How Can Players Defeat Lakshmi for FF14 Gil rewards?

Players can get tons of loot from defeating the Primal Lakshmi. How can raiders clear the Emanation Trial?    

Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to challenges wherein players have to fight celestial beings or overpowered cosmic entities. One such race that gamers keep getting into fights in is the Primals. These powerful beings are often the main target of several raids and instances. Lakshmi is one example where players can gain tons of FFXIV Gil by defeating her in battle.

Emanation Raid

The Primal Lakshmi is the main boss in the Emanation trial, a level 67 instance introduced in patch 4.0. Players with the Stormblood expansion in their FFXIV accounts can face the magical being in an eight-man raid party. The time limit for the whole trial is 60 minutes. The challenge is only accessible to those who have reached level 70.  

Laksmi’s Emanation Lore

The Primal Lakshmi was summoned to the Qalyana after the daughter of their broodmother was slain by the Hyur Fordola and her Skulls. The cries of the grieving mother were answered by the celestial being, who came down to protect the beastmen worshipping her. The trial involving Lakshmi aims to defeat the Lady of Bliss to eliminate the threat that the Primal presents.  

How to Unlock Emanation Trial 

Players have to accept the “The Lady of Bliss” quest from Vajira in the Fringes to unlock the trial. This task can only be acquired after the “The Lure of the Dream” mission has already been completed. Players should note that the pre-requisite quest can only be done after reaching level 67.

final fantasy XIV lakshmi

Fighting Lakshmi

When players come face to face with Lakshmi, they will be fighting through several phases, which is standard for trials and raids versus Primals. Emanation has a total of four phases, with two being adds stages. The key to succeeding in this trial is understanding what each boss attacks and what patterns players should execute.

Notable Special Interaction

For Emanation, players will be able to use Vril. This usable action is essential to this trial and critical interaction in several mechanics. Each party member will receive three stacks of Vril from the start, which they can use throughout the challenge. This action can negate or prevent certain abilities from Lakshmi, which include her insta-kill attack. Vrils can be refreshed by orbs that appear throughout the fight.

Dream Phase

In this stage, Lakshmi will summon two add summons. Players will have to defeat these dreaming Anantas before they can attack and damage the Primal herself. Here is how to clear this phase quickly.  

  • Each tank should choose an add to lure away from the other summon.  
  • DPS should focus on Dreaming Anantas one at a time. This part is essential since these adds can be healed, so players should take each down quickly to avoid dragging out this stage.
  • Once both of the adds are defeated, the barrier protecting Lakshmi will be dispelled, and Phase 1 will begin.

Phase 1 Lakshmi

Lakshmi will showcase five different attacks and one insta-kill spell in this stage. The phase will end once the Primal is reduced to 50% of her health. Here is the sequence of her attacks and their description:

Common Sequence for Phase 1

  1. Hand of Grace
  2. The Pull of Light
  3. Stotram
  4. The Pull of Light
  5. The Path of Light
  6. Alluring Arm
  7. The Pull of Light
  8. Stotram
  9. The Pall of Light
  10. The Pull of Light
  11. Chanchala
  12. Divine Denial
  13. Hand of Beauty
  14. The Pull of Light
  15. The Path of Light
  16. Divine Desire
  17. The Pull of Light
  18. The Path of Light
  19. Stotram

General Attacks

  • Hand of Grace – This spell targets two random players. A significant cross-shaped AoE indicator will appear on these party members. These gamers should move to the outer corners or sides of the arena so that other teammates will not get hit by the AoE attack. The spell is a knockback attack, so gamers should avoid getting CC’ed to prevent them from falling off the platform.
  • Hand of Beauty – This ability targets two random players who indicators will mark. These players should move farther away from their party. After a short delay, a blue AoE flame will appear on the area where the marked players are standing. These fires increase in size, so gamers should stay away from them.  
  • Pall of Light – This attack will start with a player being marked. The member with the indicator will receive stacked AoE damage, so raiders should stack around or stand close with this person to mitigate the damage.
  • Path of Light – This spell is a frontal-cleave attack that will target the player with the second-highest enmity, who will be marked with a blue indicator. After a short delay, Lakshmi will unleash the cleave attack in a frontal cone, so marked players should move the attack away from the whole party.  
  • Pull of Light – This ability is a tank buster attack, which cannot be avoided. The play here is to mitigate the damage received by using cooldowns and have the supports heal the damaged tank.
  • Stotram – This spell is a party-wide AoE attack, which is unavoidable. There is not much to do here, so players have to take damage and continue with the trial. Supports can help recover lost HP by healing the party.

Buffed Attacks

  • Chanchala – This ability buffs Lakshmi’s attacks. Players will notice when this buff is active since it will give the Primal a large black aura. While the augment is active, all of Lakshmi’s attacks will deal significantly increased damage.  
  • Buffed Hand of Beauty – This ability will target the team’s healers by marking them with puddles. These indicators will eventually drop, which will inflict status debuffs. The idea here is to have both healers move to the opposite platform areas since the puddles grow in size before they disappear. Vril can be used here to prevent gaining the debuffs.  
  • Buffed Pull of Light – There is not much variation between this version from its normal one. The only difference is that it deals significantly more damage. Tanks can consider using Vril to survive this attack.
  • Buffed Path of Light – This spell does not differ much from its base form, except it deals noticeably more damage. The marked player can consider using Vril to survive this ability.
  • Divine Denial – This attack is an area-wide insta-kill ability that serves as a knockback attack. Players need to use Vril to avoid getting one-shot by this spell. In addition, party members should also stick to the center to avoid getting knocked off the platform. `
  • Divine Desire – This ability is a party-wide attack that will pull players into the center of the arena. After a while, Lakshmi will activate an AoE skill around her that will deal significant bleed damage. Players should consider popping their Vril during this skill.

Second Dream Phase

As this stage starts, Lakshmi will become invulnerable and summon four adds to help her. These four Dreamers will be two Brahmin and two Shudra. Here is how to clear this phase effectively:

  • One will be marked with a blue bubble every 10 seconds. Killing the add with the indicator will replenish 1 Vril for each player.
  • Players need to entirely defeat three adds with the Vril mark to restore their usable action fully.  
  • Once Lakshmi’s gauge is depleted, she will cast her Ultimate, Alluring Embrace, regardless of if there are still any remaining summons on the field.  
  • The fourth and final phase will begin after her ultimate.  

Note: The main trick in this stage is to bring down every adds’ HP down to 10%. Reducing their HP helps players finish off each mob quickly before the bubble’s 10 seconds duration ends.

Final Phase

For the final stage of the fight, Lakshmi will just repeat skills that she has cast before. However, she will use Chanchala more often this time around. Here is the sequence of her attacks.

  • Chanchala
  • Divine Doubt
  • The Path of Light
  • The Pull of Light
  • Chanchala deactivates.
  • Vril Restoration
  • The Pull of Light
  • The Pall of Light
  • Alluring Arm
  • The Path of Light
  • Stotram
  • Chancala
  • Divine Doubt
  • The Pall of Light
  • Vril Restoration
  • Divine Desire
  • Vril Restoration
  • Stotram
  • Chanchala Deactivates
  • Alluring Arm
  • The Pall of Light
  • The Path of Light

Note: The Stotram (18) will insta-kill any players with a stack of the bleed debuff from Divine Desire. Vril should be used here. If the raiders take too long to kill Lakshmi, she will enter soft enrage. If the party doesn’t kill her after this point, she will enter hard enrage and will constantly cast Divine Desire.

New Phase 2 Lakshmi Attacks

While this stage repeats most of the spells from the previous phases, several attacks are only shown during this part of the fight. Here are descriptions of each new ability in Lakshmi’s Final Phase:

  • Vril Restoration – In this part, Vril Bubbles will appear in the arena, which players can collect. These orbs will appear in two sets. The orb will appear in two patterns in a Z and I formation in the first one. The spheres will appear circularly at the arena’s edges in the second set and then in another Z formation. However, AoE attacks will be dealt with during this part, so players should be careful to avoid these attacks.
  • Divine Doubt – This ability will target every player in the arena. The spell will cause confusion and force raiders to attack each other. To mitigate the damage in this part, the party should split up into groups of two, so everyone will only be engaged in a 1v1. Vril can be used here to lower the duration of the effect.
  • Buffed Pall of Light – This attack deals significantly harder and causes heavy bleeding than its normal form. Using Vril is advisable here.
  • Buffed Stotram – The main difference between this enhanced version and its base form is that this skill will insta-kill any player with a bleed debuff or not topped off. Using Vril is highly advised.


Here are the loots that players can receive after defeating Lakshmi:

  • Bliss Totem
  • Lakshmi Card
  • Lakshmi’s Earring of Fending
  • Lakshmi’s Earring of Slaying
  • Lakshmi’s Earring of Aiming
  • Lakshmi’s Earring of Casting
  • Lakshmi’s Earring of Healing
  • Lakshmi’s Necklace of Fending
  • Lakshmi’s Necklace of Slaying
  • Lakshmi’s Necklace of Aiming
  • Lakshmi’s Necklace of Casting
  • Lakshmi’s Necklace of Healing
  • Lakshmi’s Bracelet of Fending
  • Lakshmi’s Bracelet of Slaying
  • Lakshmi’s Bracelet of Aiming
  • Lakshmi’s Bracelet of Casting
  • Lakshmi’s Bracelet of Healing
  • Lakshmi’s Ring of Fending
  • Lakshmi’s Ring of Slaying
  • Lakshmi’s Ring of Aiming
  • Lakshmi’s Ring of Casting
  • Lakshmi’s Ring of Healing
  • Blissful Shroud
  • Blissful Kamuy Fife
  • Faded Copy of Beauty’s Wicked Wiles

Lakshmi can be hard if players do not know the mechanics and when to use Vrils. However, the rewards are great and can provide decent FFXIV Gil when sold. There are more Primals that gamers can face throughout the game, so raiders should always have guides on standby.

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