OSRS Bandos Guide And Earn OSRS Gold

This guide has everything you need to defeat General Graardor and his bodyguards.

It can be incredibly rewarding to take down high-level bosses solo. Especially when they can be attempted with a team. This is part of the fun in Old School RuneScape. Also, not everyone has friends online at the same time, thus it is not possible to attempt it together all the time. So, if you got the skills then you can try and defeat a boss yourself.

This guide will help you solo an extremely powerful boss, located in the God Wars Dungeon. The boss is General Graardor and his bodyguards. General Graardor hits like a truck and his bodyguards are no slouch either. Trying to do this solo, you are asking to get destroyed. However, it is entirely possible.

You will need to build your character tanky, but also be able to dish out damage. Before you try this boss solo, you will need to be properly geared and have relatively high stats. Having all skills and health at 70 and higher is a reasonable goal to shoot for. General Graardor has a decent amount of OSRS gold per hour rate as well.

Let’s jump right into how to defeat the Bandos.

General Graardor Location and Requirements

The God Wars Dungeon can be found north of Trollheim. Before you can access this location, you should do the Troll Stronghold quest. Another way to access this dungeon, and probably the fastest way, is to use a Trollheim Teleport. This requires you to complete Eadgar’s Ruse and have at least 61 magic. If you have never been to this dungeon, then you will need a rope as well.

Once in the dungeon, General Graardor is found in Bandos’ Stronghold, which is in the northwest area. You will need your 70 Strength and a hammer to gain access to this area, along with doing another objective.

You can either get in by having an ecumenical key or by killing 40 followers of his. Most people do this by killing level 12 goblins nearby.

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General Graardor Stats

General Graardor is a beefy boss with very high stats and overall good defense. He can also hit you extremely hard, from melee and from ranged. He is more susceptible to melee damage and ranged damage but isn’t particularly weak to either. Your best bet of completing this boss solo is using melee and having a good amount of protection and defense.

Combat Info

  • Combat level: 624
  • Max Hit: 60 (Melee), 35 (Ranged)
  • Weakness: Melee, Ranged

Combat Stats

  • Hitpoints: 255
  • Attack: 280
  • Strength: 350
  • Defense: 250
  • Magic: 80
  • Ranged: 350

Recommended OSRS Items

Before even attempting to fight this boss solo, you will need a good number of OSRS items and gear. These OSRS items will make the boss fight a lot easier:

  • Justiciar Set – Good source of damage reduction.
  • Ring of Life – Sent to a respawn point when low on life.
  • Ring of Suffering – Good stats and can reflect damage to the attacker.
  • Fire/Infernal Cape – Best capes for melee users. Good offensive and defensive stats.
  • Ghrazi rapier – Good attack speed and high stab and strength stats.

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Recommend Strategies

Fighting General Graardor is generally best-done using melee. This is especially true if you are doing him solo or playing on Ironman. General Graardor mostly uses melee attacks. However, he does have a ranged shockwave that hits everyone in the room. This move can do some decent damage so be careful.

You will want to kill Graardor first, make sure to have Protect from Melee on at all times. This will help you survive most hits coming from him. His three bodyguards will likely be attacking you as well. Don’t fixate on them yet, just try to keep your health high while fighting Graardor. Every 2 attacks you should walk under Graardor to avoid some damage.

Use whatever items you have to keep your health up and take down Graardor. Once he is dead, switch to killing Steelwill. Once he is down, but on Protect from Ranged, and take out the others. Hopefully, you get some sweet loot to sell for OSRS gold or part of the Bandos armor set. This fight is straightforward, but it does require some micromanagement and good gear.

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Notable Drops

Bandos drops various amounts of runes, OSRS GP, and other items. However, most people will be farming for armor and sword pieces.

  • Bandos Set – A three-piece set that is worth a lot of OSRS gold. Also, it is one of the best melee armor sets in the game.
  • Godsword Shards – Shards that need to be combined to make the Godsword Blade.
  • Bandos Hilt – Combined with the Godsword Blade to make the Bandos Godsword.


In short, following this guide, you should be fairing much better than most when trying to defeat this boss. Bandos is a tough one and it is important to know the mechanics of the boss fight. This guide should help give you an overall better understanding, but don’t expect to beat him on your first try. It will take some trial and error and hands-on experience before you feel comfortable with killing Bandos. However, with the right gear and equipment, you should do alright, just make sure you know who to prioritize and look out for his attacks.

Any more tips you would like to share about the Bandos boss? Let us know in the comments.