OSRS PvP Arena Changes

The Duel Arena was recently replaced by a new, improved PvP Arena, also known as the Emir’s Arena. The minigame hit the servers on July 6th as a soft launch version to allow developers to get things right before being officially released next week. The PvP Arena offers an opportunity to fight against other players in a controlled setting and an alternate save game world.

Since players cannot use their accounts in the PvP Arena, they have to adapt their style to crowd-favorite builds for that week. Having the basics down regarding player-killing mechanics is a must should the contestants want to succeed. Players will be matched with those similar in strength and skill, as this will allow for a fairer ranking.

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Getting started

The PvP Arena system is similar to the Duel Arena’s, meaning players can easily create and find matches. New NPCs joined the mix as well, offering additional navigation options. Notice boards are used to search and sign up for matches as well as host your own and even spectate others. As mentioned, players will match up only with those of equal skill to keep the tournament fair and regulated.

Long queues are history as you will be able to normally do activities around the world while your match is being set up in the background. You will be notified once the match is ready, giving you enough time to save your current game and jump to the alternate save game world. You will leave all your items and stats with the main save game world once you transfer to the match.

Next to the Grouping side panel, Jagex included the PvP Arena button, allowing players to instantly jump to the arena from there. From that side-panel players can now find matches and sign up for 1v1 Tournaments and Battles. In the Options, you can choose a region of your choice, however, depending on the number of players queuing up for matches, the chosen location may not always be guaranteed.

PvP Arena player builds alternate weekly, according to the will of the ‘audience’, meaning players have to be skilled in different builds and playstyles to come out on top.

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Every week, the following builds will be assigned to players for the arena:

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The PvP Arena Supplies interface offers a plethora of equipment for players to choose from. 400 items can be used to adapt your playstyle as well as many minigame-exclusive items. Players will have to find the supplies chest in the Arena’s hospital to access these items. Only those items corresponding with the build of the week can be utilized during matches.

These minigame-only items are available for players to use in the arena:

  • Fighter’s Wristwraps.
  • Elite Calamity Armour.
  • Calamity Armour.
  • Superior Calamity Armour.
  • Saika’s Headgear.
  • Maoma’s Headgear.
  • Koriff’s Headgear.

If a player wins a match, they will receive Rank points as well as Reward Points. Rank Points are used to place players in their corresponding Rank; the more points players accumulate, the higher their Rank is. Reward Points are utilized to buy exclusive PvP Arena Reward Store items. The only thing to keep in mind is that players will not win Rank points nor Reward

Points for manually-organized matches. Players earn extra points if they win multiple matches in a row. This is in place to ensure quick progression through ranks for those with higher skill levels, allowing them to matcha gainst their peers sooner. Players who are defeated will lose some Rank Points. Players gain or lose points based on the Rank of their opponents, just like in Burthorpe Games Room.

1v1 Matchups


Tournaments were previously only accessible through the Deadman finale; however, they will now be available to all PvP Arena participants. These matches offer a series of 1v1 brawls between 4-64 players. Each round is split until two finalists are left to determine the winner of the Tournament.

Depending on how players place in the Tournament, they will receive Rank and Reward Points. Players can join Tournament groups or create their own but bear in mind that no points can be obtained from manually-organized Tournaments. To join Tournaments, simply sign up at the PvP Arena side panel.

Ranked Duels

These are matches where players are put against those with the similar skill level to obtain Rank and Reward Points. There are no consecutive rounds, just a one-time fight to determine the winner.

Unranked Duels

Just like Ranked Duels, these are 1v1 fights where players can choose who they want to fight against. Such duels are generally played to try out new builds as they cannot yield Rank or Reward Points. These can also be played in the PvP Arena grounds with your gear by clicking on the other player’s Challenge option.


The shop will be available during the soft launch but nothing can be purchased until the real launch next week. Reward Points obtained during the soft launch will reset next week.

Currently, the PvP Arena Rewards shop holds the following items:

  • Blighted wave sack – players in the Wilderness can cast wave spells without the needed runes.
  • Blighted surge sack – players in the Wilderness can cast surge spells without the needed runes.
  • Scroll of imbuing – used to imbue items.

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