20 Best Games Like Diablo To Play On PC

Are you still waiting on Diablo 4 with bated breath? Don’t worry, and I have made a list of nine games like Diablo with enough loot to rival the series that you can play in the meantime.

It’s been decades that we’ve fought off the lord of terror, and no matter how many soul stones we get through, we’re still eager to jump back into the fray for hours of hacking, slashing, and most importantly, looting.

Diablo, the series, not the demon, has been generously giving us three titles to enjoy, but since the last one came out in 2012 and the next is a good year away still it’s time to find something else to scratch that action RPG itch.



Hades is not a traditional loot-based action role-playing game (ARPG), but it still packs enough action to provide a comparable experience.

This isometric rogue-like game offers a vast number of ways to play thanks to its randomly generated gameplay. Although some players may be discouraged by the term “rogue-like,” don’t be.

Dying multiple times is actually an essential aspect of the story and gameplay. In order to progress and uncover the truth about his family, Prince Zagreus must escape from his underworld home.

A key difference between Hades and many other games on the market is its engaging story line, which combines elements of Greek tragedy with family drama.



Undecember is a recent addition to the ARPG genre, having been eagerly awaited before its release. The game blends elements of popular games to create a unique experience.

The character build system offers a balance between the complexity of Path of Exile and the simplicity of Diablo 3, with a range of options for players who prefer unique playstyles.

The story may not be memorable, as is often the case with isometric loot-based ARPGs, but the game is free, so there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark

If you’re looking for an ARPG that will satisfy your craving for a game like Diablo, look no further than Lost Ark. Developed by South Korean studio Smilegate, this game boasts a level of gameplay and storytelling that surpasses Diablo 3, offering an experience that is truly unique.

Lost Ark offers an epic adventure set in the world of Arkesia and allows you to test your skills in intense action combat, choose from a diverse range of character classes, and customize your playstyle.

The game is filled with rich lore and thrilling battles against the forces of darkness seeking the power of the Ark.

With features such as customizable gear, unique character skins, a mount to travel on, Crystalline Aura, battle items, and more, Lost Ark is the perfect way to make the wait for Diablo 4 more tolerable.

Dungeon Siege

Dungeon Siege

Like Shadows: Awakening, Dungeon Siege has many distinct gameplay elements that distinguish it from the Diablo franchise.

However, at its core, it shares the same fundamental spirit as the Blizzard games. In Dungeon Siege, you control your character and guide them on a quest for wealth, better gear, and weapons.

The first game’s combat was intense enough to make it stand out among other isometric RPGs in 2002. The sequels also make adjustments to the core gameplay that significantly alter the approach to combat and character development.

Shadows – Awakening

Shadows - Awakening

Shadows: Awakening shares many visual similarities with Diablo 3 and is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler that enables you to switch between four different playable characters on the fly, instead of just being limited to one.

This opens up numerous possibilities and variations for gameplay that don’t necessitate starting over. If you’re in search of something new and unique, Shadows: Awakening offers a change of pace with its puzzles.

They provide a refreshing break from the typical grind, especially if you’re getting tired of it. Additionally, Shadows: Awakening is more generous than most ARPGs as you can save your progress at any time without the need for checkpoints.


Sacred 2004

At first glance, Sacred may seem like just another clone of Diablo. However, upon playing it, you’ll quickly realize that it has a more high-fantasy approach compared to Diablo.

Despite this, Sacred is a lesser-known series, overshadowed by Blizzard’s ARPG giant. It has spawned three sequels and numerous expansions, with the first game being the one most worth playing due to its more ambitious nature.

The first Sacred game was ahead of its time, featuring a sandbox open-world where exploration was genuinely rewarding, setting it apart from most other ARPGs and dungeon crawlers.

If you can tolerate its outdated graphics, give it a chance. Otherwise, the sequels may be a better fit.

Wolcen – Lords Of Mayhem

Wolcen - Lords Of Mayhem

One of the most common criticisms of Diablo 3 is its cartoonish graphics, which make the game appear less serious and deep compared to its predecessor.

If you are searching for a game with a similar atmosphere to Diablo 3 but with a different design approach, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a strong contender. It offers exciting combat with highly detailed characters and enemies, and has a darker art style and atmosphere compared to Diablo 3.

Additionally, its build system is comparable to those of established Diablo 2 spiritual successors, such as Path of Exile.

Loot River

Loot River

If you enjoy the hack-and-slash aspect of Diablo and its top-down perspective, but crave something new, “Tetris meets Dark Souls” indie action-RPG, Loot River, is the game for you.

Despite being referred to as “godless” and “a big ol’ bully,” we have logged countless hours into its innovative tetromino-based world.

Loot River takes the familiar elements of a roguelike game, such as procedurally generated worlds and permadeath, and adds the twist of being able to manipulate the terrain beneath your character, which allows you to solve puzzles and gain the upper hand against enemies.

The result is a challenging and rewarding experience, reminiscent of Diablo, that will keep you coming back for just one more attempt.

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders is one of the more well-known series on this list, but it’s also one of the more overlooked by fans of Diablo looking for something similar. With Darksiders Genesis, it’s never been so tempting for Diablo fans to turn their attention to the Darksiders universe.

Watching the trailer, you’ll immediately spot the one key resemblance to Diablo, with Darksiders Genesis embracing an isometric view instead of its predecessor’s third-person perspective. That said, Darksiders Genesis is a Darksiders game through-and-through, and the best entry in years.

Gorgeous, fast-paced, and unexpectedly funny, Genesis is the magnum opus of the Darksiders formula in Diablo-like clothes.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran

Victor Vran may not bring anything new to the table, but it is still an exceptional isometric ARPG that can’t be ignored. While it may be tempting to label it as a clone of Diablo, this characterization does not do the game justice and is not entirely accurate.

Unlike Diablo, Victor Vran features fluid combat that incorporates jumping and dodging, an array of diverse weapons that include firearms, and a storyline infused with humor. Additionally, while the game takes inspiration from games such as Torchlight and Bastion, it seamlessly blends these elements to create a unique identity.

For Diablo fans seeking a change of pace, Victor Vran offers a distinctive style and setting that is worth checking out.



If you’re looking for a fresh experience with a modern flair, but still focused on acquiring loot, Warframe should be on your radar.

Despite its vastly different plot, story, and setting, Warframe draws inspiration from the RPG genre and specifically looter games, making it a great option for Diablo enthusiasts seeking something new.

Plus, it’s free to play and available on major home consoles, providing no excuse for you to miss out on it.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a deep dark fantasy river of action role-playing. From the start, what you might recognize is the vast spider web skill tree. It can look daunting like an eight-legged beast, but all it means is that you get to build whatever kind of character you like.

Be an elemental witch who uses her mana to blast foes, a slow but powerful barbarian who can kill with one blow, or the intelligent shadow who lets their traps do all the work. The customization here goes one step further.

You’re here for games like Diablo, and in Path of Exile, there’s loot on loot on loot. You can combine the gems and items you find to make even more unique and powerful character combinations. The best part is that it’s totally free, so you can enact your gothic revenge without spending a cent and still look amazing doing it.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

In Diablo 2, you have the chance to be a life force sucking vampire assassin but not the vampire assassin. No, in Van Helsing, you take on the role of the notorious all knowledgeable monster hunter. Well, his son, but you are hoping to live up to the name.

This version of his ongoing story has you taking down hordes of scientific abominations and fantasy beasts rather than the classic blood sucking themes. You’re in 19th century eastern Europe, which is inundated with magical elements and experimental scientists and not the excellent kind unless big walking rat people is good in your book.

Here you can dungeon crawl your way across atmospheric landscapes complete with gloomy forests and soot-stained cities. When the foes do inevitably turn up, you can hack through close-quarter melee or keep your distance and blast from afar and use the detailed leveling system to customize how you turn things into meaty chunks.

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Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn

Grim dawn has often been dubbed as a spiritual successor to Diablo 2. Two otherworldly powers fighting it out sounds familiar. Fast-paced hack and slash combat and chest upon chest upon the corpse of loot.
Grim dawn is set in an apocalyptic world where your actions can mean life or death, and that’s not just because you’ve got a big slashy sword. Your choices along the way have consequences, so role-playing always goes beyond your class.

Speaking of classes, each class is an entirely unique fighter. Utilizing distinctive tactics such as elemental magic, deadly curses, rallying others on the battlefield, you could always combine two options at later levels to get even more in-depth customization and let them loose on hundreds of enemy types. Whacking and blasting various beasts just never gets old.

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Let’s step away from the moody woods and monstrous creatures to the warm shores of ancient Greece. A place where centaurs and Satyrs frolic amongst the hills, ready to meet the sharp end of your sword.
You’re the human warrior who’s going to turn from zero to hero after pelting enough goat men with your fists and eventually the weapon of choice for your class, the usual fearsome axe or sparkly staves. There’s 28 to choose from, so it’s a little more nuanced than that. But what matters is listening to cricket’s chirp as you slay mythical beings.

Last Epoch

Last Epoch

Hacking slashing and time travel, Last Epoch is an action RPG where you can go back to the future of the mythical world of terror. Just don’t expect a DeLorean to show up anytime soon. But you’re not just exploring time for the fun of it, although it is fun. It’s a chance to change the fate of this world.

Despite still being in early access, there’s already a story to enjoy with more on the way. Like many others on this list, there are extensive classes to select and build upon. However, Last Epoch even lets you customize individual skills. Yes, there are skill trees for your skill trees.

Here you can turn elemental damage into a chain attack or give your hammer the power to blast from afar rather than whack up close. This means that even within classes, you can continue honing your playstyle, and what will feel familiar is chasing down that epic loot with the randomized system making you always want to play just that little bit more.

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2

Continuing with our theme of stepping back in time, the Torchlight 2 is another entry from a few years back, but that’s a testament to how enjoyable the series is. The fans of Diablo will likely be familiar, and the two have often been compared.

It’s another dungeon crawling hack and slash. Explore the world, complete quests, and battle whatever stands in your way, but it’s not a clone with skills, classes, and combat recognizable but different. Plus, you get a pet, and who doesn’t want a fluffy companion everywhere they go.

They’re not the kind to die in your first fight, so you need to leave them at home by the fire. These beasts are there to help, and the adorable alpaca gives a mean headbutt. Monsters far and wide will start to dread the sound of its bleat.

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Warhammer – Chaosbane

Warhammer - Chaosbane

In many ways, being a Warhammer fan is like a gift from the gods. If you love a particular genre, all you need to do is flip a coin, and by the time it lands, someone will probably have made a knockoff set in a Warhammer universe, be it 40k, Fantasy, or Age of Sigmar.

Even left for dead fans experienced this with Vermintide, and now Diablo fans can enjoy a similar experience in Chaosbane. As is often the case in Warhammer games, you’re the last hope for the empire of man as you and up to three friends bludgeon your way through a sightseeing tour of the old world.

It might not be as finely crafted as some of the other games on this list, but the compelling selection of character, classes, and story by black library author Mike Lee will be enough for anyone who still feels the impossible appeal of anything that games workshop touches the servants.

Book of Demons

Book of Demons

Book of Demons is a pop-up book of nightmares, fantastic looking nightmares, may I add. Its paper style folds out around you each time you enter a dungeon, which is where you’ll spend most of your time. You hack and slash your way through skeletons, zombies, and gargoyles, hoping to rid the cathedral of its devilish presence.

Unlike some other titles on this list, you don’t need to commit days at a time to get anywhere. You can select how long you want to dungeon crawl at a time. So, perfect if you want to dive into a quest without having to write off a whole evening.

Before you even ask, yes, there is plenty of loot to keep you happy. Book of Demons even has a feature where if you’ve missed even the smallest amount of worn coins, it won’t call the level complete, so you can run back and collect that precious gold. This one coin is going to make all the difference.

Borderlands Series

Borderlands Series

Okay, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you to play borderlands if you love looting, but here I am anyway to tell you to make friends with an annoying yellow robot because of guns so many guns.

I’m also not here to count the other similarities to Diablo because let’s be honest, there aren’t many. But there are few things more satisfying than blasting through a cartoony map and obsessing over every single chest of firepower. There are plenty of reasons to revisit the handsome collection before you even pick up borderlands 3.

An infectious sense of humor, fun characters, and wave upon wave of goons to test your skills make these games an essential trigger-happy loot fest. Then, once you’re truly exhausted from the murderous sights that pandora has to offer, head into Borderlands 3 to escape to other equally shooty planets where there are more guns.

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