Call Of Duty: Warzone: 5 Pro Tips To Winning Plunder

Do you want to get the gold reward in Plunder? That won’t go without a fight; that’s not some kid’s lunch change, you know. You have to learn different ways to gather so much cash before your opponents can get their hands on them.

You’ll need some tips from players that have been in the game before you and have discovered the best way to go about the game. At battlelog, you’ll find some tools that will help you make headway on the game.

5 Tips to help you win Call of Duty: Plunder

1. Use stealth enhancing perks

Staying out of reach of your opponents will give you a greater chance of staying alive. Moreover, seeing them first gives you a better chance of taking them unawares, resulting in some easy kills.

It is important to stay as silent as possible while playing. You can also use some of the available perks in the game to conceal your location. Perks such as Cold-blooded and Ghost can even help to hide you from enemy UAVs and heartbeat sensors.

2. Never keep too much cash on you. 

You can easily get side-tracked by the numerous contacts in Plunder. It’s a good thing, though. However, you should only take those contracts with as little cash as possible. This is because you don’t have the guarantee of leaving the scene alive – you may get killed. 

Getting killed in a game as difficult as COD is normal and happens all the time. The scary thing is that you lose some of your money whenever you get killed in the game. To avoid this, you must deposit your money at the helipad as soon as you have too much on you. 

3. Contracts help in Plunder

Call of duty has always been associated with loots – it’s the best you can do, after all. Plunder is not exempted from the list as its major focus is even in cash. Loots will provide you with good amounts of cash, but not enough to get to the 1 million dollar target. Instead, completing contracts will help you to gather the needed money faster.

The best contracts to complete in a game of plunder are Scavenger and Recon contracts. These contracts reward you with huge loads of cash after successful completion. Also, bounty contracts can help you gather some money from your victim and the reward. However, you should be alert and fully armed as your bounty will be alerted as you approach him.

4. Spend some of that cash 

The priority in Plunder is the cash you are tasked to gather. Moreover, you’ll need to spend some of the cash if you want to make your game less difficult. Therefore, you should spend some money at Buy stations to get some weapons and perks to help you thrive.

You’ll also do a nice job getting attachments to enhance your weapon’s performance. Also, killstreaks such as a UAV or Foresight will turn out very valuable possessions. More importantly, do well to buy a cash deposit balloon to safe-keep your hard-earned cash.

5. Teamwork will keep you alive. 

If you have plans to stay alive for much longer in the game, you must be ready to play as a team. More so, you’ll have teammates to revive you if you get killed in the game instead of waiting for redeployment. 

As a team member, you must endeavor to stick with your teammates. You could be jeopardizing the team by running off to loot a nearby building on your own. As important as belonging to a team is important, you must also learn to communicate with your team members.


Like you just found out, you can get to win Plunder matches using 5 tips. You need to pay the most attention to gathering as much cash as possible, utilizing all the available means. Don’t neglect to carry your team members along in a rush to do this – don’t play the hero here.

More importantly, you must never carry too much cash on you as you’ll lose some of them if you get killed. Lastly, make sure to purchase some attachments and perks at buy stations as soon you have enough money to do so.

Garry Warner

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