Fast Leveling Tactics in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a rather old project in MMO games, which has experienced the rise and fall of popularity more than once, but players who are interested in MMOs with non-standard ways of leveling skills and a special attitude of developers towards the community are only getting bigger.

Graphics for an amateur, but many players are ready to forgive the picture for the sake of interesting gameplay, and in this regard, Old School RuneScape is ready to surprise

What you need to know to level up fast in Old School RuneScape:

  • Quest system
  • Skills
  • Equipment and weapons
  • Gold mining

Quest system

From the first minutes of the game, the player must understand that the basis of fast leveling in such MMO projects is the chain of quests.

The quest system plays many roles in mastering the game and helps the player systematically and smoothly comprehend all the basic mechanics, gradually increase the level of difficulty, issue weapons and equipment for a comfortable game, and replenish the game treasury. You can always buy cheap OSRS gold if you don’t want to wait for the main quests to be completed.

After completing the training, the player will receive his first quest and move in search of adventure. If you wish, you can step aside from the pumping system and engage in various activities, which we will talk about a little later. The leveling speed will decrease, but the game variety will increase.

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There are not only the main skills that help the player to attack and defend against monsters and other players. There are skills that are pumped through game activities, and in Old School RuneScape such skills play a very important role.

By leveling mining and crafting skills, the player can spend time in the future to provide themselves with better armor and kill monsters faster, which will speed up the leveling.

The player sacrifices time at the beginning of their journey in order to level faster in the future, but the importance of such skills should not be exaggerated.

If you concentrate heavily on crafting and constantly upgrade weapons, you will spend more time than hunting with this weapon – at the starting stage, the player will be bombarded with weapons and armor so that he always hunts comfortably in the game world.

Crafting should start later, when the weapon is weakening, and there is no way to get a new one. But it’s worth pumping up the skills of collecting resources at any convenient opportunity – this will definitely come in handy later.

The first step is to master the collection of herbs and the manufacture of potions. The more useful resources the character has, the better. We need to always have healing potions and skills with us in case we come across a difficult opponent.

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Equipment and weapons

Weapons and armor play a major role in character development in any game. But first of all, it is important to pump weapons, without fanaticism, of course – dying from one blow of the enemy is not included in our plans for quick pumping, but damage is more important than protection.

The ideal option is when a character destroys a monster in a combination of blows, and even better – if there are several of these monsters. Quests are completed faster, more gold and resources, and most importantly – experience is also increased.

You will receive the first weapon from quests, and gradually quest tasks will bring weapon upgrades. When quests become more difficult and less likely to bring equipment enhancements, you should think about crafting, or buying new weapons.

Gold mining

A good flow of gold mining is closely related to the quality of pumping.

The more gold we earn, the more we can invest in the character, his skills and equipment, the purchase of weapons and various potions.

The equipment and its quality will allow us to fight even with bosses, most likely you will want to unite in a group so as not to die ingloriously under his attacks, but it is gold that affects the equipment and weapons that the character will have at that moment.

Gold is worth extracting by pumping skills associated with activities.

For example, you took the story quest, but there is a clearing with plants nearby – collect them all. This will not slow down the pumping speed much, but it will bring additional resources that can either be sold to other players on the market or trading floor, or used to develop the alchemy skill and create potions that can also be sold, or used independently in a difficult situation.

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