10 Best Games for Play Station VR

In this article, we will look into the top ten available games for Play Station VR. PSVR headset offers a range of immersive, exhilarating, and terrifying experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. PSVR is the short form for play station virtual reality headset for its console, and without any doubt, it’s one of the best VR headsets in the market.

However, a VR is only useful if the games you play on it are good enough. The good thing is that there is a lot of good option available for you to try. But what games should you start with? This is why we’ve put together a list of best PSVR games that you can play in 2021.

Make sure to check back on this article every month because we are updating our list regularly as new games released. Also check out the best open world games on PS4. Here is the list (not ordered).



Headmaster is one of the first games we ever played on PlayStation VR and remains a firm favorite. That’s basically down to its simplicity. Facing the endless immersive possibilities of virtual reality, Headmaster is about hitting footballs. A brilliantly straightforward and intuitive response to a technology that more or less transforms your head into a peripheral.

The heading itself is excellent, responsive controls and accurate physics make hitting targets incredibly impressive. When the game is held together by surrealist humor with the action taking place at a bazaar sporting camp, you can also download the party mode DLC for some of the best high scores, enjoy your game that’s not football at all.



Speaking of simple ideas done incredibly well, next on our list is Beat Sabre. The rhythm action hit full of intense visuals, pounding tracks, and brilliantly expressive dance combat. The objective is to slice through these incoming boxes with your laser swords, making sure to match your cuts with the direction of the arrows and match the color of your swords with the correct boxes.

The sci-fi aesthetics and elegant weapons from a more civilized age do give Beat Saber the feel of the biggest Friday night of all time on the Death Star. But they’re accurate reference here is to Star Wars kit. Because very rarely has there ever been a game where the incredible badassery of what’s going on inside the VR headset and your mind is so entirely at odds with what it looks like from the outside.



To shift pace entirely, next, we have Blood and Truth, PSVR’s very own action blockbuster. This first-person shooter stars you as Ryan Mark, an ex-Special Forces soldier who returns home for his father’s funeral to find that a rival outfit has made a move on his family’s organization.

Spoiler is you don’t f*** off back to the army, but you do start a war at home, storming your way through a London full of flashy nightspots and crumbling tower blocks on a mission of revenge. Free movement around the levels gives combat an extra dimension, or in my case, at least one stealthy kill before I stop blowing things up and the games shooting is its killer feature. It’s not just the accuracy of firing in virtual reality. It’s that nothing else on PSVR decks you out with this kind of ammunition.

Dual pistols, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades, and makes you feel like you’re walking around with it strapped to your body, switching guns and reacting to different combat situations. It gives you loads of firearms and makes you feel cool. Blood and truth set you out to be an action movie with you as the star, and it does an excellent job.



I have talked about Resident Evil 7 biohazard before because I have played it before. I can honestly say that Resident Evil is the scariest game; the virtual reality headset has to offer not only because it is the complete version of the game but also the added immersion that the VR brought.

But, because Resident Evil 7 happened to be a significant return to form for the survival horror series. Mining a rich gruesome vein of a backwater, shack horror, that brings your eyes nose and basically all of your other senses uncomfortably close to a world of dark, scary, and putrid.

The crazy use of knives is going to make you shit your pants. If you’re hoping things will get better, they don’t. A lot of Resident Evil 7 horror is about watching awful things happen to you. From a new to the series, the first-person view only made more intense on PlayStation VR, which means that even when the game opens out into a familiar “find the parts” of an insanely intricate lock and get the hell out of here format. The tension will not leave your body until the credits and on.



To wash the taste of metal and gray flesh from our mouths. Let’s turn to the bright and beautiful world of Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Even in this crowded field, this is probably the team’s favorite PSVR game of all time, a wholesome joyous platformer, full of creativity and playfulness. Captain Astros crew of crazy cute Bots has been stranded across five different worlds, and it’s your job to help rescue them all. And you do it by controlling Astro, as you would any other platforming character.

But also by being physically present in the world, as a giant robot able to lean around corners interact with your surroundings and use several gadgets to help Astro while controlling him at the same time. Under the surface, there are thousands of smart design decisions that enable rescue missions to both plays like an all-time great platformer and take enjoyable advantage of VR. While on the surface, it’s all adorable animations, delightful puzzles, and a robot pal, you want to take home and keep forever.



Sticking with science fiction, our next game is a whole universe more or less and one that’s entirely playable in VR. No Man’s Sky released back in 2016 and has continuously been expanded and improved since. The vast simulated world is still full of the same variety and wonder that first brought it to the attention of gamers everywhere. A near-endless explorable space with the visual edge of a classic sci-fi paperback. Only now, it is more refined. The raw ambition of let’s make a playable universe complemented by missions and tutorials that give structure to your initial feat finding

Beyond if you’re not tempted to jack it all in and find your fate amongst the stars. Along with years of updates and improvements has come PSVR support. Both the DualShock for controls and custom holographic menu interface Move motion controllers, both of which transform this already extraordinary experience into something else again. Suddenly the scale of everything is almost overwhelming. Even your starter ship is an imposing Hulk of futuristic tech, let alone the sheer size of the planets and systems you’ll dash between and scamper across.

As well as scale, there’s the added immersion, the head twist to catch the last glimpse of a planet as you leave orbit the grounded sense of size to a planet’s surface. The remarkable sense of control, purpose, and having cool toys that come with sitting in an interactive cockpit in VR. A massive part of no man’s Sky’s appeal is losing yourself in an explorable universe, full of possibility and adventure. In PSVR, it is possible to go deeper than ever.



Sticking with the theme of transporting yourself to another world next up, we have updated mega classic Tetris Effect. Yes, we could easily have said Rez Infinite there. We did have a big discussion about which one to include, and you should play Rez Infinite as well.

They’re both made by the same studio, and they’re both really good, but in the end, Tetris’s underlying foundation is ageless gameplay was probably the difference. The block dropping mix of speed, strategy, and desperate project management is one of the most enduring stressful, satisfying, interactive experiences ever.

Now, it’s enhanced by Tetris effects, swirling, sometimes downright distracting visuals, and game synced audio. The speeding beat matches with falling blocks, sensory overload aiming for a rez style flow state, and the whole thing elevated by PSVR to another sweeping immersive level altogether.



Sticking with flow States and abstract worlds, our next game is Superhot VR, the standalone VR version of the Unreal time-slowing shooter. Like Tetris, this is also a bit of a puzzle game. Time moves as you do creating a series of logic problems that play out in balletic violent 3d space, forcing you to figure out how to deal with various sequences of enemies approaching from different directions in different environments.

Once you have the basics covered, you can enjoy the flourishes throwing empty weapons, catching guns in midair, and enjoying the slow-motion mirror crash effect of splintering enemies. PSVR brings a neck whipping immersion to these tents enclosed showdowns and is thematically perfect too for a game that pulls you into a reality frame digital tunnel through backstreet pirated code. It is an ideal match of form and content.



There’s more shooting in our next entry Firewall Zero Hour. A PSPR exclusive that uses the immersion of VR too high in the tension of its tactical encounters. Firewall is a counter-strike Rainbow six siege affair with two teams of four alternating between attack and defense in infiltrating and hack missions. Firewall has that other tactical shooters don’t know is a sense of really being there. Ducking, peeking, and with PSVR aim controller aiming-down-sights to pinpoint enemies. Physically placing you inside various locations with seven heavily armed operatives wasn’t tense enough. The game also features a high-stakes permadeath mechanic giving each encounter and exhilarating all-or-nothing feel.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


While we’re on the subject of high-stakes all-or-nothing gameplay, the final game on our list is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. While a misplaced wire cut or simple miscommunication can end in an explosion. Whoever’s wearing their headset is the bomb diffuser, and crucially the bomb is only visible to them.

Everybody else is just there to help to ask questions about the bomb and to cross-reference the answers with the instructions to figure out what kind of bomb it is and how to disarm it. Bombs come with various different modules, which all require different approaches. Everything from color sequences to Morse code and naturally, they all have a time limit.

Forcing everyone to find a balance between carefully describing everything in great detail and going fast enough that things don’t end with an explosion. Exactly the result one of the most straightforward but most compelling PSVR games of them all.


That’s it for our list of the top 10 games for Play Station VR. We’re sure that you’ve got your own suggestions. Let us know what they are in the comments.

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