Should I Choose MSI Z390 A Pro? Review

The MSI Z390 pro supports all the latest storage standards. This lets you connect any ultra-fast storage device, giving you noticeable benefits. You must choose it because of its exceptional performance in the gaming field.

Here are some features you need to know about the MSI Z390 motherboard before buying.

Features & I/O Ports

For 8th Gen Intel’s newest standard connector, U.2 ports are available on this motherboard. And lastly, for 9th Gen Intel’s new PCIe 4 lanes compatible controller, there is a U.2 port available. Make your components work with MSI GAMING LAN features.

This board is designed to reduce signal reflection and crosstalk by up to 90% and ensure top performance in gaming environments. Precision-engineered audio Capacitors are used on all audio remote controllers, rated for a very long lifespan, coming in at under a million hours.

You can connect:

  • One or more external SATA 6Gb/s
  • Two SATA Express devices
  • Up to three M2 devices
MSI Z390 A Pro, I/O Ports

Delivering high-quality sound by analog design delivers the clearest audio output along with the most profound feeling of an immersive experience than others have ever heard. With Audio Boost 4 expertly adjusting each connected device’s volume levels, giving you feedback on exactly what’s being said over the mic.

With Audio Boost 4, your headset and microphone will both be heard and heard clearly. The GAMING LAN features have been optimized for the network traffic of online gaming. They use advanced cabling design and high-quality components.

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GAMING LAN can deliver the lowest latency for gaming applications, allowing more responsive control without lag. This motherboard comes with a VR-Ready DualBIOS so that you can update your BIOS from within Windows via a USB flash drive, eliminating the need to use an OS-specific software utility. It also means that your motherboard has a hardware-based security feature to protect against malicious updates.

This board features a special design for better heat dissipation, with heat pipes direct touch technology applied, plus two thermal fans to cool down the components. It enables you to enjoy its full power without worrying about thermal throttling.

The MSI Z390 is a “Microsoft® Windows® 10 Certified” 10 (amd64/x86) ready motherboard. MSI Pro Series motherboards are packed with exclusive gaming features and technologies to satisfy even the most demanding gamer.

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It supports the latest storage standards like 7th x4, Intel Optane™ Memory Ready, and NVMe. The updated BIOS offers better compatibility for storage devices and provides easy access to advanced settings.

The MSI Pro Series motherboards have all the features needed to fit any gamer. These motherboards will fit in any computer case with heavy-duty components, flexible cooling options, and an attractive design. Add the unique style and jaw-dropping performance of MSI gaming design.

You can rely on outstanding performance and superior product quality and stability. Count on this motherboard to leave you in awe of the beauty of its design and performance.

There are two different color schemes for each product and one is Red and Gold, the other is Black and Gold. This can be seen at the bottom of this page when you move the mouse over the product name.

This motherboard is designed to be an easy overclocking tool. With a single click, MSI Command Center offers all the necessary tools such as tuning voltage, fine-tuning other features, and many more; go to any page you want. And MSI Command Center will help you monitor temperatures, voltages, and frequencies in real-time.

MSI Z390 A Pro Review

When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless with MSI Click BIOS 5. Whether you like vivid colors for a vibrant look or prefer a strong dark look. Click BIOS 5 is sure to meet your needs. The easy-to-use dashboard features clear information about key settings and smart shortcuts to make your system even more adaptable.

The best part is, with MSI Click BIOS 5, you can now enjoy not only better-looking interfaces thanks to the new tab interface, separated favorites menu. But also much easier management. The greatest technology in the world would mean nothing without control.

It is designed for use with two systems, distributing power efficiently and delivering a perfect integrated safe charge to the processor. With this amazing design, this motherboard flexibly supports 6 processors and 12 graphics cards in total when using Biostar’s new mine series motherboards – creating limitless possibilities for gamers.

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