Applications for Education That Will Gamify the Classroom

Games in class make learning fun and engaging. Concepts learned in such an environment are memorable and will ignite creativity. Games also entice students to spend more time on academic matters because it is fun. It is one of the tricks to demystify learning by engaging in activities that are close to the everyday life of a student. Luckily, technology has made educational gaming easier and more productive. Ordinary equipment like smartphones and televisions can be used for educational games. Students can also participate in remote gaming, making learning easier and more enjoyable. Further, these gaming platforms are free to facilitate easier learning.

Students can learn a lot of concepts through gaming apps. However, the effectiveness of a gamified class depends on the choices a tutor or student makes. How do you choose an educational game?

  • Features – the app should be rich in features that make it interesting to learn some of the most complex concepts. Can I get the best coursework writing service uk while I study using games? Writing services will assist you to complete assignments, leaving you with more time to play educational games or commit your time to more interesting engagements. Choose an app with features that will support the concept you wish to study through the games.
  • Reviews- read reviews of the app to determine its user experience and effectiveness. The experiences of other users help you to isolate the beneficial apps from others that can be used for entertainment. A poor choice will result in a waste of time and unhealthy addiction.
  • Cost- owning the app should not disadvantage some students by making education too expensive. Pick an affordable app with rich features that will make learning enjoyable. There are apps with enhanced but subsidized educational features. Such are the apps to use for learning.
  • User experience- learning should be seamless. It should never require expert tutoring to understand an app or execute the moves to make learning easier. Pick an app that will guarantee the best user experience. Students need to continue playing without the guidance of a teacher. It extends learning beyond the classroom.

Here are the top 4 applications to gamify your class and make learning more interesting.

  1. Arcademics

The app is designed for K-8 students and below. It helps them to tackle such subjects as math, language, and social sciences. It has a provision for multi-player engagements, making collaborative learning a reality.

Arcademics is one of the widest used educational games. It generates comprehensive analytics that will guide parents and teachers in the areas that require more attention. The analytics allow you to customize the gaming to enhance the skills you desire. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

  • Brainscape

The app is designed for mapping ideas using flashcards. It is designed to repeat the challenging concepts at reasonable intervals such that they are engrained in your memory. There are pre-set flashcards for different concepts. Further, you can customize flashcards using the available database. It is one of the widest-used content planning apps.

  • Cerebriti

The app is unique because it approaches gaming from two angles. It allows a student to create games based on the concepts learned in class. At the same time, the app allows consolidated learning where teachers, parents, or other students join in the games. It nurtures creativity and will generate analytics that helps you to improve learning.

  • Codecombo

The app teaches coding through games. It is built as an adventure that will ignite the creativity of the students involved. It also instils critical thinking and confidence to build the coding champions of the future.

Gamifying a class will transform learning. It requires the easiest apps and gadgets available to students. It gets better if the app can generate analytics that helps teachers and students to improve the learning experience.

Garry Warner

I started gaming in my early age. I would play games with my dad on SEGA. I played the Golden Axe, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra, Jurassic Park and many more. Since then I have played hundreds of games, and gaming has become a part of my life.