9 Best Games Like GTA

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Open-world games like GTA are very addicting and fun to play. And If you’ve played each game in GTA series and done everything these games offered, you might be looking for similar games to play. 

The GTA games are fan favorites for a reason. The open worlds, lots of cars and chaotic freedom but with the sixth installment still a long way off, driving around San Andreas for the hundredth time is probably starting to wear on your tires.

Luckily though it’s not the only place to hop into a stolen car shoot at goons or enjoy a city full to the brim with life. I have made a list of 9 games to play on PC if you love the GTA series. Also, the games on the list are not in any particular order.

Saints Row – The Third Remastered

Saints Row - The Third Remastered

Open world crime doesn’t get much better than Saints Row. And with the third remastered this year (2020) there’s never been a better time to don some purple and pick up a gun. It’s just as weird and wacky as before only this time with better light.

Leading the third street saints gang in a turf war you have an open city to explore, which means for all you GTA fans is driving freely, shooting freely and generally causing chaos. There’s even an insurance fraud setting which actively encourages running into open roads to rack up some cash in ragdoll mode, something we would have loved to see once or twice before a wasted screen.

You can also look great while being flung into the air with detailed customization of characters and vehicles, letting you live out your coolest and most badass dreams.

Mafia – Definitive Edition

Mafia - Definitive Edition

If you’re going to commit a crime, you may as well go big and what better way to do that than joining the mob. GTA has let us pull off some serious heists over the years, but there’s something about the 1930s setting a narrative that makes mafia feel so good to be part of.

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Things are more linear, taking you from mission to mission, but that keeps its pace. And if you do want to kick back and have some depression-era fun, turn on the free ride mode to zoom around the city in one of the many beautiful classic cars.

There’s even 1930s music to jive to or whatever the kids were doing back then. However, you may encounter that all too familiar speed limit warning but just like GTA stopping is always optional.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0

While the quests of GTA are great, Yakuza 0 gives the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the living breathing world that makes it fun and the creators know how important it is. In between boss fights and street brawls, there is a huge amount of detail put into the other things Tokyo has on offer. 

You can explore the open-world as you please and for fans of wasting time like me. Many weird and wonderful side activities will keep you entertained for far longer than you’d like to admit.

In Yakuza 0 you can’t drive but look at the bright side, if you were speeding around in a car you’d miss the best beef noodle spots. So, turning off the ignition is highly recommended for GTA fans who know that main quests are overrated.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

One thing that GTA is most famous for is running up to any car you see, pulling the driver out and jumping in to drive off. But doing that hundreds of years previous is just as fun. Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you tame wild horses, but it’s much easier to pop on one already handily tied up and ride off into whatever mischief next takes your fancy.

It’s another great open world where your stolen transportation is a chance to explore, but the radio only has one station, and it’s a horse running ASMR. Also, cars can’t betray you quite so terribly when crocodiles show up. Your horse will panic upon seeing a crocodile, and you will fall from the horse.

As fun as the city is, there aren’t views quite like this game in any other game. Plus there are still the bright lights of towns, which also have a tram.

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Watch Dogs – Legion

Watch Dogs - Legion

Just because grand theft auto hasn’t been back to London since 1999, doesn’t mean that the UK capital is without merit. Watchdogs Legion’s sprawling open-world is absolutely delighting in its location, making sure you’re always within sight of Big Ben or iconic red double-decker buses.

Despite being able to recruit who you want to the cause, there’s a strong story here too that’s quite happy to let you take over the city at your pace. And that unique ability to play as anyone mixes up the traditional formula meaning that legion feels less restricted than other open-world experiences.

Each perk and benefit of the varied citizens of London means you can spend hours wandering the streets until you’ve found your favorite main character. Oh and don’t worry, just like Watch Dogs 2 the ability to hack cars and steer them to your advantage never gets old.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

Maybe what you like about grand theft auto isn’t the city life. Perhaps what you really want is the feeling of the open road under your tires, the feeling of limitless potential when you slam your foot on the gas pedal and turn up the radio. For this, you’ll find few better races than Forza Horizon 4.

While you can take part in time trials stunts or all kinds of other car-based activities, no one is going to stop you from taking to the road and just driving for the sake of driving. There’s no need to put a location in your satellite navigation, just see where you’ll end up in Britain.

Whether you decide to go off-road or just take in the sights of the British Isles. Forza Horizon 4 always surprises with an endless sense of adventure that even changes with the seasons.

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Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs - Definitive Edition

It’s probably due another remaster any day now, but Sleeping Dogs is another quiet open-world classic in a unique setting. Bustling Hong Kong is a joy just to walk around on foot drinking in the lights and wishing you could reach through the screen and grab one of those infamous pork buns. 

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The story of detective Wei Shen is ludicrous fun, but just like GTA, it’s the endless other missions that make sleeping dogs such a compelling sandbox. The variety of vehicles to make the most of Hong Kong never feels stale and replaying is further proof that we should probably be on our sixth sleeping dogs game by now.

The good news is that the definitive edition includes both DLC packs, so you’ve plenty of things on your to-do list.

LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

Yeah, I’m putting up a LEGO game on the games like grand theft auto list. When it comes to the sheer joy of living cities, it should also include ones made of satisfying bricks. Plastic cities can have crime too! LEGO Undercover follows hardened cop Chase McCain on his journey into the stud-packed underworld run by the nefarious Rex Fury. 

As you’d expect from a LEGO game, there’s plenty of destruction and rebuilding, but this is basically grand theft auto 5 for all ages as Chase pursues criminals across the bustling city. As usual, TT games humor is perfect for both children and adults, making this a GTA adjacent experience that doesn’t need to be played with a door shut and headphones on.

Far Cry 5


Step away from the city and out into GTA’s more rural settings. Far Cry 5 is a perfect similar drive into criminal madness. You can have screeches with a bear called cheeseburger. Plus you can also use them to rip the throat from your foes as you fool yet another bandit camp with all guns blazing.

This trip to hope the country is a blockbuster-style sandbox experience with a strange drug-addled heart. This series is a satisfying blend of endless distraction means that you can quite happily ignore the story quests and head off in search of stashes of perk points in the forest or just decide to go for a swim with a couple of your best furry friends.

Whether you’re teaming up with trigger happy helicopter pilots or just hunting animals to pass the time Far Cry 5 is another perfect world of escapism without quite the same darkness of GTA.