4 Best 4K Portable Monitors in 2022

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Have you ever wished you had a second monitor that you could just take on the go? Now I don’t mean holding your 32-inch monitor with you. I’m talking about something more portable, something you can stuff in your backpack along with your laptop.

Portable monitors are great if you travel a lot. These monitors come in very handy, and you can easily attach them with your routine devices like mobiles, laptops or consoles, etc. While some of us just want a secondary screen for our daily use, some professional users require high-end 4K portable monitors for gaming and content creation.

Unlike the other article I wrote on portable gaming monitors, this one is dedicated explicitly to 4K portable monitors. These high-end devices provide you with the best screens you can get in a portable monitor.

Although the market for these devices is relatively new, portable monitors have come a long way and provide you with excellent features. With multiple connection ports, you can connect these monitors with almost anything.

We researched and found some of the best 4K portable gaming monitors you can get right now.

Desklab Ultralight Touchscreen 4K Portable Monitor

Desklab Ultralight Touchscreen 4K Portable Monitor

I found the Desklab monitor to be the best option available right now as it provides you with the best features and quality that you can trust.


The Desklab is an excellent 4K portable monitor with a next-level screen that provides you with sharp colors and immersive sound that will make you forget gaming on your TV. It’s an ultra-light and slim (725g – 6mm thick) portable monitor, which is relatively easy to carry in your laptop backpack.

It is a plug and play device, which requires no setup, and it connects with almost any operating system without any issues. I tested it with Android, MAC, Windows, and PS4 and found it to be working perfectly.

It’s completely packed with work/entertainment features. You can use it as a vertical screen while working, you can use it as a power bank to charge your devices, and you won’t need any dongles or adapters because it has everything built-in. 

The powerful dual Hi-Fi speakers generate immersive stereo sound that is perfect for watching movies or gaming on the go. You don’t need an additional sound system while gaming on this portable monitor.

Working on a smartphone is no easy task, but if you have Desklab, you don’t need to worry. Connect your smartphone to this portable monitor and transform it into a workstation and start working.

The I/O ports include a Type-C, mini HDMI, and micro USB. It also has a magnetic stand that helps you use it in the standing position. 


As the title suggests, the Desklab has a brilliant 15.6 inches UHD 4K touch screen. The outstanding IPS display makes everyday gaming fun with a 16.7M color range. The 4K screen is also great for watching moving as it provides more pixels per square inch, creating sharp and better images.

The screen is relatively brighter than most portable monitors in the market, and you won’t have a dim screen outdoors. The screen is also anti-glare and has a wide viewing angle. This monitor is powered by a True LED-backlit, which ensures the deepest blacks and sharp colors.

The low blue light and low flicker rate reduce visual fatigue, helping you work or game for longer. This portable monitor is also available in 1080p resolution if you change your mind about the 4K screen.


The Desklab works perfectly in day to day tasks, and the performance is worth the price. The only thing I didn’t like is the slow response time of 10 milliseconds. If you are a serious gamer, then you know it should be under three milliseconds. But for casual gaming, you won’t notice much difference. It’s also great for coders to use it as a vertical screen and connect with their laptops.


With all the advanced features and user-friendliness, the Desklab is undoubtedly worth the price. The UHD 4K touchscreen is an absolute beast for content creators and offers a high contrast ratio of 1200:1 to edit photos, videos, or even make sketches.

UPERFECT 4K Portable Monitor 

UPERFECT 4K Portable Monitor


The UPERFECT 4K Portable touch screen monitor is an excellent option. A beautiful bezel-less 4K screen lets you enjoy your favorite games and movies in sharp and bright colors. It’s an outstanding companion to enjoy your gaming/work on the go.

You can connect this 4K portable gaming monitor to pretty much anything that has an HDMI, a mini display, or a USB type-c port. Another exciting thing about this monitor is that it has these VESA mounting holes so you can mount it on a wall.

The ports on the right side include a standard HDMI port, a mini display port, and two USB type-c ports. One of them has power delivery so you can transmit video audio and power over the same cable. It also supports Thunderbolt 3. 

We have a micro USB port with OTG support on the left, which lets you connect a mouse and a keyboard if you desire. There are also four mini silver buttons, but you can’t tell offhand what they do without looking at the monitor’s back because the case usually covers the back.

Anyway, the first button is power, and the following two below are supposed to be used for volume and brightness control. Next is the menu button and the exit button.


The UPERFECT is a 4k 60 hertz capable 15.6 inches monitor with 99% SRGB coverage. You may have heard about adobe RGB at some point, but the thing is, SRGB is the default color space on most devices that you’re ever likely to encounter.

This portable monitor has 300 nits of brightness, which is quite decent if you look at high-end laptops like MacBook Pro or Dell XPS. They have anywhere from 380 to 500 nits. So, I expect this monitor to do very well indoors.

The screen is an IPS HDR panel with a 178-degree viewing angle enclosed in a fully aluminum body with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. You also get better color accuracy and consistency. The features of UPERFECT also include low blue light and anti-flicker technology, which is supposed to reduce eye fatigue and make it easy on the eyes.


Gamers will absolutely love the super response rate that this beast offers. Plus, it features an anti-glare, flicker-free screen, which gives you excellent care for your eyes. The monitor is also designed with temperature, and oxidation-resistant material, making it a pretty handy device for traveling to the most rugged locations.

One thing I want to mention is that you need to supply at least 45 watts of power to the monitor to be able to display 4k at 60 hertz. It’s also durable enough to sustain accidental drops. It has a 178 degrees viewing angle for all sorts of viewing positions.


This monitor can be an excellent option for gamers. It comes with AMD Freesync technology, which synchronizes your graphics card’s refresh rate with the screen, so you don’t have that awful image tearing. The refresh rate is just three milliseconds, which I think is pretty good for a portable monitor.

My biggest con with this monitor is its weight, which is two pounds. It’s not horrible by any means, but in the world of two-pound laptops, it seems like a pound would be more appropriate. This model doesn’t even have a battery, and I think the one with a battery weighs over five pounds.

The overall picture quality is just higher, and this monitor is also available in 1080p resolution.

EVICIV 4k Portable Monitor

EVICIV 4k Portable Monitor


Holding the device gives you a nice feeling because of no sharp corners. It comes with a strong magnetic folic case, which can be easily attached and detached. You can use this cover to use this portable monitor in a standing position. The elegant brushed aluminum finish looks nice but old school.

With 16.7 million colors, FreeSync, HDR, a high-resolution screen, and a low response time, this portable monitor is ready for gaming. The 1000:1 contrast ratio and 100% SRGB color coverage provides you with crystal sharp images. It can be easily connected with any console.

It comes with all the necessary ports to connect with any device. On the left, it has power buttons, menu buttons, and a headphone jack. On the right side, it has a mini HDMI and two type-c ports. Unlike the Desklab and UPERFECT, this portable monitor needs an “IOS to HD” adapter to connect to iPhone or iPad, which you will have to purchase separately.

With the included type-c port, it can be easily connected to a MacBook Pro. There are two type-c connections, and they both look the same. But one of the ports only takes power, and the other one takes both power and data. Dual type-c ports help you charge the device and manage data both at the same time.


It’s a 15.6 inches 4K HDR display, but it does not have a touch function. The high-end UHD 3840*2160 screen provides you with vivid colors and sharper image quality. FreeSync and HDR features are great for gaming and watching movies.


Tested with a power meter, it only consumes about 6 watts of power, making it very energy efficient. You can run it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and your power bill will only be a few bucks. Since the power consumption is so low, you can efficiently run it on a power bank.

You can get your laptop and the portable monitor screen to show different things at the same time. You can scroll the mouse cursor from one screen to another and manage your work accordingly. You will have no problems connecting it with the Windows or Linux based systems.

The volume of the speaker is loud enough for any indoor use but could have been better. The sound quality is not exceptional, but should be pretty sufficient for any regular YouTube streaming or if you want to watch a movie or play games better, then put on your headset.


You can use this monitor in both portrait and landscape mode both. Another cool thing about this monitor is that it has VESA mounting holes at the back, and you can mount it using a monitor arm. If you are okay without the touch screen feature, it’s a good choice because of its lower price than the Desklab and UPERFECT.

AZMIOR 4K Portable Monitor

AZMIOR 4K Portable Monitor


Here we have AZMIOR  4K portable monitor. It’s an excellent option for home/office based work. It also works great for mobile gaming. It’s a nice companion to have on vacations or if you travel a lot.

The monitor is equipped with a mini HD port and two USB type-c ports. The box comes with all the necessary cables required for connecting different devices. If your device does not support USB 3.1 or thunderbolt 3 then you will need an adapter to connect.

AZMIOR  comes with a nice magnetic case, which is easy to attach and detach. You will also find a screen protector in the box.


AZMIOR has a 15.6 inches UHD screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution. The screen has a 60hz refresh rate, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 16.7M colors, and covers 100% of SRGB. The screen has a 178 degrees viewing angle but it isn’t that good. While testing the device, screen started to fade on a certain angle.

The display is great for gaming too. It has built-in AMD FreeSync feature, low response time, and HDR for vivid and sharp video quality. You won’t have any problems, gaming on this device. I tested it by playing some games and the screen felt smooth without any noticeable lag.

For maximum performance and 4K resolution, the device needs to be connected with the external power. Otherwise it may go in power saving. You can use the screen in both landscape and portrait mode. You can easily extend your workspace area by connecting it to the laptop.


It worked seamlessly while gaming or working.

It has two 2W integrated stereo speakers, that are small but produce decent sound. When you put the monitor in standing position using magnetic case, it creates a chamber around the speakers, hence increasing the volume.


Overall, it’s a nice 4K portable monitor. Whether you want to use AZMIOR for work purpose or gaming, it works great in each scenario.

I started gaming in my early age. I would play games with my dad on SEGA. I played the Golden Axe, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra, Jurassic Park and many more. Since then I have played hundreds of games, and gaming has become a part of my life.

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