10 NEW CO-OP Games of 2020

Playing a weekend with your friends at your place? Playing games together is great, and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for a great co-op. In this article, we will review the top 10 new co-op games of 2020. 


HellPoint is somewhere between like a grotesque, fantasy, and a sci-fi RPG, which takes place on a space station, and, if you want to call it space souls or dark space, it probably wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate, it’s very much souls like. 

The co-op didn’t exactly launch perfectly. It was fairly buggy, but by this point, this is very good co-op souls like, and if anything, it’s certainly one that has it’s aesthetic. The best soul’s likes I’ve found are the ones that don’t try to look like dark souls. They try to take the genre into a new world or a completely new aesthetic and integrate ideas into the gameplay.


Minecraft Dungeons sounds like another Mine craft title and technically is, but it’s a dungeon crawler. It’s a very different concept than what Minecraft is. As a co-op dungeon crawler/dungeon brawler, it’s a pretty damn good hack and slash exploration of procedurally generated dungeons with some handcrafted ones thrown in well. It’s pretty darn fun. 

It’s maybe a little bit simplistic for a single player, but when you get a couple of people together and do this thing co-op, it is a ton of fun. I’d pretty much list that as the strength. I care probably a lot less about Minecraft dungeons as a single player game and enjoy it as a co-op. I don’t exactly know how intended that is, but the co-op was the saving grace for this title. 

It extends the playability because it’s a conversational platform in addition to a hack and slash, and the randomly generated nature of it lets you go as long as you want. 


Oh my God, do I want Battle Toads? I cannot wait for Battletoads. What I’m pretty glad about is that they decided not to alter the core gameplay conceits, it’s still a side-scrolling beat them up, a three-player, go to the right beat everything up game. But, it upgrades the aesthetic a lot. We’ve seen some of it, and while it is unfortunate, it’s an Xbox/pc exclusive. 

I am extremely ready to play it. Everything we have seen of it seems like a fairly big style version of Battletoads. I love Battletoads, and I go back and play the original NES game all the time. And to be able to play something without using an emulator or hooking up an old console. It’s coming on August 20th. 

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SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: The Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

SpongeBob Square pants is a platform game I don’t know I expected ever to exist. Battle for bikini bottom is a good co-op platformer, but it looks extremely dated when you see it. Purple lamp studios have gone ahead and completely redone it. It’s much better looking. However, it retains the aesthetic of the original, but it also gives us new content. 

Stuff that was caught from the original game like the robot Squidward boss fight and plenty more. It’s also got a new horde mode, multiplayer for online and offline two-player co-op, which has proven to be a pretty good addition because the gameplay of SpongeBob Square pants: battle for bikini bottom is actually really good. 

It’s a great platformer, and It is along the lines of platformers in that era. However, it is one of the better examples of it. Spongebob Square pants: battle for bikini bottom is out already on quite a few platforms and if you’re looking for a great platformer from the 2003 era, but without an outdated look. This looks a lot better, and this is where you got to go. 


Watch Dogs Legion is a sequel to the definite upgrade in the series Watch Dogs 2. It not only gives you the ability to control multiple characters. It also has a four-player co-op mode that I think will end up being a big boon to the series. 

Watch Dogs started a little bit too close to grand theft auto but have gradually grown apart from it, as was the series’s spirit. It’s not that the first one was bad; it was just a little too steamy. But the second one, I think, was genuinely quite good. 

It expanded upon the core ideas of the series and implemented them in a great manner. Here we’re seeing this in a near-future London police state which I think is a brilliant setting for this game. We’ve seen it in a pre-police state era. In some ways, the CTO’s idea was shown through a Silicon Valley utopian lens, which was I mean criticized in the game more or less, but the result of that type of a thing is police state stuff. 

I like what’s being portrayed here, and it has more potential as a setting, and this is where the series will hit its stride. It’s hitting pretty much every platform imaginable on October 29th except for next-gen, which it will also be hitting later.


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a sequel that’s been a very long time coming, and it was originally going to be hitting mid-august, but they will be announcing the actual release date in a few days. It isn’t going to belong from now, according to them. 

Baldur’s Gate, if you remember, is a top-down isometric role-playing game. From the looks of everything we’ve seen so far, the gameplay conventions aren’t particularly different. However, the viewpoint is now entirely 3D, and you’re able to do everything that you might in a modern game with the camera.

It’s pretty exciting that Larry in studios, the developers of Divinity Original Sin and Divinity Original Sin 2 have been the developers of this game because they’re bringing their co-op conventions to it. You’ll play both locally and with friends specifically if you want to do couch co-op that split-screen for two players. If you want to do it online, it’s four players. 


A fairly different looking game from Square Annex which we thought might be related to marvel. However, it’s a game that centers on humanity’s struggle to colonize a planet and a superpower giving energy that empowers both sides. 

We’ve seen a lot of the systems that Outriders purports to use. It’s a very role-playing oriented, but for the most part, it’s a three-player cover shooter that I think will come off a lot like a Gears of War title, and that makes sense. It was developed by People Can Fly, the developer behind Gears of War judgment, which was one of the spin-off games. 

They also created bullet storms, which were a pretty darn cool first-person shooter. I think that this will be one of those games that are either good or kind of just sort of quietly lands and people forget about it. 

I think there’s potential for the former, and I hope that the latter doesn’t happen because I think the premise is cool, the aesthetic is cool, and the systems that they’ve shown us are also cool. If it all comes together, I’m pretty excited to have another multiplayer cover shooter to go through personally. It’s coming to pretty much all platforms in quarter four of this year.


Star Wars squadrons is an extremely cool looking game, a first-person, multiplayer, dogfighting game, intended to give you the ability to play in VR. However, the game is not going to be VR exclusive, which honestly, I think, is a good thing because that means it’s not going to rely on those gimmicks, but what worries me is that that might make the VR itself a bit of a gimmick, we’ll see. But I’m pretty darn excited about it. It’s using a name similar to the rogue squadron. 

I think it’s probably going to be comparable to the rogue squadron in the same way the new battlefront is comparable to the old battlefront. I do think there’s going to be some pretty significant gameplay differences. We’ve seen some stuff about the various ships, the imperial ones aren’t going to have shields, so it’s going to be quite accurate to the in-world ships. 

I’m interested to see how much rogue squadron and how much x-wing versus tie fighter and how much new gameplay is in the mix here. It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, and windows on October 2nd. 


Although there is some controversy going on about monetization options, particularly in the exclusivity areas. The core game does look pretty darn fun. It looks to have some varied combat based on different character gameplay, and I like everything. It’s a good good-looking game. What it depends on, I think, is the story and how they intend to make it into what they’ve been calling the games as a service type game. 

How the open-ended gameplay is going to fare in that respect. But I think there are also many possibilities as long as they don’t bog us down too far with the monetization stuff. Marvel’s Avengers is hitting this current generation of hardware on September 4th. 


It’s worth talking about because it’s a pretty fun looking game. It’s a Honey I Shrunk the Kids Simulator. You’re shrunk down to the size of an ant and have to either on your own or with a cast of other people who are playing co-op with you and survive in a world that seems much bigger than it is. 

It means gathering resources, getting a hold of stuff that can help you fight off, insects that are much bigger than they should be, etc. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun to me.


We have a few bonus games for you that you might like. The first one is Gunfire Reborn, a kind of the first-person roguelike RPG linear co-op game. It’s a cool aesthetic. It does a lot differently from the type of game you might expect. 

It’s Left for Dead except for obviously the aesthetics are different. It’s also very loot-oriented, but hey, that’s not necessarily bad when it’s done right.

Next is GODFALL, an action RPG that I’ve been calling kind of fantasy melee anthem. However, we have hope that it’s handled more competently than the anthem.

That’s all for this article. Have you played any of these games and or are looking forward to any of them?

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