Is RuneScape 3 Better Than OSRS?

If we go back to January 2001, when RuneScape was released, you’ll immediately notice the stark difference in its looks. The MMO has experienced a lot of twists and turns, going through several eras of development in its 20-year history. In these developments, we saw the emergence of several spinoff titles from the original game. Currently, there are two versions: RuneScape (also known as RuneScape 3) and Old School RuneScape. Some say that RuneScape 3 is better than OSRS, while others claim the opposite. But which ones are telling the truth? Is RuneScape 3 miles ahead of its sibling? What’s the best game to farm RS3 gold for? Let’s find out.

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Spoiler alert: it’s not.

How RuneScape 3 Came to Be and the Aftermath

RuneScape 3 is considered the third era of RuneScape, and the game came to be when Jagex released an update called the “Evolution of Combat” in November 2021. The Evolution of Combat completely revamped the combat mechanics and added new features like WoW-like abilities that were previously not in the game. What’s more, Jagex overhauled the equipment and combat triangle. The full release of RuneScape then happened in July 2013.

You’d think that players would be happy that there’s a lot of content and quests for them to farm RS3 gold for, but in fact, the title had a sharp, downhill slope of its player base after releasing the Evolution of Combat update. This was because many players felt that the game was no longer the one they used to love and enjoy. Gamers thought what originally made RuneScape unique had faded away and began to look like a typical MMO.

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The Emergence of Old School RuneScape and its Popularity

Whereas RuneScape 3 had a rocky start, Old School RuneScape was experiencing tremendous success. Initially released in February 2013, OSRS is the original RuneScape game; it essentially is the 2007 version of RuneScape. The “old” title was created by a nostalgic group of passionate gamers that abhorred the Evolution of Combat update. Around the time before OSRS was released, Jagex was under pressure with the people demanding to reverse the combat update and the rise of RuneScape private servers.

When players discovered an old 2007 backup server and piled up on Jagex to do a petition, Old School RuneScape was released after popular demand. After that, Jagex decided to keep the game separate from RuneScape 3 since it still had a small but active player base. OSRS then quickly rose in popularity, even more so when YouTube content creators like Syndicate, KSI, and more jumped in on the hype by creating short videos based on the MMO.

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Why RuneScape 3 is More Accessible to Players

When talking about whether one is better than the other, everything is entirely up to preference. Still, we will admit that there’s a key aspect in RS3 that makes it miles above Old School RuneScape: accessibility.

RuneScape 3—more or less—follows the “style” of other MMOs out there. This can be seen through using abilities via hotkeys and other combat mechanics. These quality-of-life changes are present throughout the game, making it easier for any gamer to get into. If we look at OSRS, it’s not precisely newbie-friendly. You can argue that most of its players consist of those who have played the game since 2007. As a result, OSRS kindles their sense of nostalgia by allowing these people to relive their childhood.

Another thing that makes RuneScape 3 more accessible is that you can do AFK training. Since its release in 2021, skill training and XP farming has become easier. This is due to the updates made for dead skilling content; as such, the XP rates per hour have increased over time. Plus, since “better” training methods in RS3, players don’t have to grind as much to get to the level they want. Most of this comes from getting buffs from skills, loot drops, and the game’s pay-to-win mechanics.

Why Old School RuneScape is Still Relevant in the MMO Scene

Despite its outdated visuals and archaic systems, Old School RuneScape is still thriving. If you’re not a regular player in the game, you’d think that OSRS would become obsolete by now. Well, we have OSRS’ large community to thank for that. Compared to RS3, Old School RuneScape has way more players and content creators that share guides and gameplay with the public.

Many people mean that there are many ways to get help as well. If, for some reason, you’re having a hard time how to get a particular weapon or doing a raid, the players in Old School RuneScape would be more than willing to assist you in your troubles. You can say that OSRS isn’t the best MMO by today’s standards, but its community makes up the bulk of what makes it so unique.

Who Reigns Supreme?

There are massive distinctions between RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape. You’ll experience different gaming experiences, from the economy to the quests. Ultimately, they’re two games that only share the “RuneScape” name in their title.

If you’re one of those players that played the OG RuneScape back in 2007 and want a thriving community when playing an online game, then Old School RuneScape is for you. But if you want up-to-date mechanics and easy quests to farm RuneScape gold, RuneScape 3 is the best choice.

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