10 Best Open World Games on PS4

In this article, we are going to review the best open world games available on PS4. Ask anyone why they play games and “escapism” is going to be a pretty popular answer. And for me, there is no escape, quite like falling into a sprawling, immersive open world. So, if you’re looking to lose yourself in their clean air of ps4 great outdoors. Here’s a list of 10 fantastic games, sure to sate your wanderlust.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

There are many different reasons we love open world games. The thrill of exploration, unrivalled gameplay freedom and as is the case with our first entry. Marvel Spiderman has no equal when it comes to getting about New York. Sure, you can fast travel and enjoy Spidey on the subway. But, to be honest, I rarely did that in my playthrough. 

Flinging yourself through the gorgeous urban jungle of Manhattan is so exhilarating. You just won’t want to travel any other way. The New York of Marvel’s spider-man is essentially your playground. A huge expanse of gleaming skyscrapers, begging you to sprint up them, dive off and then string together aplitic sequence of swings and aerial pirouettes as the evening Sun glares and the music soars. 

It just feels incredible. The team at Insomniac has absolutely nailed spider-man’s elastic race. A number of times my stomach dropped in real-life coming to the peak of a swing before plunging back to the streets below. Open world traversal just doesn’t get any better than this. 

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

After years of honing their craft with the visually incredible Kill zone Games, Guerrilla games delivered an absolute original. Our second entry is Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is a success on so many levels, the setup drips with intrigue, a world overrun with a creature like machines, with tribes of humans living among the ruins of a once-great civilization. 

Our supremely calm and capable hero “Aloy” brought to life by a perfectly measured and convincing performance by Ashley Birch. The world itself, surprising no one who’s played the Killzone series is a constant jaw-dropper. Vividly imagined scenes of earth reclaimed by nature brought to life by the kind of tech that has you pressing the photo mode button every three minutes.

Put all that together with the type of rich, compelling story, a few open world games managed to pull off, and battles against the towering machines featuring intricately articulated physics and horizon zero dawn emerge as one of PS4’s most accomplished titles.



Our next entry is Skyrim, and I’ve tried for years to pin down and articulate what makes this world so endlessly explorable and why it’s such a joy to simply exist in it, to no avail. There’s a soul and an essence to this place that seems to evade any attempt to ensnare it with language. Skyrim as a place has grown beyond its coded source and sort of taken root in our collective cultural consciousness.

I remember Skyrim in the same way; I remember places I used to go on holiday as a child. The physical forms of the trees, rivers and mountains on their own, less relevant than the emotional response they elicit. But, even if you’re new to Skyrim, it is a world just begging to be explored. I’ve played this game on and off for the best part of a decade, and I’m still discovering things even now. This is an open world you can both endlessly explore and always return to absolute magic.

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Witcher 3

Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is one of those games matched perhaps only by Skyrim on this list, where the immersion of the world isn’t just about the geography of its all towns, forests and hidden caves. It’s about a sense of place that’s deeper than marks on a map. A world of meaning and possibility, an attitude of storytelling that’s transported in that way, so few things are once we slip out of childhood. 

With The Witcher, there’s a canny folk sensibility to its time, place and politics, war, armies mass at borders, the dead fill the fields and their bodies feed monsters that lurk in the shadows. As Geralt, you stand apart from this conflict or at least tried to grimly plying your trade as a monster slayer for hire. The arid weight of Andrzej Sapkowski stories preserved faithfully in this new tale, about the search for your adoptive daughter cirri and the coming battle against the riders who call themselves the Wild Hunt. 

The open world plays a huge part in what makes The Witcher essential. Galloping over a storm swept hail at sundown, investigating an abandoned ruin, sailing the crags of the Isles. These are the things fantasy epics are built from, but the real magic is how the world supports and brings alive a place, and a way of being that seems like it was just waiting to exist all along.

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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Next up we’ve got Red Dead Redemption to an enormous intimidatingly beautiful open world with a depth and richness of detail that quite frankly blows our minds. Red Dead 2 is a game that wants you to soak up its world at every opportunity. The game rolls along at a pleasingly slow pace. 

Life’s smaller pleasures like the sound of a stream, shattering the rocks, the echo of an eagles cry as it cracks around empty mountain air, the pleasing clip-clop of your horse’s hooves, crunching through the soil, being in the world of Red Dead – is as much a part of playing the game as all the shootouts and street brawls and in terms of just relaxing, whether you’re fishing rowing or simply camping out and staring at the stars, nothing comes close to rock star’s masterpiece. 

You can practically taste the fresh air in your lungs, smell the pine trees, and feel the invigorating icy touch of that water. 

Mad Max meets Sons of Anarchy – Second Amendment

Mad Max meets Sons of Anarch- Second Amendment

Our next entry days is a fresh take on a crowded genre. The game’s post-apocalypse has survivors living in camps and moving through the world on customized drifter bikes. Mad Max meets Sons of Anarchy-Second Amendment loving outlaws inheriting the beautiful wilds of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a compelling setup, and that’s before we get to the game’s real star which is the freakers. The emaciated shrieking infected who roam the open world in persistent hoards.

These hordes are a technical marvel. A seething mass of hundreds of individual bodies swarming and charging, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Crucially, they make for brilliant unique gameplay. Desperate encounters are full of tricks, traps, endless rounds of ammunition and above all, lots of running away.

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Yakuza 0

Yakuza Zero

Yakuza 0 is next on our list. We could easily have included any of the games from Sega’s incredible crime saga. But, we’ve gone with zero as it’s the best place to start if you’re a newcomer and features an open world that may not be as massive as others on this list. But what camera show and shot, they make up for in character, detail and the sheer endless number of things to do and places to explore.

These areas are stylized. Fictional recreations of Tokyo’s Kibaki Cho and Osaka’s donburi and if you’ve been to either of those in real life, you’ll know Sega has just nailed it. The way you’ve got cafes, bars shops all sort of tucked away and layered on top of one another. How the place morphs in front of your eyes as day becomes night almost like the city is breathing in and out the phrase living world is used a lot when describing games like this. 

But, Yakuza zero really does feel lived in. You get the sense this place but carry on regardless of your presence and all the things you can do in this place. Karaoke, running a cabaret club, underground fighting pocket, racing, real estate, management, dancing will never get you bored in the world of Yakuza zero.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Adventure that feeling of discovering something for the first time. One of the many reasons open world games feel so magical and in terms of pure, raw, unapologetic adventure. Games don’t come much better than Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Exploring this gigantic slice of ancient Greece is something else. Especially now the series has ripped free from the shackles of historical accuracy and infused its worlds with the fantastic. 

This place combines everything that’s good about Assassin’s Creed you’ve got bustling city hubs perfect for vertical stealth, and then gorgeous stretches of lush countryside that give way to rolling open ocean and you can explore every inch of it sailing climbing hunting down horrible cultists, all tied together with a compelling story in the most likeable protagonists since the iconic Ezio Auditore grace tower PS3 over a decade ago. 

If you want to gain that you can dive deep into and explore at your leisure for hundreds of hours that offers beauty, variety and mystery and equal measure, then get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in your PS4.

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GTA 5 recently became the largest grossing entertainment product of all time, which is probably a bigger seal of approval than us. GTA 5 is good because nobody brings a sense of depth and detail of warping the real world into a virtual magic box and caging it inside your PS4, the way. The Rockstar does.

The first few hours of playing any GTA game are getting your head around the fact that it just exists. I guess this is possible now then until you tell yourself as you drive through what’s effectively a real city, fly over it just to make sure and then staring close up at the concrete to marvel at the accurate textures and then there’s the story. 

This time a rampant raging three-way tug of war designs to showcase the best, and first, of the world, Rockstar has conjured. And then there’s GTA online, a never-ending spiral of new things to do, a playground of speed and destruction and staring at concrete.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Last but not least, Death Stranding. The most unique open world you will ever experience. For starters, it’s eye meltingly beautiful. The first time I saw this bleak melancholic landscape, I was floored. Death stranding wants you to connect to this world. This isn’t just a big bowl of mountains and rivers you whizzed through on your way somewhere else. 

This is a place you’ll get to know intimately, traversing it one foot in front of the other scaling cliffs wading across rivers. There’s a deliberateness to it, a slow, meditative quality that draws your focus to the here and now. You’ll become aware of your every footstep your breath hanging in the cold air. You can feel the elements in Death Stranding, and it’s just incredible. 

Also, it’s a wonderful playground for those times when you do want to think about other things like sneaking up on mules and stealing their trucks. But, if you’re after an open world experience that places no limits on where you can go and truly conveys the breathless wonder and power of nature, then Death Stranding is the one.

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So, there you are ten of the most incredible open world games on ps4. Do you agree with this list? Have we forgotten any you think to deserve mention? Let us know in the comments section.


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