about trying to fulfil the dream of an older man that two doctors have entered the memories of. Just play this one, it’s not like super involved, but it’s an exciting and fantastic game.

And that’s all for now. Do you ever think about how these games all deserve maybe a bit more credit than they got?