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Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors under $300

Don’t you aspire to have a gaming monitor that provides you the best gaming experience while you play your favorite games and is also available at an affordable price? Congratulations, you are on the right page. Here you will find some of the best monitors available in the market at a reasonable price.

We researched for you, so you don’t waste your time finding the most suitable gaming monitor for your games. We have tested and reviewed many gaming monitors and made a list of best gaming monitors under 300$ available in the market that we loved the most. All these monitors possess great inbuilt features that would provide you perfect playing experience. Moreover, these monitors are also suitable for watching movies and TV shows, designing, and writing. 

All these monitors in the below list are strong, sturdy, and well built. So, stay rest assured that your money will not go in vain. Just follow our recommendations and suggestions, and we are sure you will find the best monitor for yourself. 

Nonetheless, you need to understand that it is not just the monitor that matters, but aspects such as graphic card RAM and CPU capacity also matter. The combination of all these things provides quality exposure to the gamer.

In the below list, we have focused on monitors that are within your budget. Not only this, but we have also considered their technology, resolution power, size, refresh rate, image quality, and other features.

1. AOC CQ27G2 27″ Super Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC CQ27G2 27

This monitor is one of the best 1440p monitors out there. It has all the great features of the top monitors in the world. It is a high spec and a powerful device. In short, it is a killer monitor that would provide the best user experience.

CQ27G227″ is a low budget monitor from the renowned AOC brand. It is a 27 inch and 2560*1440 monitor. It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. This AOC monitor compatible with adaptive sync having low framerate compensation. It also has a G-sync verification.

This AOC’s monitor is part of the G2 series, which was launched last year. The G2 series of monitors are not similar to the monitors of the G1 line. They have better features and aspects. In other words, this line of monitors is an improved version of monitors from the previous version. They are curvier and lightweight than previous models.

Although there is nothing crazy about its design, it has a simple design that provokes aesthetic feelings in you. It has red highlights, which makes it look beautiful. Moreover, its exterior is built up of plastic, and it has no RGB lighting. 

From the view of functionality, The monitor has a height-adjustable stand that can move in a circle as it can be tilted and swiveled according to your need. It has one display port input and two HDMI ports. It also has an audio output. But, it has no speakers or a USB port.

This AOC’s monitor killer aspect is its low price. This might not be the cheapest, but it sure is one of the cheapest monitors around. Overall, if you are a fan of curved monitors that provide high-quality resolution, try this one. 

  • Height adjustable stand
  • Impressive 3-year warranty
  • Simple design
  • Supports adaptable sync
  • No directional toggle to manage OSD

2. VIOTEK GN27DW 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

VIOTEK GN27DW 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

There are lots of cheap staff available that offer mediocre services and below-standard user experience. But, occasionally, you will find a material that is not only cheap, but it also offers high-level user experience. Such is the case with Viotech GN27D. GN27D is a low-cost monitor that offers the most desirable characteristics. It is a 27 inch, 1440p, and 144 Hz monitor with1800R curve.

Their noticeable feature is their amazing viewing angles. These monitors have a 178-degree viewing angle, which is quite extraordinary, especially because Viotech is not famous for providing that much viewing angle for its viewers. Thus, you can see the screen clearly from any side.

The screen has a peak brightness of 250-nit, which is slightly low compared with other monitors. The standard is a minimum 300-nit brightness. Thus, Its peak luminance level is not up to the standard mark. However, if you use curtains while playing the game, this luminance level would be enough.

This Viotech’s product has a 5ms response time, which is not fast enough. However, it has an excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1, 8-bit color depth. Due to slower response time, it seems that Virtual Alignment tends trailing when objects move fast in the games.

From the functionality point of view, their input lag performance is excellent as it sustains AMD free sync. AMD free sync is used for variable refresh rate so that there is little screen stuttering. Its freeSync has a range of 40 to 144, which is average.

The monitor has two HDMI ports and one display port. It also features inbuilt speakers, which, to be honest, aren’t that good. Moreover, Its OSD (on-screen display) contains customizable crosshairs and already-calibrated picture presents. 

Now, when you compare this monitor with its counterparts from other brands at this price, it is far better as it has better image quality and performance.

Our verdict is that this VA panel monitor is well curved for hardcore game-lovers. Gamers will enjoy games on this monitor as it provides a smooth ride.

  • Above-average viewing angle
  • Supports AMD FreeSync feature
  • Decent image quality
  • Great performance
  • Easy to use
  • Low response time
  • The low peak luminance level

3. Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

This is a very cool monitor for hardcore gamers. It comes in at a reasonable price. It has a 30-inch full display with a 200Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. Overall, This Sceptre’s product is one of the fastest among its competitors.

They have a beautiful design with a three shaped back. The backbone is colored by dual red LED strips. Moreover, they have buttons on the front to control different modes of games. Moreover, the monitor is based on the VA panel technology with a 1800R curve. In terms of its looks, it has a black metal color with black bars across the sides that look very pleasing to the eyes. Overall, it is only a 12 lb monitor. Thus, it can be carried around easily.

It has an overall resolution of 2560* 1080 pixels and over 85% RGB palate when it comes to image quality. Thus, it displays a different range of bright colors with consistency to provide realistic image quality for gamers.

 Moreover, The monitor has a dim backlight. But, don’t worry; you will not be troubled by it as the model is modified to adjust its lights according to the environment. In a nutshell, this 30-inch Sceptre monitor has a satisfactory image display.

From the performance point, the monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and an amazing refresh rate of 200Hz at display port, and 165Hz at HDMI 2.0. The monitor offers a wide range of views for gamers. It also supports heavy games such as PUBG without compromising image quality.

During the fast-moving images, the VA provides a tremendous response as it does not fall back. Also, during the dark scenes, gamers can spot anything as they can see everything. It is because of its high resolution that offers excellent contrast during ultra-dark scenes.

This monitor also comes in with a blue shift-reduce monitor feature to protect the eyes from soreness and strain. With this feature, you can play for hours and hours without negatively affecting your eyes.

One thing that must be kept in mind that it requires a high-quality graphics card. Mid-range graphics do not support this type of monitors.

  • Widescreen with excellent design
  • Decent curve
  • Supports AMD FreeSync
  • Excellent Resolution
  • Requires high-power graphic card

4. Acer XF270HU Cbmiiprx 27″ WQHD

Acer XF270HU Cbmiiprx 27

Acer XF27OHU is a beast among the under 300$ category. It is a strong, sturdy, and powerful monitor that has robust looks. 

This is a 27-inch screen with a 2560*1440p resolution. It is founded upon the Twisted Nematic (TN) panels; therefore, these monitors provide a narrow viewing angle as TN panels are not famous for providing wide viewing angles.

Their specialty is that they have a variable refresh rate feature that supports both AMD and NVIDIA compatible graphic cards.

The monitor has a simple design with nothing new to offer. Honestly, its design is a bit turn off for game lovers. It comes in orange and bronze color with no VESA mount compatible stand. Overall, the design is ordinary from a gamers point of view. But, apart from that, everything is unique about this monitor.

This XF27OHU monitor requires a mid-range graphic card for efficient display. But, if the high range graphic card is used, the monitor provides real user experience as it quickly adjusts its refresh rate with consistency and according to the frame rates produced by GPU. Thus, any screen tearing and stuttering becomes negligible.

This Acer screen only has 5ms of delay, which is not a lot compared to its counterparts. Moreover, It supports fast-moving video games as there is only slight ghosting in these monitors

 The monitor comes in with Bluelight features and flicker-free backbone light. It has three overdrive options with a “Normal” overdrive option being the best.

As far as image quality is concerned, it is quite impressive. There is no overshoot of pixels in high-paced games. Moreover, the monitor has quick response time, meaning no trailing of objects in games.

The screen has a peak brightness of 350 nit, which is very nice for a low budget monitor. The contrast ratio is 1000:1, and RGB color depth is 8-bit

  • Comes in with Bluelight features
  • High peak brightness
  • Impressive image quality
  • Decent performance
  • Boring design

5. LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 24UD58-B is s a top-class 4k monitor that comes in at a meager price. It offers a diverse range of colors, excellent picture performance, and impressive image quality. This LG’s monitor brings the gamer into the world of ultra high definition display at a price under 300$.

This is a 27-inch gaming monitor that delivers vibrant colors due to UHD use in the plane-switching panel. Not only this, but this monitor also has a screen split 2.0 feature, which most of its equivalents do not have. It also offers on-screen control, HDMI, and display ports. Moreover, it provides different modes of games.

LG has a history of manufacturing the best design products, and this monitor is evidence of this fact. It has an elegant design with a black cabinet and gray sides. Plus, the monitor has a solid crescent look-alike stand, which keeps the monitor firm. The stand neither can be swiveled, nor its height can be adjusted.

It has an easy setup. You just have to plug in the cables to the HDMI or display port, switch on the monitor, and everything will start. You do not require a technical expert to install or start the monitor.

When it comes to image quality, the image has better contrast in bright light than in dark light. In the dark light, there is a backlight bleed in every corner. Thus, the quality suffers a bit. But, its performance is increased in the bright surroundings due to above-average peak luminance light and anti-glare 3H treatment.

 Performance-wise, when this gaming monitor was tested with GTX and Pubg, it performed extraordinarily well. But, it had issues of screen tearing and ghosting.

  • Uses UHD
  • Screen split feature
  • Different modes
  • Easy to install
  • Screen tearing issues

6. LG 29WK600-W 29″ UltraWide 21:9

LG 29WK600-W 29

Do you like ultra-wide monitors? Then LG29WK600-W29″ is for you. This gaming monitor is a massive size monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and 2560*1080p resolution. It has 99% sRGB coverage with stunning picture quality. It is a lightweight flat monitor with weight just over 11lb. It is big and sturdy, and you will love its robust built.

It is a widescreen monitor that is worth your experience. This broad monitor covers your entire vision, but it is not big enough that you have to move your head to follow objects. Moreover, these monitors include an array of features: 2 HDMI ports, one display port, HDR10 support, no screen bezels, and a single screen alternative.

The monitor has a balanced design. It is supported by a curved stand, which is supported by arm screws. Both the monitor and screen are made from pure plastic. The panel has a matte white back finish that looks quite simple. Overall, the design is flawless.

This time LG has come up with an algorithm that converts non-HD videos to HD videos. Although there is a stark difference between true HDR videos and not so true HDR videos, the unique algorithm provides some sort of HDR look to the videos. In a nutshell, the videos might not be of true HDR quality, but they provide a better experience than non-HDR videos.

When it comes to video quality, we checked different games on it, and the results were terrific. There was little screen tearing and ghosting, which happens with most screens. Overall, the performance was excellent

Its killer feature is its split-screen characteristic. It provides multiple screens at a single time to manage your workload easily.

  • Split-screen feature
  • Ultra-wide screen
  • Flawless design
  • Strong and powerful
  • Limited tilt

7. Asus VG259Q 24.5″ Gaming Monitor 144Hz Full HD

Asus VG259Q 24.5

The ASUS VG259Q IPS gaming monitor is a wonder for hardcore gamers. The monitor has a tremendous pixel response time and a fantastic refresh rate to keep you entertained for a longer period. In short, this monitor is an exceptional product for game lovers.

This ASUS product is founded upon the AHVA panel with a 178-degree viewing angle and G-SYNC compatibility. The colors are bright, vibrant, and consistent with dithered 8-bit color depth and 72% NTSC color gamut. 

On the quality of the image topic, these monitors need a calibration. Without calibration, the visual quality might get compromised.

The pixel density is excellent, with a 1080p resolution on a 24-inch screen. However, there might be a slight pixel overshoot if the graphic card does not work correctly. Our suggestion is to keep the setting between 35 to 70 to overcome this little bit pixel overshoot.

Also, sometimes the backlight bleeds, and there is IPL glow. Don’t worry its just a minor drawback that usually comes with most IPS monitors. 

The monitor has a 3ms response time, which means that there will be a little bit blurring and trailing bodies in a fast-moving game. However, there is a TraceFree overdrive feature that helps to avoid any sort of blurring.

It comes with a joystick that is placed at its back. Thus, it becomes easy to use OSD monitor. Also, there are additional buttons on the monitor to change the brightness and other features.

 The ASUS VG259Q also has a GamePlus feature that provides timer clock, tracking options, and Gamevisual offers. It consists of 3 profiles to save you progress.

Its other feature includes 400-nit peak brightness, AMD FreeSync compatibility, and 144hz variable refresh rate 

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Better color reproduction
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Shadow boost feature
  • Pixel overshoot

8. AOC U2790VQ 27″ 4K 3840×2160 UHD

AOC U2790VQ 27

AOC U22790VQ 27″ 4K monitor is a stylish monitor with gunmetal silver finish. It comes in with built-in speakers and a USB 3.0 hub. It is a 4k monitor available at amazon at below 250$ which is, we suppose, a crazy deal considering that its price is over 300$ on other forums. 

AOC U22790VQ is a 27″ monitor with a resolution of 3840*2160. It has a pixel density of 163ppi. Also, this monitor has no USB-C ports. It comes in with a 100% sRGB palette. Moreover, the brand claims that the monitor has 10-bit color depth, but our results show an 8-bit color depth.

AOC U22790VQ 27″ comes in 350-nit screen brightness and refresh rate of 60 Hz. This(refresh rate)might be an issue for gamers, but you can’t do anything about it when you look at its low price. Moreover, this UHD product has a sturdy look that appears to be mighty and powerful from the outside. 

The monitor has one HDMI1.4 port and a single display port and a 3.5 mm audio port. Moreover, It has a joystick kind button to control your monitor brightness and other settings such as contrast, color temperature, and different modes.

It has a stand that has cannot swivel or adjust, which is a bit disappointing. However, the monitor is VESA compliant which means some other stand can also be used which can be tilted or adjusted according to your requirement

The major turn off of this monitor is it lacks HDR. Although it is not a big problem since the arrival of HDR mapping, which can be used by media players for providing HDR-like videos, it would have been better if it had HDR.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget-oriented monitor that is gorgeous with all the latest features, try this one.

  • Budget-oriented
  • VESA compliant monitor
  • 4k resolution
  • Gorgeous design
  • Lacks HDR

9. VIOTEK GNV34CB 34-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

VIOTEK GNV34CB 34-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

The Viotech GN34CB 34″ is a trustworthy monitor not only for gamers but also for movie lovers. It is a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor that has a 1500R curve and 3440*1440 resolution. Also, The screen has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz and AMD FreeSync compatible. 

GN34CB 34″ comes in black or white color with a sturdy base that looks stunning. The monitor’s curve allows you the perfect view. You can also tilt its angle for better vision. Moreover, these monitors are VESA compatible for adjusting the monitor.

Their design and the characteristics are pretty much similar to Viotech 27GN27DB. The curve, the shape, and the buttons look the same.

On the topic of ports, it contains an AC port on the one side, and on the other side, it has a DVI and HDMI DP with a 3.5mm audio port. Moreover, its menu switch is in the front, which is easy to access. Moreover, this Viotec’s wonder executes over 16 million colors. Plus, their cool trait is the split-screen feature. You can run two windows shoulder to shoulder. This will eradicate the need for using dual monitors.

Its unique feature is that it supports HDR. Viotech did not mention this fact during its marketing campaign. But, it works well with both FreeSync and G-Sync. Moreover, It also has GamePlus Crosshairs feature for better and clear vision.

Due to its widescreen, editing the videos, content, and photos is far easier and quicker because of the extra space.

One drawback of this monitor is that colors are not that accurate, which might be an issue for professional gamers, but we think they would love this monitor for a traditional game lover.

Overall, this Viotech’s monitor is just a beautiful product, not just for gamers but also for those who love to read and write as everything about it is pleasing to the eye.

  • Can execute 16 million colors
  • Supports HDR
  • VESA compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Low color accuracy

10. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor

ASUS PA278QV is a 27″, 1440p monitor that is perfect for gaming. It has a fantastic color accuracy with a high pixel density of 108 PPI pixels per inch. 

The monitor is based upon the IPS panel. It has a 178-degree viewing angle, ensuring that your vision remains intact from any angle without any issues. Plus, its peak brightness is 350-nit, decent enough for gamers who prefer to play games in broad daylight. Also, the contrast ratio is 1000:1 with the 8-bit color depth.

The monitor has some issues regarding IPS glow, but it can be adjusted by lowering brightness and adjusting the room lighting.

Performance-wise, the refresh rate is a little bit slower, but the color accuracy is excellent. It has an input lag of 10ms, which is minimal. Thus, there would be a slight delay between your actions and the on-screen results. Moreover, it supports Adaptive-Sync, which helps in reducing the screen tearing. Overall, it offers satisfactory gaming performance.

Its features include a power button on the screen to turn on and off the device, five hotkeys to manage the settings and buttons at the back for adjusting brightness.

From the design point of view, ASUS PA278QV has a beautiful view of an anti-glare matte coating. It comes with a sturdy stand whose height can be adjusted according to your need. Moreover, there is a ruler attached to the bezel. Also, it offers a wide range of connectivity options

  • Excellent image quality
  • Satisfactory performance
  • Beautiful design
  • Great value
  • Low refresh rate

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Monitors Under $300 Guide & FAQ

If you think that monitors do not count much when you have an excellent hardware system, you are wrong. Monitors are heart and soul of your gaming PC, they are the windows for your favorite games, movies, and pictures, and compromising on that, will only guarantee poor user experience. So, never underestimate the value of your monitors.

However, choosing the best monitor can be very tricky as each monitor has its specs and features, which are different from other monitors’ characteristics. That is why we have tried and tested and created the list of best gaming monitors under 300$. But, for many, this list could also be significant. Therefore, we have created a buying guide for choosing the best gaming monitor from the afore-mentioned list. If you go through it, you will surely find the best gaming monitor.


Resolution is one of the most critical factors that need to considered while buying monitors. It determines the total number of pixels on your screen. The higher the resolution, the better it is. Higher resolution results in better picture quality. Therefore, we recommend that your monitor, at least, should have the 1080p resolution to get a cent gaming experience. However, if you aim for a high-resolution monitor, keep in mind that it requires a high-power graphic card. 


For many, size is crucial. Some prefer big sized monitor and others prefer average or small-sized monitor. However, for game lovers, it is recommended that they should go for big size monitors. The big size monitor provide a better viewing angle and clear vision. The large-sized monitors also help quickly edit videos, documents, and pictures as they offer larger space to work with. However, in these ultra-wide monitors, pixel density usually remains low, meaning the image quality is not up to the mark. Therefore, always remember that your monitor must have the pixel density up to 109 PPI so that you can enjoy decent picture quality.

Adaptive Sync

Due to Adaptive Sync usage, the refresh rate automatically adjusts itself according to the frame rate. Resultantly there would less ghosting and screen tearing in real-time. However, there are types of AdaptiveSync technologies: One is FreeSync, and the other is G-Sync. An AMD graphic card supports the first one, and Nvidia Graphic cards back the other one.

Refresh Rate

A higher and bigger refresh rate is essential for high paced games. They provide smooth images and help in controlling the motion of the game. Make sure that your monitor has a refresh rate of a minimum of 75Hz. However, it is recommended that the refresh rate be about 144Hz or above for fast-moving games. Also, there is one thing which you should bear in mind that refresh rate depends on your hardware quality. 

Response Time

It defines the speed of the monitor. So, the faster the response time, the better it is. It tells how much time the pixel takes to go from OFF to ON and vice-versa to display the upcoming frame. In easy words, it is the time taken by the pixels to change the color.

If the pixels cannot change their colors quickly, there would be ghosting and blur on the screen. Therefore, gaming monitors should have 5ms to 7ms response time. Between 5ms to 7ms, the blur and ghosting are not perceivable, But if the response time is more than that, there would noticeable ghosting.

Panel Technology

There are different kinds of panels, with each panel having its specs and features. The first one is the IPS panel. This type of panel has exceptional color accuracy. It provides vibrant and vivid colors. But, the response time and the refresh rate isn’t as good as of the other panels.

The second type of panel is TN panels. They have a top-class response and refresh rate. However, when it comes to color accuracy, they might not be as consistent as the type mentioned above of panel

The third type of Panel is VA panels. They offer the best contrast of both the panels. They provide decent color accuracy with a fast response and refresh rate. Also, the viewing angles are excellent, and the color contrast is fantastic.

Curved or Flat?

Well, it is totally up to you whether you prefer a curved or flat monitor. Traditionally, only flat monitors were manufactured, but now, curved monitors are also manufactured. Resultantly, they have become quite a trend in the world. Most game lovers love the curve of these monitors as they offer better viewing angles than flat monitors.

So, if you prefer to buy a curved monitor, you should understand the curve features first. The range of curvature is from 1000R to 1800R. 1000R curve has a curved radius of 1000mm and best viewing distance of 1m. Similarly, the higher the range, the higher the curve.

Purpose of the Monitors

Before buying the monitor, always pen down the purpose for which you are buying the monitor. If you are buying a monitor for gaming, its features would be different from the monitor for watching TV shows.


What is the best size monitor for gaming?

As per out trial and testing, we found that monitors 24″ and 27″ are best for gaming. Those who love fast-paced games should prefer 24″ monitor, and those who play slow games can opt for 27″ inch. You can also go for small monitors, but they are usually used for office work. Also, you can go for ultra-wide monitors such as monitors of over 30″ size. But, they are usually quite big for gamers as you need to move your head from right to left to keep the tracking. Therefore, we recommend you go for either a 24-inch monitor or a 27-inch monitor.

What is the best resolution for gaming?

In short, resolution defines how many pixels are on the screen. The more the pixels, the sharper is the image. Well, coming back to the question, there is no straight forward answer to it. Some prefer a 1080p(Full HD) monitor, and others prefer 1440p(Quad HD), and few go for 4K monitors. But, we recommend that you should go for Quad HD as it strikes a delicate balance between performance and image quality. 

What is the best monitor size for 1440p gaming?

A 27-inch monitor seems to be the best for 1440P gaming. They are neither small nor too big. If you go for below 27inch monitor, everything looks tiny and minute, and if you opt for above 27-inch screen, everything looks big. Whereas, in the 27-inch monitor, everything looks moderate. Also, a 27inch monitor offers a decent pixel density between 92 to 110 PPI, standard for 1440p gaming. Therefore, a 27inch monitor is ideal for 1440p gaming.

What is a portable gaming monitor?

Portable gaming monitors are specially made for gaming on your console that you can easily carry around with you while traveling. I’ve been traveling recently and got my self a portable gaming monitor and i love it!

I love gaming and i have been playing since the Atari and Sega were released. My love for gaming made me build this website where i talk about everything related to gaming.