8 Best Gaming Desks with LED Lights

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Gaming desks with RGB lighting have become increasingly popular in recent years, as gamers look for ways to enhance their gaming setup and create a more immersive experience. These desks are designed to add a touch of style and flair to a gamer’s setup, with colorful RGB lights built into the desk surface.

Some desks have the ability to change the lights using a remote, allowing gamers to change the color, brightness, and patterns of the lighting to match their mood or the game they are playing.

Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, a gaming desk with RGB lighting is a great way to add a touch of style and functionality to your setup. These desks have cool looking trims to cover those lights.

Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying LED strip lights and placing them around the desk, which saves you a lot of time.



Here we have the Eureka Ergonomic Z2, the upgraded version of Eureka Z1-S. It got bigger side trims and some minor changes in the tabletop. The Eureka Z1-S also received some upgrades recently, and it sure looks good, plus it’s cheaper than the Z2. Both desks have LED lights built-in, so you should check out both desks and decide according to your budget.

Eureka is constantly trying to take their gaming desks to a whole new level. The aggressive design of Z2 is surely something new. The base frame of Z2 is quite similar to Z1-S and what’s really changed is the top part.

The Z2 has larger side trims with built-in RGB lights. In fact, they are completely covering the right and left side of the desk. The RGB light has seven colors and two modes, single-color, and multi-color, that you change with a simple touch.

Unlike most of the gaming desks, Z2 has introduced a retractable headphone holder and a cup holder. If you are not using any of the holders, just keep it closed, and it blends in with the desk. The front part has an ergonomic slope to reduce fatigue. At the back, they have introduced a gaming style fender with a dragon painted on it.

This desk also has a power strip holder, and Eureka made it so convenient to reach it. They made a panel on the top right side of the desk that opens up, and you can easily plug or unplug the cords. It also has a mobile/tablet holder slot and a large mouse pad. Another new addition is the gaming style fender at the back.

Overall it’s a great new gaming desk with the latest design and some new features that we have not seen before.

Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions50.71 x 26.97 x 30.91 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes + Controller Rack
Item Weight39.3 lbs
Max Load180 lbs
Mouse PadLarge mouse pad


Eureka Ergonomic Z60

If you are looking for a large gaming desk, then Z60 can be your best bet. This is the largest desk on this list, with 60 inches of width. It has plenty of space for all of your computer hardware. Z60 is quite similar to Z1-S but bigger.

The sides of this desk have plastic trims with built-in LED lights, which give a fantastic look. The large surface of this desk has a carbon fiber texture, which feels nice to touch. You can even set up a triple monitor setup on this desk using a triple monitor arm.

It has an MDF tabletop that comes in two pieces. I don’t prefer a desk in parts, but the mouse pad covers the seam if you place it in the center. The base structure of this gaming desk is made of metal and is very stable.

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Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions60.24 x 23.82 x 30.91 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderNo
Item Weight62 lbs
Max Load220 lbs
Mouse PadLarge mouse pad

HLDIRECT LED Gaming Desk 47

The HLDIRECT LED Gaming Desk is a great gaming desk, designed for the ultimate gaming experience on a budget. The desk is 47 inches wide, providing ample space for all of your gaming accessories. The desk has Z shaped legs and durable particleboard tabletop.

The HLDIRECT desk looks good with its RGB lights. The lighting system adds an extra level of style to the gaming setup. There are plastic trims on each sides with RGB lights inside. The desk also features two cable grommets that helps to keep the setup neat and organized.

The HLDIRECT is also designed with ergonomics in mind. The desk has a curved on the front for maximum accessibility and comfort. It also features a cup holder and a headset hook.

Overall, the HLDIRECT is a well-designed gaming desk under for gamers with a tight budget. However, it’s a bit lightweight and the weight bearing limit is low.

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Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions23.6″D x 47″W x 29″H
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes
Item Weight33.6 lbs.
Max Load150 lbs.
Mouse PadNo

Atlantic Gaming Desk Viper 3000

It is an excellent gaming desk with a large desktop and nice graphics. The only reason I put this desk, at last, is the design of the base structure, which looks quite old. That’s just my opinion, and some gamers might like this over the z-shaped design.

Another downside to this desk is the high price point, and I think it should have been priced at around $200. At one point, it was selling for $300. (Check the latest price as it was on sale at the time I wrote this review)

This desk’s pros include LEDs, a USB hub, two headphone hooks, a cup holder, and a phone/tablet slit. The middle slot has enough space to hold multiple devices, and you can also charge them using die-cut holes. It also comes with an under desk cable management or a storage basket. This desk has many good features.

There are forty-eight LED lights integrated into the tabletop, but they consist of a single blue color that you can’t change. The USB 3.0 hub is a nice addition. It allows gamers to charge their devices without getting up.

Unlike most of the desks with carbon fiber surface, this one has a plain surface, and you can easily slide your mouse. The desk itself is very stable and has two reinforced steel bars attached under for maximum sturdiness.

Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsNo
Dimensions29.12 x 45.62 x 29.56 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes + USB hub 3.0
Item Weight45 lbs
Max Load200 lbs
Mouse PadNo



Van space has a similar design to Z2 and Z60, but it is available at a much lower price. Eureka is a popular brand, and their desks are quite expensive than other companies. So if you want a similar desk like Eureka ZS-1 but don’t have the budget, then Van space is an excellent option. There isn’t much difference in the quality because most of these desks are made of the same materials.

Talking about the features, it includes a headset hook, a cup holder, dual cable grommets, a large mouse pad, and of course, RGB lights. It also comes with a power strip holder at the back. The large plastic trims are on both sides of the desk with built-in RGB, enhancing the overall look.

The tabletop has a carbon fiber texture, which looks great. Van space has two stabilizer brackets connected with the legs and tabletop for maximum stability. Each leg has adjustable, stable feet to prevent wobbling on uneven floors.

You can also check out cheap gaming desks if you are on a budget.

Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions47.24 x 25.20 x 30.31 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes
Item Weight55 lbs
Max Load200 lbs
Mouse PadLarge mouse pad

CNASA Gaming Desk

CNASA gaming desk

CNASA is a premium gaming desk with a price of just over $200. It has a nice ergonomic design and solid construction and has the same z-shaped leg design and side plastic trims with built-in RGB lights.

The front part of this desk is ergonomically cut so you can have everything within your reach. The features of this include a cup holder, a headset hook, and two cable grommets. It also comes with a large mouse pad, but it would be better if it were bigger at this price point.

The overall construction of this desk is impressive. It has two steel bars for maximum stability. The tabletop is made of environment-friendly MDF and has a carbon fiber texture. Beneath the desktop, there is a collection box/strip holder.

From all the desks on this list, this one has the best looking side trims.

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Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions44.48 x 23.62 x 29.13 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes
Item Weight47.4 lbs
Max Load300 lbs
Mouse PadNo

Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch

Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch RGB LED

The Eureka Ergonomic RGB LED is a feature-rich gaming desk that provides an amazing look to your gaming setup. The desk features a spacious 55 inch wide tabletop, which provides ample room for gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, and other gaming accessories. The desk is constructed with a high-quality particleboard that is durable and long-lasting.

The desk’s RGB LED lighting system adds an extra level of style to the gaming setup. There are six different colors, and four modes. You can choose your favorite lighting modes to match their preferred gaming setup.

Additionally, the desk features a cable management system to keep cords neat and organized, which helps to declutter the desktop and enhance the overall aesthetic. There are two cable grommets on both sides and a cable tray on the back.

It also comes with a large mouse pad with, a cup holder, dual headset holder and a DVD/controller holder.

In conclusion, the Eureka Ergonomic 55 Inch RGB LED is an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for a stylish gaming setup. The desk’s spacious tabletop, RGB LED lighting, and additional features make it a well-rounded gaming desk.

Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions23″D x 58″W x 32″H
Headphone hook & Cup HolderDual headset hook, cup holder, DVD/controller holder
Item Weight48 lbs
Max Load500 lbs
Mouse PadLarge mouse pad

Dreamact 45 Inches Gaming Desk

Dreamcast 45 Inches Gaming Desk

This one is sold by the brand named Dreamact. It’s a new launch and has no reviews on Amazon as of 1/5/2021. I had to include this desk because there aren’t many gaming desks with LEDs available.

As I mentioned earlier, most of these desks are made with the same materials, so quality is not the major factor. This desk is available in two colors, red and black. The base structure is made of metal and has z-shaped legs like most desks on this list.

The tabletop is made of P2 MDF and has a carbon fiber texture. The surface is stain and scratch-resistance, which makes it easy to clean. The features of this desk include RGB lights, two cable grommets, a headphone hook, and a cup holder.

The RGB lights are placed inside the plastic trims found on both sides of the tabletop. These trims enhance the overall look of this gaming desk, and RGB lights create an immersive gaming experience.

The overall structure of this desk is sturdy, and it can hold up to 400lbs of weight. It has steel brackets connecting the tabletop with legs to increase the stability.

Key Specifications
Cable GrommetsTwo
Dimensions44.9 x 23.6 x 28.3 inches
Headphone hook & Cup HolderYes
Item Weight55 lbs
Max Load400 lbs
Mouse PadNo

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