6 Educational PС Games for Teenagers

Educational games offer a perfect way to make learning fun. They have become a popular option for teachers and students because they simplify some of the most complex concepts students need to understand. While the student is having fun playing the game, he indirectly interacts with the same concepts covered by the teacher in class.

Unknowingly, the kid will revise the topic and find more creative ways to find answers. Educational games also provide a simpler way to revise while taking time away from the educational content. Student love and master some of the most difficult topics, making learning easier.

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Technology and developers have provided numerous games for teenagers. Some are accessible to kids at lower grades, while others are specific to the subjects taught at the teenage level. Here are some of the best educational PC games for teenagers.

1- Brainiversity

The developers front it as a game designed to train your brain on such aspects as speed, critical thinking, and recognition. It will help with such subjects as math, analysis, memory, and language, among others. Can it help with thesis writing? Games prepare your mind to take on the toughest topics imaginable. Braininversity provides a different approach to what the teacher offers in class.

An example of exercises on Brainiversity is solving math exercises within 60 seconds. Your speed and logical thinking will determine your school. The game also collects data on your performance at each level. It will recommend new dimensions and content to assist you in improving the problematic areas. It also comes with a daily exam mode that you can use to assess your improvement. It is one of the best tools that have blended work and play to produce the best educational game.

2- Epistory

Epistory-Typing Chronicles helps you focus on the task at hand and improve your keyboard skills. Typing and keyboard response skills will determine how quickly you can complete assignments. It follows the story of a writer riding a 3-legged fox.

The game requires you to move around the gaming world. In the process, it will test your typing skills because it will get you out of traps and other sticky situations. You have to follow commands that are set sequentially. Your typing speed while playing will also determine the outcome. It is one of the best games to learn vocabulary and improve your typing speed.

3- Kerbal Space Program

Science students will enjoy Kerbal Space Program. It is one of the best games to learn about space and flying simulation. You are given control over minute green alien species to control through space. You have a Space Center from where to control all your activities. These activities include building rockets and preparing ammunition. NASA has even endorsed the game. It is one of the best-developed educational games for scientists and space lovers.

4- Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games. It expanded its franchise by introducing the education edition. It is mainly used for STEM learning. It comes with collaboration tools that will encourage students to research and translate materials. The game is easy and identifiable for the kids.

5- World of Zoo

World of Zoo

Kids love animals. Learning about these animals goes beyond classwork. The game provides more than 40 animal species to learn about. They are classified into 11 families. The information used in the game comes from Natural Geographic, enhancing its credibility.

The best teenage educational games are designed to cover different topics studied in class. Check the features of each game and balance that with reviews from users. The best games should provide content that is fit for learning at that level. They should also provide data that helps a teenager to determine his strengths and weaknesses to improve them.


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