League of Legends Optimal Settings Guide

League of Legends, or ‘LoL’, is a highly successful video game that has been popular for over a decade. It has a large esports scene and a dedicated fan base. Despite its age, the game remains popular and continues to shape the gaming industry.

Given the ongoing influx of players entering the competitive scene and battling on iconic battlefields like Summoner’s Rift, we have decided to include the game in our coverage.

Ensuring that your settings are optimal before starting a game is crucial, and League of Legends offers a wide range of adjustable options, including accessibility options for colorblind players and various sound, audio, and in-game music settings.

However, there are no specific “best” settings as it varies from player to player, so it’s best to experiment and find what works for you.

Use this guide as a foundation to tailor your own preferences, or to discover new strategies. As with all of our guides, it will be regularly updated to reflect current developments, so make sure to check back frequently.

League of Legends

Best Mouse Settings for LoL

Even though League of Legends is not a shooter game, precision is still important. Though the sensitivity levels used in this game are generally higher than those used in shooter games, many professionals do not use extremely high sensitivity. It is still crucial to be able to aim your abilities accurately.

The median values used by professional players, which also happen to be the default values, can be found on the right. These can serve as a starting point for those new to the game.

However, it is important to note that mouse settings are highly subjective and it is recommended to experiment and find what works best for you.

To maintain consistency, it is advisable to keep your mouse camera move speed at a similar level to your actual mouse speed. 87% of professional players analyzed use the same value for both their mouse sensitivity and camera sensitivity.

For those who are new to gaming, it is recommended to start with the median values shown in the table below. Most gaming mice have a built-in 1600 DPI setting, eliminating the need to adjust settings through software.


Best Keyboard Settings for LoL

The preference for hotkeys can vary greatly among players. However, as a general principle, it is recommended to keep all hotkeys within easy reach. Assigning a Summoner Spell to a button on the numpad would not be practical, unless you have a unique play style.

Another option to consider is relocating some items from the 6 and 7 buttons to a more accessible location, as these buttons may be difficult to reach during fast-paced moments, potentially causing delays. In a game like League of Legends, every moment counts.

In terms of fractions of a second, we suggest utilizing Quick Cast All. This reduces the amount of clicks required before using an ability, saving valuable time. However, one disadvantage is that the range of spells will not be visible.

However, as you progress to higher levels, familiarizing yourself with spell ranges is important, so it’s best to become accustomed to them early on.

A handy technique to utilize is by navigating to the hotkeys tab and assigning your abilities under “Quick Cast” to their standard buttons. Then, assign the abilities under “Quick Cast With Indicator” to shift + their standard buttons.

This allows you to hold shift and use your ability to display range and indicators, while still being able to Quick Cast any ability by simply pressing the button.

You can also apply this method to Self Cast by creating a combination of the Alt key and the corresponding key to prevent any unwanted miscasts when casting on yourself.

Alternatively, you can assign these actions to various button combinations, but keep in mind that a keyboard has limited space and utilizing a modifier key can be convenient for many users.

In this game, there are multiple other keybinds that can simplify gameplay. However, these keybinds are commonly recommended and utilized by players.

Keep in mind, these are simply suggestions and if you discover a different keybind that works better for you, feel free to use it.

Regarding the keyboard movement speed, it’s ultimately up to personal preference, but many players prefer to set it to a higher level for faster navigation on the battlefield.

Check out these keyboards with extra programmable keys for an advantage.

Best Hotkeys Settings in LoL

Just like every other game, hotkeys are a frequently debated topic in League of Legends as with most PC games. Despite the disagreement, all players agree that they are necessary.

The four main ability keybinds in the game are Q, W, E, R and the summoner spell keybinds are D and F, which are usually kept as default.

Players who have experience with games like World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, or Diablo may prefer to adjust the keybinds to their familiar layout.

To change the keybinds, simply click on the corresponding ability and select the key you want to bind it to. Additionally, it’s recommended to use “Quick Cast” instead of “Normal Cast” for abilities as it allows for quicker activation.

However, some abilities like Lux’s R – Death Ray may require higher accuracy and timing, in which case “Normal Cast” can be used.

Changing “Quick Cast” settings can be done easily in the in-game settings menu by adjusting the “arrow” below the corresponding ability, item, or summoner spell.

Best Resolution for LoL

The optimal resolution to play leagues of legends is 1980 x 1080. Most of the pro players use this resolution to play LoL. Leagues of legends is an old game and can be run on older PCs without any problems. So, playing LoL on higher resolution doesn’t put much stress on your PC.

Many professional players opt to play on a 1920 x 1080 resolution, even if their monitors can support higher resolutions. Not only the pros but 95% of the player base plays on this resolution.

This is because it offers a balance between providing a visually pleasing user interface and allowing for easy multitasking. It is large enough to show detailed graphics, but not so big that players have to constantly scan the screen.

Additionally, this resolution is commonly used in top League of Legends competitions such as LCS and Worlds, making it important for players to practice using it in order to feel comfortable during competitions.

Other than the resolution you should make sure that you are playing on minimum 60 frames per second. Anything below 60fps will make it look laggy.

Best Video Settings for LoL

  • Resolution: 1980×1080
  • Window Mode: Full Screen/Borderless
  • Colorblind mode: No
  • Use relative team colors: Personal Preference
  • Hide eye candy: No
  • Enable Screen Shake: No
  • Graphics: Increased Quality
  • Character Quality: Medium
  • Environment Quality: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Character Inking: Off
  • Frame Rate: Uncapped
  • Anti-Aliasing: No
  • Wait for Vertical Sync: No
  • Accessibility Levels: 50

Best Interface Settings for LoL

Many players prefer to adjust the interface sizes in League of Legends, as the default settings can make certain elements appear too large or too small, such as the map.

Having a smaller HUD, chat, and cursor scale can enhance your gameplay by giving you a wider view of the fight without any distractions, however, be cautious not to make the cursor too small as it can become challenging to locate during intense battles.

The size of these elements is subjective and can vary based on personal preferences, but it is recommended not to make them too small.

One important thing to change is to increase the minimap size. The minimap is an important piece of information, and having it larger makes a huge difference.

Below are the settings I use myself and I believe these will be good for you too.


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