The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Review

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I am very excited today because I was able to get my hands on brand new Corsair Vengeance Pro series RGB memory. I have always been a fan of Corsairs memory because it performs well and it is very reliable.

But in compare to the competition like G.Skill Trident Z series, I always felt that it lags behind a little bit in terms of aesthetics and styling.

Since RAM is an extremely important component of your PC, why not get something that performs well but looks dope at the same time. And this is exactly where Corsair Vengeance Pro series module come into play.

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The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Review

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Review


These memory modules measures a staggering 51mm tall. Now that really is quite high for a memory module. If you are going to choose these memory sticks for your system, then make sure to check the clearances around your CPU cooler and other components to avoid any conflicts.

The RAM chips and PCB are completely covered by the Vengeance Pro heat spreader. The version I am using is black in color but they are also available in white.

The top of the heat spreader features a continuous light bar that houses ten RGB LEDs. The first thing you will notice when you turn on your PC is just how bright these lights are. The bright RGB lights help stand out the memory among the other components, especially when you have other components with RGB LEDs too.

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As with all modern RAM kits these days, Vengeance Pro fully supports XMP 2.0. Configuring the RAM is as easy as going into the system BIOS and enabling the XMP profile. Anyone using an older motherboard, or a newer motherboard that doesn’t want to recognize the XMP profile will have to manually dial in the frequency and timings in the system BIOS.

The lighting effects are customized through the Corsair’s IQ software that you can easily download from their website. The software is well laid out, relatively easy to use, and allows complete control of lightning effects across a wide range of Corsair compatible products.

The software was able to pick up my Vengeance Pro RGB modules right away without any issues. There are options to configure the number of modules and slots being use and of course the usual array of preset lightning effects.

There’s also an option to quickly sync up all of the compatible RGB lightning devices within your system, which I think is a pretty cool feature to have. You can literally click one button and have your entire system of lights sync up an configured.

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Corsair Vengeance Platinum RGB Benchmarks

The kit that I tested is a 32GB kit, made up of four 8GB modules running at a stock frequency of 3000Mhz with a timing of 15, 17, 17 and 35.

When it comes to overclocking memory, my preference is to push the frequency as far as possible without increasing the timings or the voltage. The reason being that increasing the timings and actually adding latency into the system, which can completely negate the effects of the faster clock speed in some cases.

With all of that in mind I was able to achieve a stable overclock of 3300Mhz, while maintaining the stock timings and default 1.3 volts of power. I won’t post any stock vs overclock memory performance because scaling memory doesn’t usually result in much of a boost in performance in most tasks.

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Final Words

The Vengeance Pro is currently available in 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes capacities and speeds up to 3600MHz. Although I do suspect that in the near future you’re going to see kits coming faster than that because Corsair’s own website says that this RAM is capable of hitting a staggering frequency of 4600+ Mhz.

Let’s wrap it up, the Vengeance Pro RGB memory looks dope, performs great, and costs you a little bit of money but its probably worth it.

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