Top 8 Best Gaming Desks for PS4 and Xbox

What’s a good gaming setup without a gaming desk? No matter how great everything is, but if you don’t have a gaming desk, then the gaming setup is not complete. Gaming desks can be a great addition to your gaming station. An excellent gaming desk can increase the overall gaming experience. I have tried many desks from antique looking desk to modern-looking computer desks. But with gaming desks, you get all those extra little features that make gaming more comfortable.

If you are tired of your old office style computer desk and want a suitable looking replacement for your PS4, then look no further. Choosing a gaming desk can be a little tricky. To make things easier for you, we have tried different gaming desks and made a list of best gaming desks for PS4 and Xbox.

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Eureka Z1-S gaming desk tops our list of best gaming desks for PS4 and Xbox for all the right reasons. It has a great modern looking design, superior build quality, and most of the necessary features. It is lightweight, trendy, and spacious and has space for your accessories. The price of this gaming desk is excellent, according to what this desk offers. It has a surface region of 44.5″ long and 24.2″ wide, which is enough for all your gaming equipment. It can also easily fit two monitors on top. 

The sleek Carbon Fiber texture makes it more stylish and good looking. This desk comes with a lot of features like a cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, game storage, and an extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and mouse.

This desk has a rock-solid Z-shape modern design. There are four leveling feet under every leg for maximum stability. This desk can hold a maximum weight of up to 200lbs. For a finishing touch, the Z1-S features blue LED Lighting, making this desk look excellent. 

This desk can be an excellent choice for your PS4 or Xbox. The unique features of this desk meet all your gaming needs, while not being too expensive.

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RESPAWN-1063 63”

Respawn 1063 gaming desk

Increase your gaming experience to another level with the RESPAWN 63″ gaming desk. This gaming desk comes with a full surface mouse pad. The wide surface of this table has enough space for three large monitors. The whole surface is covered by a black colored 5mm thick mouse pad. It can hold a CPU, PS4/Xbox, and a dual monitor system with ample room for your accessories.

The t-Shaped structure of this desk is made of a steel tube frame, which provides excellent stability. There are four leveling glides for maximum stability, even on uneven floors. The structure of Respawn 1063 is capable of supporting 200lbs of maximum weight capacity. The full black-colored desk gives an excellent look. Beware of the dust as it is more visible on the black color than any other color, but the good thing is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

The ergonomic design of this gaming desk lets you sit in a comfortable position. The distinct design of this PS4 gaming desk is that the desktop comes in three different pieces with holes for cables on each piece. You can assemble this desk in two ways, short version or the extended version.

The short version of the desk does not include the center part. Include the middle section for the full version of the desk, which leaves so much room for your gaming gear. The desk is very sturdy and does not wobble while gamming.

This is an excellent choice for your PS4 or Xbox, but the downside is it does not include a headphone hook and cup holder. Respawn is a renowned brand, and the quality of their products is always excellent.

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Sedeta Gaming Desk

Sedeta Gaming Desk

SEDETA T1-G gaming desk has an excellent modern-looking design and excellent build quality. If you are looking for a cheap desk, then Sedeta can be your best option. Whatever console you are using, this desk is specially made for gaming.

The desktop has a sleek carbon fiber textured design. SEDETA T1-G distinguishes itself from other gaming desks in this list because of its impressive and stylish design. Every part of this gaming desk is planned and developed for a great gaming experience.

T-shaped metal legs give this desk maximum stability. This is a pretty basic but durable design. Metal tube legs are 3.15″ thick which makes it sturdy enough to hold all the weight of your gaming hardware. There are adjustable leg pads that ensure the steady and sturdy position of the gaming desk on uneven ground without wobbling. The tabletop is made of durable MDF.

This desk comes with a headphone hook and two holes for cables to keep the battle station look neat. Uniquely designed plastic trim takes this gaming desk to another level. You can even remove these trims to have extra space for your gaming equipment. This gaming desk comes in two different colors, black, and grey. This is the best gaming desk for PS4 and Xbox in Cheap price.

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Yodolla Gaming Desk

Yodolla gaming desk

YODLLOA is a perfect gaming desk for PS4 and Xbox. The price of this desk is very reasonable. This desk meets most of the essential gamer needs. The Yodolla gaming desk is specially designed for your gaming accessories. The tabletop has a full carbon textured PVC laminated surface. This gives it a stylish modern look and makes it waterproof and easy to clean without ruining the look. It has enough space for your dual monitor set up.

The features of this gaming desk include a cup holder, headphone hook and cable management holes. All these features make things convenient for gamers. The surface of the gaming desk has a slight ergonomic curve for a better position for your forearms. Ergonomic design gives you a better gaming experience when you are playing for a longer time without hurting your forearms.

The R-type shape of frame provides better stable support preventing it from wobbling. Four adjustable leveling feet ensure that the desk stays in a steady position. The overall quality of this gaming desk is excellent at this price.

Assembling this desk is quite easy with instructions and tools that are provided with the package. This is a perfect choice for a gaming desk for PS4 and Xbox. You can get this desk in four different stickers.

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Vitesse 47″

Vitesse 47"

VIT 47″ gaming desk is the latest addition in our best gaming desk for PS4 and Xbox. The large surface area can hold all your gaming equipment without any problem. This desk has a sleek and straightforward design with all the necessary features. It has a carbon fiber desktop, which gives this desk a modern look. VIT 47″ is a robust gaming desk; T-shaped legs are made of steel, which has a maximum weight limit of 260 pounds. 

The whole surface of this desk is the mouse pad, and the good thing is that it’s waterproof. The carbon fiber surface is effortless to clean. Feet are equipped with adjustable glides, which make it more stable.

Features include cup holder, controller stand, game stand, two cable grommets. Another great feature is a smart USB gaming handle rack with four charging ports allowing you to charge your phone, Ipad or headphone, while you work or game. It is a great gaming desk under an excellent price tag.

For me this is the best PS4 gaming desk in a reasonable price.

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DXRacer Newedge

DXRacer Newedge

DXRacer is a premium gaming product brand. It makes high-quality furniture and is famous for its ultra-comfy computer gaming chairs. The high-quality materials used in the development of this gaming desk guarantees that there’s no compromise in the build quality.

DXRacer has a 10-degree slope for a comfortable position for your forearms. So you don’t get tired in those long gaming sessions. This desk has the best cable management with four dedicated cable grommets. The materials included in the making of this desk include wood, metal, and carbon fiber. Everything is secured together using strong and durable nuts and bolts.

DXRacer is an extremely durable and stable desk that can keep all your gaming hardware while looking great too. This desk has a fantastic look, which can be desirable for any gamer. The latest and trendy design of this gaming desk makes it hard for the people to believe that it can hold the heavyweight of gaming hardware. DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desk is a top-notch gaming desk that won’t let you down.

Talking about the price, this is one of the most expensive desks we came across. Assembly of this desk can be tricky; be sure to check read the instruction manual.

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Mr. Ironstone

Mr. Ironstone is a simple gaming desk, but it has all the essential features a gaming desk should have. The features of this desk include a cup holder on the right side, an earphone hook on the left side, and two holes for cables. This desk gets the job done without costing you a lot.

The desktop is built with PVC laminated MDF, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. Frame of this desk is made with durable metal frame. This desk can withstand maximum weight up to 110lbs. It is enough to hold your monitor, PC and consoles as well as all of the gaming accessories.

There is enough space to set up two monitors. The R style design of this desk makes it very stable. It’s a great choice overall with lots of features and good quality. Very easy to assemble with the help of instructions included with the table.

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Respawn 1010

This is another Respawn gaming desk on our list of best gaming desks for PS4 and Xbox. If you want more space then Respawn 1010 is the best desk for PS4. Respawn has built a pretty decent looking and one of the most durable gaming desks. The sturdy frame can hold as much as 200lbs of weight on top of it. This desk can be the right choice for any gamer.

The main features of this desk include cup holders, headphones hook, a durable raised shelve for your speakers, and a monitor shelve. Eye-level action is achieved by the raised desktop monitor shelf measuring at 28. 75″ L x 8. 625″ D.

With a large tabletop, this desk has enough space for your PC/console and all the gaming accessories. This desk has a steel tube frame, contoured support, adjustable Glides, and a beveled front edge that alleviates forearm stress to help you level up in comfort

Another good thing is, this desk is available in different colors so you can match the colors of Respawn chairs to complete the look of your gaming station. This desk is an excellent budget gaming desk at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Any desk that is made for computer gaming can also be used for your console. I don’t like L-Shaped desks for console gaming. That’s why I did not include any large L-shaped gaming desk on the list. All of the above gaming desks are the best gaming desk for PS4 and Xbox. The quality and designs of all these desks on the list are excellent. Now it all depends upon your personal choice on which desk suits your style and requirements.

FAQ & Guide

What is the best desk for console gaming?

It really depends on your personal choice. There are few things to consider before buying a gaming desk for your console.

What is your monitor/TV size?

If you are using a large TV for gaming on your console, you can’t opt for a gaming desk with a shelf because most gaming desks have a smaller shelf that supports only 32 inches of monitors. For a larger TV, go for a gaming desk like Respawn 1063 that has plenty of space.

If you are playing on a monitor sitting right in front of your gaming desk, buy Respawn 1010 (or similar) with a shelf. It will save you space, and you can put your console under the monitor shelf.

Also, look for a gaming desk with a DVD/controller stand as it will be handy for a cleaner look and easy management of your gaming setup.

Where to put PS4 on the gaming desk?

If you have a gaming desk with a monitor shelf, I suggest you put your PS4 or Xbox in the center under the monitor shelf. If the shelf is wider, you can also put your DVDs in a standing position on your console’s left and right (away from the console and attached with the shelf). If the shelf is not wide enough, then only keep the console under it.

But if your gaming desk doesn’t have a shelf, choose a rear left or right corner for your console. I prefer the left corner of the gaming desk for my PS4 and center for my TV. The right side is for the speakers.

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